Best Connect Outshines Quad Lock in Smartphone Mounts

Mount Design and Construction

Quad Lock features hard plastic construction, while SP Connect Moto Mount Pro boasts CNC-machined aircraft-grade alloy, ensuring a secure and durable option for motorcycle phone mounts.

Security and Stability

Quad Lock and SP Connect Moto Mount Pro offer a secure, vibration-free fit, ensuring your phone stays in place during off-road adventures. Experience reliable stability for your rides.

Charging Capability

X2 phone mount enables on-the-go charging, ideal for long rides. Quad Lock needs a $44.95 adapter; SP Connect Moto Mount Pro's charging compatibility needs clarification.

Adjustability and Orientation

Quad Lock excels with a compact design, secure fit, and swift landscape-to-vertical adjustments. SP Connect Moto Mount Pro swivels but needs a tool for on-the-fly changes, making Quad Lock more user-friendly.

Ease of Use:

Quad Lock requires precise 45-degree attachment, making it fiddly. SP Connect Moto Mount Pro effortlessly connects at a right angle, smoothly swiveling 90 degrees for easy positioning.

Additional Features

SP Connect Moto Mount Pro: Unique locking tool doubles as a table rest for FaceTime calls. Bundled with Quad Lock, it includes rubber mounts, bolts, mirrors, and touch-sensitive rain covers for versatile use on different handlebars.

Price and Compatibility

Quad Lock, at $85, offers a complete package with handlebar mount, phone case, and a $44.95 charging adapter. SP Connect Moto Mount Pro kit, priced $99.95-$129.95, provides a premium alternative with varying costs based on your phone model.

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