Features Triumph Tiger Sport 660Features of 

The Trident 660 sourced DOHC liquid-cooled inline-three 12-valve motor is quite synonymous for its top-notch refinement and grunt

Torquey Motor And Precise Gearshifts Add To The Fun

The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is one of the most fuel-efficient offerings of the middleweight adventure tourer segment.

The Tiger Sport 660 Is Extremely Frugal

Crisp And Feature-Packed TFT Display

Since the motorcycle sees no changes from the 2022 iteration, the TFT display remains unchanged.

Comes Loaded With All The Required Features

This middleweight tourer comes with all the necessary features, most of which are offered as standard

Braking Performance Is Top-Notch For The Price

The 2022 Tiger Sport 660 is a motorcycle that could easily clock a top speed of close to 130 mph and is reasonably heavy too.

Probably The Best-Handling Middleweight Tourer

The Tiger Sport 660 has a claimed wet weight of 455 lbs and is quite tall. Even though both of these are associated with a motorcycle

Ride Quality Hasn't Seen Any Compromises

The Michelin Road 5 tires not only makes the Tiger Sport 660 an excellent handler. It is tuned well for riding through all the road conditions with utmost comfort too.

Excellent Ergonomics Is A Definite USP Of The Tiger Sport 660

One of the things that everyone who rode the Tiger loves is the upright seating position. This baby Tiger also comes with the same commanding view from the saddle

Appealing Design Language

The 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 looks macho from all angles Even though it is a middleweight touring motorcycle

Build Quality Is Up There With The Best Of The Segment

Being a British marque, Triumph never compromised on the build quality of their motorcycles