Helmet Safety Standard Available

What is the Helmet Safety Standard Available?

There are five helmet standards Snell, DOT, ECE, SHARP, Or FIM. Today we will compare all helmet standards to find out which is the best. The helmet is the most important safety gear to wear. 

You can’t select any helmet for all your riding purposes. If you are an adventurer rider, you must select a different helmet. The standard of the helmet also matters a lot to measure the safety standard. 

These standards are offered by various safety organizations and regulatory bodies. All of these regulatory bodies evaluate different factors such as impact resistance, penetration resistance, strap system strength, and overall coverage. 

Major Helmet Safety Standards

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Let’s find out each one

Major Helmet Safety Standards

Here, we are discussing the top 5 safety standards including Snell, DOT, ECE, SHARP, Or FIM. 

DOT (Department of Transportation)

The DOT standard is a helmet safety guideline established by the United States Department of Transportation. Every motorcycle helmet sold in the U.S. is required to follow all the legal requirements of the Department of Transportation

This was launched in 1973 and was previously known as FMVSS 218 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218). This is mandatory to use in the U.S. 

This safety standard is required to be followed by the manufacturer whenever they launch a new helmet. They go to the transportation department for quality checks of helmets.

The Helmets need to go from a different test that includes

  • Absorption of impact at different surfaces reduces the risk of head injury while crash
  • Penetration Resistance to check the durability of the helmet’s outer shell’s
  • The helmet’s chin strap and its attachment system during the crash
  • Peripheral Vision should be better than 105 degrees

Make sure to check the verification from DOT.


The Snell Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization to verify the safety of the helmet. The organization is dedicated to improving helmet safety through research, testing, and development of helmet standards.

The foundation was established way back in 1957 to ensure better security for racing car drivers. This foundation is independent and ensures the best quality check without any self-interest.

The foundation also verifies various things including 

  • impact resistance at various speeds
  • shifting and exposing vulnerable parts of the head
  • effectiveness of the helmet’s chin strap and retention system
  • Absorption of impact in different crash or surface

Make sure to check snell-certified on helmets, if you are a sports rider or motorcyclist. This ensures a great safety standard while riding.


ECE is known for the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) which is an important organization in the world of helmet safety. The ECE is a group of multiple countries to make sure our helmets pass the ultimate safety test.

This is not only a safety standard for Europe but also helpful for outside Europe. This also follows the best safety test to check the quality of helmets.

ECE verifies all the quality standards that we previously discussed with Snell. But other than that, they also verify the vision and it’s the field for the helmet in different conditions.

The presence of ECE certification on helmets is really crucial to check before buying a helmet. This will give you surety to provide safety in every condition.


FIM is known as Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). This is a global governing body for sports motorcycles and ensures the security of them worldwide. This is important for motorcyclists who want to go faster.

The FIM was started way back in 1904. This is one of the oldest safety standards for motorcycle helmets. The certificate mark is not only accepted by the users of the USA but also recognized and adopted internationally. This includes nations like Europe, Asia, the Americas, and other regions where motorcycle racing is popular.

When they approve the quality of the helmet, they go through various checks. This includes safety standards like impact protection, penetration resistance, retention system, peripheral vision, absorption, helmet security at the chin, and weight. 

Checking the FIM certification on a helmet is a positive indicator to ensure international safety standards. 


The full form of SHARP is the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme. This is a great initiative taken by the UK’s government to ensure the security of the helmet.

This safety standard is a widely recognized benchmark for helmet safety. Its assessments are not confined solely to helmets available in the UK. Many manufacturers seek SHARP certification to demonstrate the safety of their helmets globally.

This safety standard also checks all the security measures to get protection. This includes

  • Impact absorption in different conditions
  • Helmet’s strengths at chinstrap
  • Checking of Peripheral Vision to maintain an adequate field of vision

The SHARP-certified helmets are globally recognized by all the country.


Understanding these safety standards before buying any new helmet is very important. If you are spending money on purchasing a helmet then you should check its quality in every condition. You can test the fit and size of the helmet before you going to purchase one. 

DOT is offering you a basic level of protection and must look in every helmet. This is also required to drive on roads.

SHARP, FIM, and updated ECE certification is an international safety standard that ensures better protection with helmets. All the riders who are involved in sports activity must look for these standards.

Snell also a good safety standards for sports driving.


Why is choosing the right helmet important for riders?

A helmet is a very crucial thing while riding a bike. A right helmet is crucial to protect your head during accidents. Helmets give you surety to absorb the impact and reduce the risk of severe head injuries. You can check safety standards on helmets to pick the right one. The right helmet will make a significant difference in your safety while riding.

How Hard Is It to Survive a Motorcycle Crash?

A crash from a motorcycle will highly impact your body. Only a complete suit and helmet can protect someone from these types of crashes. If you are involved in high-speed riding, then they become more important for you. The head is a vital part of our body and helmets can absorb the maximum impact of a crash to reduce the risk of injury.

Which Is Better: ECE or Snell?

Your priorities matter first when choosing between ECE and Snell. Snell certification goes through rigorous testing. These are high-performing helmets to give a higher level of protection during riding. However, ECE is the more recent and globally recognized standard for high-performing helmets.

Who should consider Snell?

Snell certification indicates that a helmet meets the highest helmet standard in the world. It offers better head protection than the minimum standards set by governments. If you’re a high-speed rider or sport rider, Snell-certified helmets are a good choice.

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a helmet?

If you are looking for a helmet, then you must consider things including fit, comfort, and ventilation for an optimal riding experience. You must look for safety standards like DOT, Snell, or ECE based on your location and activity. There are other additional features such as a quality visor, ease of use, and enhanced practicality.