Review Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT

Sportbike Handling

What it hasn’t lost over the years is its ability to hunt the apex of a corner, it gets the most updated version of the naked GSX-S1000F chassis

Improved Design

looks, it is a very modern-looking bike considering how dated everything underneath is.

Updated Electronics

It gets 3 ride modes which are refreshingly simple: Active, which is essentially sport mode, Basic, which is self-explanatory and Comfort,

Comfortable Ergonomics

It is arguably the first genuinely comfortable Gixxer, and has evolved into a very nice place to be with an upright riding position

Wind Protection

Unfortunately it isn’t adjustable, but it is very good and most riders will find it to be more than adequate for most riding conditions.

If you want to save the money and leave that option unchecked, there are endless high quality options on the aftermarket

Optional Luggage

The Gixxer gets a fully adjustable front and rear suspension, allowing you to dial the bike into your weight and height perfectly

Fully Adjustable Suspension

Fun Tourer

This really does put the “sport” in sport touring, it has nimble handling, tractable engine and a stable, supple suspension

Exceptional Value

As far as value is concerned, it has no rivals. Kawasaki comes pretty close with their Ninja 1000 SX in terms of pricing but doesn’t offer as much value