Tips to Stay Cool on Hot Motorcycle Rides 

By  Ryderplanet

Motorcycles have been around for a long time, and for many individuals, they have become a vital tool.

But, with its popularity comes a typical issue: riding a motorcycle during a heatwave. Every day’s weather is different

Examine the Tires on Your Motorcycle

Keep an eye on your tires.  If they’re starting to wear thin, there’s a big possibility they’ll break in high temperatures.

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Keep the Gear All the Time

Make sure you’re wearing all of your protective gear at all times to avoid Hot Sun &road rash in the case of an accident

Prevent Your Motorcycle from Overheating

There are a few options for keeping your bike cool in the summer.  To begin, avoid soaking up the sun at traffic lights. Without ventilation, your engine might quickly overheat.

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Observe Your Bike and Visor Clean

Make sure they don’t get stuck on your motorbike screens or helmet visor.

Keep Clean bcos they will prevent you from getting distracted while driving


Make Sure to Take Frequent Breaks Along with Your Travel

If you start to feel sleepy, stop over and grab something to drink. Know your limitations; if things get out of hand, go home!

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Apply Sunscreen to Your Skin

When Riding Motorcycle in Hot Weather, it’s critical to use an SPF of at least 30 to protect the sensitive skin around your neck and face.

Parking Your Bike in the Shadow

Take the opportunity to rest your motorcycle in a warm, shaded location.  When exposed to high temps like these, it’s significantly easier on both yourself and your bike

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Consider Wearing a Tinted Visor

Glare from the sun can strain your eyes. Because it minimizes the amount of glare from the sun, a shaded visor will help you stay cooler.