Motorcycle Safety Tips Every Rider Should Follow

Stay In The Comfort Zone

that means that your feet should be able to rest flat on the ground when seated – no tiptoes.  And if the bike feels too heavy for you, it probably is.

Watch The Road

Be careful when crossing rail road tracks because the paint can be slippery—the same goes for the white lines at stoplights.

Inspect Your Ride

Give your bike a good once-over before hitting the road. Things you should check out every time you get on your motorcycle include tire pressure, mirrors and lights

Use Your Head

While mirrors are there for a reason, you can’t solely rely on them to remain aware of what is in your immediate riding space.

Even jeans provide minimal protection against injury and road rash if you happen to slide. You can go for extreme protection with leathers or reinforced jackets, pants, and boots.

Gear Up

Find Your Happy Place

Remember, when you’re on a motorcycle you are ultimately the only one on the road looking out for you.