How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car?

A Standard Electric Car  (60 Kwh Battery) Takes Less Than 8 Hours to Charge with a 7 Kw Charging Point.

For Most Electric Vehicles, You Can Get to 100 Miles in ~35 Minutes with a 50kw Fast Charge.

Rapid Charger Is the Fastest Way to Charge Your Electric Car, Giving You 80 to 200 Miles in 20 to 30 Minutes.

Home Charging Points Are Typically Rated at 3.7kw or 7kw, Require 22kw charge for a Three-Phase Power Supply, Which Is Rare and Expensive to Install

3.7kW slow- Up to 15 miles  7kW fast - Up to 30 miles    22kW fast - Up to 90 miles      43-50kW rapid - Up to 90 miles in 30 min 150kW rapid - Up to 200 miles in 30 min

How Much Range Do You Get Per Hour of Charging

Factors That Affect Charging Speed

- Size of Battery - State of Battery (Empty Vs. Full) - Max Charging Rate of Vehicle - Max Chargepoint Rate   - Environmental Factors