The All New  Harley Davidson's Livewire S2 Del Mar

Arrow Architecture

No doubt that their research was put to good use in the development of the middleweight Del Mar’s  Arrow platform.

Electric Mobility

The Del Mar is simply the next step in electric mobility solutions, although it is aimed at taking on other middleweight electric bikes,

Light And Powerful

Weighing in at around 440 pounds puts it on the light side of the electric motorcycle market, and with 80 horsepower, it has a very respectable power to weight ratio.

Still Playing Catch Up

In the real world that range will be a lot closer to 80 miles as the 100 miles will be the best case scenario.

Urban Street Tracker

Their marketing is clearly aiming this bike at those looking for a more stylish urban commuter bike

Polarizing Looks

Although we can see what they were going for, they made it look a bit like a modern flat tracker, albeit scaled down somewhat.

Launch Edition Sold Out

That deposit is refundable, but what is very clear is that there is demand for just about any electric motorcycle, even one with dubious looks

Growing Demand

As we march towards an electric future, the Del Mar is just another stepping stone in what is very much the early stages of this movement.

Conservative Pricing

we were very hopeful that this would be priced under the Zero equivalent, but it just isn’t.