Top 20 Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets for 2021

Top 8 Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets Review in 2024

Jackets, like helmets, are one of the most important safety gear a bike rider must wear at all times. As we continue to release our engines, you should wear a riding jacket, whether you go to the office, go out for the weekend and even when you go shopping. Wearing a motorcycle jacket should be made into a habit just like wearing a helmet. This article contains the Best Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets that you can buy online.

Top 10 Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets

1. Alpinestars SMX Air Jacket

Alpinestars SMX Air Jacket review
Alpinestars SMX Air Jacket

Colour Available – Black, Red, Blue, Orange

The Alpinestars SMX Air Jacket is a technical mesh jacket with 450D polyfibre reinforcement in key areas. Ergonomic design ensures optimal gaming performance and maximum usability. The DFS Lightweight Outer Shoulder Protector paired with Alpinestars Nucleon Flex Plus Level 1 CE Shoulder and Elbow Armor provides protection for riders indoors and out. An optional Nucleon back protector pocket (sold separately) allows the use of all mounts. SMX Air is a digital air conditioner ready for the next level of protection. A waterproof pocket inside keeps valuables dry and safe.


  • Specially engineered mesh and engineered overlays with 450D multi-layered materials in key areas including the chest.
  • Panel detailing on the sides of the body and upper back
  • Ergonomic design for optimal sports performance and flexibility
  • Fully CE certified cycling clothing according to CE specifications
  • Lining can be removed from the wind. Waist test, Wet section
  • DFS protective ring ring shoulder
  • New internal design improves the Nucleon Protector and is ready for the Rear Protector.

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2. Alpinestars Andes v3 Jacket

 Alpinestars Andes v3 Jacket
 Alpinestars Andes v3 Jacket

Colour Available – Black, Military Green, Dark Blue, Dark Khaki/Camo, Ice Gray/Dark Gray

The Andes Adventure Jacket v3 uses Alpinestars exclusive waterproof equipment to guide drivers comfortably into a variety of off-road or off-road conditions. Powerful textile base with polymer printed panels on the elbows and forearms, contrasting multifaceted material, and many adjustable straps and ventilation straps. Front, back, and inside pockets keep your riding gear organized and ready for use.

 The jacket has a removable thermal lining. Shock protection for shoulders and elbows is included. Andes v3 also includes pockets for optional Nucleon back and chest covers. With this in mind, the jacket reaches CE Class A. For added protection, the Andes Jacket v3 is also compatible with the Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 airbag system.

The Alpinestars motorcycle jackets Andean v3 Drystar® jacket is designed with Alpinestars exclusive Drystar® construction and offers 100% waterproofness and great breathability, even in difficult driving conditions. The technologically advanced construction of this jacket offers protection and durability and can be adapted to all weather conditions.


  • Waterproof dry breathable mesh
  • Advanced durable textile construction and polymer reinforcement
  • Compatible Alpinestars Tech-Air 5-airbag system
  • Detachable thermal construction with long sleeves, adjustable straps for hooks and loops
  • Direct Ventilation System (DVS) with chest zip and inspired opening
  • Includes removable side screens on elbows and shoulders
  • Compatible with Nucleon chest and back cushions
  • Reinforced polymer print texture in key elbow and forearm areas for increased abrasion resistance
  • Reflective details for improved driver safety, waterproof front pocket
  • Large vase outside on lower back lưng
  • Waterproof inner pocket, built-in collar with a soft edge
  • 3D inner lining, YKK. mesh zipper
  • Front sleeves with accordion drawing panel on elbows
  • Adjustment of the hammock at the bottom, zipper with jacket and trousers
  • CE Regulation Cat II PPE prEN17092 – Level Safety Certificate

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3. Alpinestars Bogota Pro Drystar Jacket

Alpinestars Bogota Pro Drystar Jacket review
Alpinestars Bogota Pro Drystar Jackets

Colour Available – Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Vetiver Military Olive

The Alpinestars Bogota Pro Drystar All Weather Jacket offers the best protection and weather protection for optimal comfort. A new approach to riding in all-weather protective clothing. This jacket uses Alpinestars’ Drystar membrane for 100% waterproofing and breathability. The 3-layer lining system makes the jacket quick and easy to install so it can withstand the elements. The Bogota Pro Drystar Jacket has horizontal vents on the chest, back and arms for optimal climate control.

In terms of construction, the Bogota has an ergonomic 3D shape that keeps it flexible and breathable and features the Drystar lining system for better breathability and use in wet weather. In fact, the Drystar liner can be worn over or under the outer shell for versatility and real-world use. The jacket has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment for good weather conditions and maximum comfort in all weather conditions, wet or dry, designed to keep the outer shell intact, and the Bogota says goodbye to the wet stuff.


  • Lightweight 600D main shell for added durability
  • Reinforced construction 2-L 450D hard exterior for increased durability
  • Detachable 100g shell, 60g full sleeve thermal liner allows you to customize the jacket to suit conditions.
  • Made from 100% recycled GRS certified Nylon 6 materials.
  • Extensive ventilation panels on the chest, entire back and arms
  • Direct ventilation panels on the chest and arms allow one-handed operation for quick and efficient climate control on the go.
  • The pre-curved sleeves are designed with a twisted design to follow the shape of the arm in the riding position.
  • Unique ventilation design with sleeves and a wide mesh panel for effective microclimate control.
  • Wide elastic bands around the underarms for optimal freedom of movement and improved fit.
  • Innovative collar closure with adjustable self-centering closure for an optimal fit.
  • The collar has an internal Velcro closure to keep the collar open in warm weather.
  • Ergonomically adjustable cuffs for ease of use with gloved hands
  • Two zippered front pockets, two chest pockets, one internal waterproof document pocket and two lined internal pockets.
  • Nucleon Flex Pro Level 2 CE shoulder and elbow protection included.

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4. Alpinestars GP Force Airflow Leather Jacket

Alpinestars GP Force Airflow Leather Jacket review
Alpinestars GP Force Airflow Leather Jacket

Colour Available – Black, Black/White

The Alpinestars GP Force Airflow Leather Jacket is a new version of the existing GP Force Airflow Leather Jacket. Featuring a fully perforated chest and back, soft buffalo leather main construction with wide stretch polyamide panels, the jacket also offers protection with DFS Lite external shoulder sliders and Nucleon Flex Pro CE Level 2 internal armor. adapts to the conditions . meteorological. The versatile GP Force Airflow Sport leather jacket with Tech-Air® Ready support is the perfect choice for daily commuting in mild and warm climates with wide temperature variations.


  • The GP Force Airflow Leather Jacket is Tech-Air® ready and can use a Tech-Air® 5 airbag system for full upper body protection.
  • Well placed accordion panels stretch and polyamide cross panels on the abdomen, underarms, inner arms, and chest, back, ribs and ribs.
  • Removable windshield provides flexibility and flexibility in situations.
  • Nucleon Flex Pro Level 2 inner armor for better impact protection.
  • External DFS Lite protection on the shoulders for added abrasion protection in key areas.
  • Wet section.
  • Alpinestars Nucleon rear protector is available as an upgrade.
  • Soft buffalo leather with front and rear panels.

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5. Alpinestars Sektor v2 Tech Hoodie

Alpinestars Sektor v2 Tech Hoodie - alpinestars motorcycle jackets
Alpinestars Sektor v2 Tech Hoodie - alpinestars motorcycle jackets

Colour Available – Black, Grey/Black

In the list of Alpinestars motorcycle jackets, Alpinestars Sector v2 Tech Hoodie raises the bar for everyday riding. Reinforced windbreak for roadworks ready to go. Nucleon Flex Plus armor comes in the shoulders and elbows. Style is a step towards your weekend outfit. The oversized shoulder panels reflect the stiff shoulder sliders on this premium tracksuit. Reflective detail on the bottom and bicep for better nighttime visibility.


  • 3L windproof shell, Ribbed cuffs, and hem
  • Aramid fiber reinforcement in shoulders and elbows
  • 3D fabric shoulder insert, Nucleon back protector pocket
  • YKK zipper at the front with scratch protector
  • Elastic thumb loop, Reflective details
  • Comfortable for on the collar
  • Two hand pockets with zipper, two inside luggage pockets, and an inside waterproof document pocket
  • Nucleon Flex Plus CE level 1 armor on shoulders and elbows
  • Complies with CE (EU) category II PPE regulation 2016/425 – class for protective riding clothing

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6. Alpinestars Caliber Jacket

Alpinestars Caliber Jacket - alpinestars motorcycle jackets
Alpinestars Caliber Jacket - alpinestars motorcycle jackets

Colour Available – Brown

In the list of Alpinestars motorcycle jackets, the Caliber model is an unusual device that is both muted and noisy. The subtle SoCal Alpinestars sportbike look creates a jacket that is suitable for an Italian sports bike or a classic cafe racer. The premium leather accordion with leather stretch pads provides durability and comfort on the go. The tension panels on the sleeves and chest hold the jacket tightly without feeling them closed. Direct printing is clear but not too embossed on the logo and graphic details. CE-rated armor protects bumps on the elbows and shoulders. Replace the rear armor and chest armor for complete shock protection. The overall result of the Alpinestars Caliber Jacket is a sporty style that hides its technical abilities.

The Alpinestars Caliber Jacket is a discreet silhouette street sports jacket. Premium leather provides durability, while strategically placed stretch panels and accordion stretch leather improve fit. The removable heat lining allows you to wear the jacket at colder temperatures so you can continue riding through the seasons. CE-rated armor protects the elbows and shoulders. Chest and back armor are not included, but the jacket is ready to keep the armor pieces in their own compartments.


  • Top leather main chassis made of 1.0 – 1.2 mm cowhide leather
  • Strategically stretched panels on the fingers and chest further add fat and feel
  • Elastic accordion leather inserts at the waist, elbows, and behind the shoulders allow a lot of movement
  • Two zippers hand pockets and a waterproof inner pocket for efficiency
  • Embossed logo and bone-printed graphic details
  • An air intake with a zipper is applied to achieve maximum airflow when opened
  • Closes holes for excellent ventilation and internal airflow
  • Small collar construction with comfortable texture in microfiber and inner collar lining in 3D structured material for motorcycle comfort
  • For curved sleeve construction reduces fatigue
  • Adjustment of velcro cuffs
  • Reflective details that make riders more visible to other riders
  • Mesh lining for breathing
  • Removable thermal lining for versatility
  • Internal waterproof pocket for peace of mind
  • Chest cushions and back pockets can hold Nucleon chest and back cushions (available as an accessory)
  • Multi-button system for integrating level 2 CE-certified Alpinestars Nucleon back cover
  • A zipper at the waist allows you to attach it to the Alpinestars pants
  • Level 1 CE-certified GP-R shoulder and elbow protection

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7. Alpinestars GP Plus R V3 Rideknit Leather Jacket

Alpinestars GP Plus R V3 Rideknit Leather Jacket
Alpinestars GP Plus R V3 Rideknit Leather Jacket review

Colour Available – Black, Bright Red, Flou Red

Featuring an ultra-durable and flexible leather shell with specially engineered, class-leading Nucleon Flex Plus protection, the GP Plus Rideknit Leather Jacket is designed for the perfect balance of safety and comfort. Perfectly suited for use with or without Tech-Air5® technology, this jacket features tech fabric woven into the seam for maximum comfort for a perfect fit and warmth, while air zips are used to provide the required ventilation.


  • Tech-Air® 5 compatible
  • Leather racing jacket with woven design and rolled sleeves.
  • Level 1 Nucleon Flex Plus armor on shoulders and elbows
  • DFS Lite shoulders to improve protection and prevent interference
  • The back of the shirt is extended for extra support while walking
  • Textile technology of the sewing area for programmed stretching
  • Hook waist and sleeves with semi-automatic zipper for secure closure
  • Low collar design and lining for comfort
  • Spiral main zipper for ease of use, even with gloves
  • Waist zipper allows attachment to Alpinestars riding pants

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8. Alpinestars Core Airflow Jacket

Alpinestars Core Airflow Jacket - alpinestars motorcycle jackets
Alpinestars Core Airflow Jacket - alpinestars motorcycle jackets

Colour Available – Black, White

The Alpinestars Core Airflow jacket takes a race track pedigree to the street. With excellent leather, excellent ergonomic performance, and sharp elastomeric plastics, it is possible to increase safety and comfort by working with the rider’s body both on and off the bike, equipped with good protection, such as the Alpinestars Dynamic Friction Shield, the core is designed for performance, comfort, and safety. Ideal for athletes seeking competitive levels and performance with on-road comfort, the Core Airflow jacket offers on-the-go comfort.

The Alpinestars motorcycle jacket, core Airflow Jacket is packed with good protection, as is the Alpinestars Dynamic Friction Shield, a fighter designed for performance, comfort, and safety. Ideal for athletes seeking style and performance in racing, the Core Airflow jacket provides everyday relief for hot-weather athletes who want maximum protection.


  • Highly wear-resistant head structure, 1.1 mm upper leather for excellent comfort, fit, and durability
  • Strategically placed perforation zones for excellent airflow and internal cooling
  • External dynamic friction protection (DFS) protection from Alpinestars competition on injection-molded shell shoulders and double-density foam pads
  • Chest armor pockets
  • Perforations in the chest and arms allow airflow and help regulate body temperature
  • Comfortable 3D mesh cuff for breathability
  • The cuff has a zipper for a secure and adjustable fit
  • Soft 3D mesh and leather collar construction for breathability and comfort
  • Premium YKK closures and semi-automatic zippers are used throughout the garment
  • The full zipper at the waist allows you to attach it to Alpinestars pants
  • D-ring waist adjustment with VELCRO® brand closure straps for a secure and personalized fit

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