BMW R18 Specifications

Max Power  - 89.84 bhp Top Speed   - 180 Kmph Max Torque - 158 Nm Displacement - 1,802 cc

It is available in 3 Variants and  3 Colours

1. Black Storm Metallic 2. First Edition 3. Classic


The R18 is on the heavier side and is also priced quite high. Plus, it’s a bmw. So it is expensive to maintain. 

BMW R18 Comes with Heated Grips, Full-Led Lighting, Cornering Lights, a Reverse Gear, Hill-Start Assist, Switchable Automatic Stability Control, Engine Drag Torque Control, and 3 Riding Modes – Rain, Rock, and Roll. 

BMW nailed the styling on the R 18, and with a few refinements to the suspension and seat, it can be a really nice bike to ride, too.

BMW’s largest engine to date has four overhead valves per cylinder actuated by a pair of dual rocker arms with screw-and-locknut adjusters, pushrods and one camshaft per side, parallel to and above the crankshaft.

BMW has given the R 18 adjustable brake and clutch levers, and a powerful twin LED headlight and LED brake/taillights integrated into the turn signals.

Spoked wheels necessitate inner tubes. Integral ABS brakes are strong and functional, with perhaps a little more pull at the lever than we like.

BMW R18 Specifications