The World’s Best Roads to Drive


Great Dolomites Road,  Italy

The Great Dolomites Road runs 86 miles from Bolzano to Cortina d’Ampezzo and weaves through three different mountain passes in the Dolomites: Falzarego, Pordoi, and Karerpass.

A93 Highway,  United Kingdom

It is the highest road in the United Kingdom, with hills and curves that make for a roller-coaster-like drive through Scotland’s glens and mountains. 

Great Ocean Road, Australia

The 151 miles of paved road run alongside the southeastern coast of the country, allowing you to pass incredible landmarks, such as the Twelve Apostles limestone stacks, and get a view of the Bass Strait

Susten Pass, Switzerland

Susten Pass has been described as a mountain road that allows you to look at the Swiss Alps without making you feel like you will fall off of them while driving. 

Transfagarasan Highway,  Romania

What you really need to know is that it delivers everything you would expect of a snaking road in the mountains: colossal cliffs, gargantuan gorges and some of the most devilish hairpins you’ll ever encounter.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

The pass is only open from June to September, and even then accessing the highest stretch of the road can be difficult, but that means that there is hardly any traffic.

Route 40, Argentina

National Route 40 is the longest road in Argentina, and the third longest in the world, falling short only to U.S. Route 66 and Australia’s Stuart Highway.