Honda NX500 Price - Mileage, Images, Colours

Despite its modest size, the 471cc engine roars with a silent power, delivering a thrilling performance that defies expectations.

Silent Powerhouse

Boasting 46.9 bhp, this engine delivers a punch that goes beyond the numbers, offering an exhilarating ride

Max Power Unleashed

The Honda NX500 achieves an impressive mileage of 27.78 kmpl, proving that power and efficiency can coexist seamlessly.

Mileage Marvel

At 196 kg, the engine's kerb weight may seem heavy, but it carries its weight with elegance, offering stability and control.

Feather-Light Heavyweight

The 6-speed manual transmission ensures smooth and precise gear shifts, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Seamless Transitions

With a fuel tank capacity of 17.5 liters, this engine promises enduring journeys, reducing fuel stops and letting you explore more.

Fuel Tank Marvel