The Best Motocross Boots (Review) in 2021 | Ryderplanet

The Best Motocross Boots Review in 2024

If you want to ride a dirt bike in motocross, one of your most important gear is high-quality boots. They will ensure that your foot is protected and does not slip off the spikes. They also protect your feet and your legs if you dive or fall off a bike. Whether you need to upgrade your existing boots or are considering your first pair, here are a few options to consider.

The best dirt bike boots are an essential part of your riding kit. Like dirt helmets, riding gloves, and goggles, they provide protection, stability, comfort, and safety while going through the forest behind, swinging through the mud, and going to the other side and looking. It’s like you have the experience and live to boast about it.

The Best Motocross Boots (Review) in 2021 | Ryderplanet

So, ladies and gentlemen, start your bike, put on your gloves, and let us choose the best bike shoes to make the best trip you have ever had.

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The Best Motocross Boots

1. O’Neal Element Boots

O'Neal Element Boots

Element Boots from O’Neal contain premium details without imposing a high price tag. The combination of real leather, molded plastic, and synthetic leather offers safety, comfort, and long life. Genuine leather and injection-molded plastic protect against impact, while a synthetic leather heat shield prevents heat damage to your bike. The base of the element features a metal shaft for support and moderate grip, suitable for both racetracks and trailers. Complete with breathable, reinforced interior and easy-to-use locking locks, the Element Boots do so much more at a much lower cost.


  • Injection-molded plastic plates
  • Snap-lock adjustable four-buckle closure system
  • Generous heel support, padding, and cushioned insol=e for added comfort
  • Synthetic leather heat shields, Rear pull tab
  • Durable Goodyear welt sole with metal shank and moderate grip
  • Metal toe guard, Air-mesh interior

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2. Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots

Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots

Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots shoes have a new and light microfiber upper with leather padding and toe. The Achilles heel pad has been redesigned for greater comfort, while the TPU calf cushion, the upper TPU midsole, and the TPU ankle brace are provided with additional comfort. Safety and stability. For additional bash resistance, the TPU connector is connected to the TPU storage connector. The VELCRO® seal cushion on top along with the TPR extension provides wide flexibility and comfortable comfort for the calf. The TPU center protection sheet is designed with technology to improve retention.


  • Bio-mechanical pivot
  • Ergonomic TPU triple buckle straps
  • TPU heel patch connected with shell and lateral/medial TPU sections
  • Extended PU synthetic gaiter helps seal out excessive water and dirt entry
  • Soft poly-foam surrounds the ankles and collar
  • Entire textile lining
  • Replaceable anatomic EVA footbed with textile lining on top
  • Exclusive high grip rubber compound outsole

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3. SIDI X-3 Boots

SIDI X-3 Boots

The SIDI X-3 Boots (formerly known as the Sidi X-Treme Boots) is designed for tough off-road riding and come packed with professional features for a low price point. From hinged ankle supports to a system of replaceable micro-adjustable cam locks sewn on a non-slip TA base, the SIDI X3 Boots are engineered for maximum protection and performance. Whether you’re a terrorist enduro racer or a motorcycle racing champion, the X3 Boots is specially crafted to take off-road racers to the extreme and beyond.


  • Laminated Technomicro used as the base material
  • TA sole is made of anti-skid rubber and can be replaced by a cobbler
  • TA sole features excellent rear brake feel
  • Nylon insole (no dangerous steel shank)
  • Removable arch support
  • Internal malleolus plastic guard with ergonomic closed cell foam padding internally to enhance protection of those tender small foot bones
  • Toe area covered in protective plastic
  • Rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel for maximum protection
  • Replaceable micro adjustable cam lock buckle system with memory straps
  • Lower buckle is protected against impact opening by a guard

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4. TCX Terrain 3 WP Boots

TCX Terrain 3 WP Boots

The TCX Terrain 3 Waterproof Boots are a flexible trial boot designed for the needs of technical trial riding where lightweight performance and tactile feedback are key. Leather with microfiber inserts makes up the exterior of the full-height boot. T-Dry waterproofing keeps your feet dry. A protective shin plate safeguards against impacts should your foot ever slip off the pegs. Polyurethane discs protect the medial and lateral malleolus. Grippy suede heat guards let you interface directly with your bike for excellent control and feedback. Best Motocross Boots in Class


  • Leather with pull-up finishing and microfiber inserts
  • T-Dry waterproof liner 
  • Ergonomic stretch upper collar to keep out dirt and debris
  • Ergonomic polyurethane shin plate
  • Polyurethane malleolus, toe, and heel reinforcement 
  • Inner leg suede heat guard improved bike feel and protection
  • 3 replaceable and micro-adjustable buckles with Velcro® brand closure
  • Ortholite® footbed 
  • Rubber sole designed for an optimal grip on the footpegs and bike control
  • “Ideal” stitching sole construction technique

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5. Gaerne SG-12 Boots

Gaerne SG-12 Shoes

Gaerne continues to kill the game with their pro-level Motocross boot, the SG-12. The revolutionary design of the Dual Stage Pivot System is patented and exclusive to Gaerne, assuring it to be a success. The first pivot is attached to the “razorback”, which provides a rigid component and offers strong lateral support while a glide plate keeps the upper in a firm, upright position. The SG-12 uses four lightweight aluminum buckles that attach to an adjustable strap. This is a “Tried and True” system that gives the rider an “Easy in” and “Easy out” system that does not break. The really best motocross boots.


  • A gaiter made of breathable Swiss fabric called ACRONOS is extremely stretchy but perfectly shaped to keep out sand and dirt.
  • The tip of the shoe has been redesigned and reinforced for harder performance
  • Heel lining is designed to absorb shocks in case of back compression
  • The improved toe box has a slimmer shape in the toe area for a better gear feel
  • The entire toe box area is filled with lighter and more comfortable plastic material
  • An anatomically shaped thermoplastic shin guard for a perfect fit
  • By removing the three screws, the rider can also widen the opening to accommodate a larger leg or knee brace.

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Are dirt bike boots waterproof?

We just found a really waterproof boot. Another surprising result was that all motorcycle boots were sticky. Some water is retained in the saturated skin layer, but it is mostly trapped between the skin and the membrane.