How To Get The Best Efficiency On An Electric Two-Wheeler

Research and test ride electric two-wheelers for optimal efficiency and range. Look for models with regenerative braking and riding modes to enhance efficiency.

Choose the Right EV

Accelerate gradually to increase range and battery life. Avoid sudden throttle movements to minimize energy consumption and optimize efficiency during rides.

Be Gentle on the Throttle

Maintain a consistent speed to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Avoid frequent speed changes, and anticipate stops or obstacles ahead to adjust your speed gradually.

Keep Your Speed Stable

Switch off your electric two-wheeler during longer stops to conserve energy. Minimizing idle time can significantly improve efficiency, especially during extended rides.

Reduce Idle Time

Regularly check and adjust tyre pressure according to manufacturer recommendations to minimize rolling resistance and enhance efficiency. Proper tyre pressure ensures optimum performance and range per charge.

Optimize Tyre Pressure

Follow manufacturer instructions for proper charging and discharging of the battery. Regular maintenance ensures optimal battery performance and longevity, enhancing overall efficiency.

Battery Management

Activate energy-saving modes and regenerative braking features to increase battery efficiency during rides. Opt for eco-modes in traffic or leisurely rides to conserve energy and extend range.

Utilize Energy-Saving Features