Revit Argon Racing Suit Review

Revit Argon Race Suit

The Revit Argon Racing Suit gets back to fundamentals with Monaco cowhide for abrasion resistance. Stretch panels in the PWR shell increase fit and let you move freely on the bike. CE-rated protection underpins the Revit-inspired dual comp sliders at the knees and shoulders. The REVIT Argon Racing Suit will get you on the track and beyond if you add a back protector.

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Revit Argon Racing Suit Details

The motorbike is dressed in REVIT Argon leather bits. When only the most basic requirements are required, the REV’IT! Argon has your back. It’s an ARGON ONE-PIECE MOTORCYCLE SUIT that allows you to get the track ready or well equipped for the roads without going full spec. We understand that not everyone needs all of the bells and whistles all of the time. The Argon is a well-balanced blend of scratch, partly ventilated leather, and carefully arranged stretch material. These features provide you the flexibility to walk around while also ensuring your safety in the event of an accident. CE-rated Protection is standard at the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.

Our CE-level 2 SEESOFTTM back protector insert (Optional) and SEESOFTTM CE-level 1(Optional) split may add chest protector inserts to the Argon for more Protection. In addition, the mesh collar, which allows air to reach the upper body even when tucked beneath the screen, adds to the outer shell’s partial ventilation.

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REVIT Argon Racing Suit Features

Protection Features:

  • Outer shell: Monaco cowhide, PWR|shell stretch, 3D air mesh, artificial leather
  • Protection: dual-comp knee sliders, dual-comp protective parts at shoulders, Betac CE protection, Seesmart CE level 1 hip protector
  • Pocket for optional Divided Chest Protector
  • pocket for optional Seesoft Back Protector -Type RV

Ergonomic Features:

  • Fit: race fit, tight
  • Ventilation: partly perforated outer shell, air inlet
  • Features: hydra bag prepared, speed hump, stretch fabric
  • Pockets: inner pocket

Our Opinion

A product’s review might determine by various factors, including the brand or product’s perception, actual usage, quality, and cost. Therefore, one of our most important pieces of advice when buying a Revit Argon Racing Suit, or any Clothing product for that matter, is to read as many detailed customer reviews as possible before making a purchase. The review score can help you quickly determine how good a product is. Still, you’ll need to read many reviews to see what people have to say about it, both good and bad, to know if it’s right for you genuinely.

Aside from customer reviews, price is an essential consideration while choosing the best Revit One-Piece Suit Argon and other motorcycle gear. So go to the next tab to check the Rev’it Leather Suit’s cost that we were able to find.

REVIT Argon Racing Suit Pros and Cons

  • Double leather seats provide exceptional scratch and impact resistance.
  • The safety stitching on the skin panels is more vulnerable to ripping when sliding or slipping.
  • SEESMART hip protectors certified level 1
  • Shoulder, elbow, and knee Betac protectors are approved to the highest protection standards.


As part of our commitment to providing world-class customer service, we thoroughly investigate items against most sellers’ claims to see how well they live up to their promises, as well as your expectations on the harsh realities of roads. For example, the Rev’It One-Piece Suit Argon is abrasion-resistant leather with rich detailing in various colors. If you believe the customer reviews on the linked link are lacking in any way, please let us know by filling out the form on the contact us page.

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FAQ’S About REV’IT! Argon Race Suit

Where is REV’IT Company Based?

Motorcycle Gear & Clothing. REVIT! It is a premium European brand based in Holland positioned for the Sport, Touring, and Adventure Rider’s needs.

Is Revit a good brand?

Yes, it is, but as with many safety objects, they come in different grades, and you usually pay more for the safer items.

What Protection is used in REV’IT! Argon Race Suit?

Betac CE protection, dual-comp knee sliders, dual-comp protecting components at shoulders.

REV’IT! Argon Race Suit is good for riders?

REV’IT is a well-known motorcycle gear brand recorded for creating high-quality safety equipment. This reputation results from decades of research and development of their jackets, pants, and full suits.

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