Top Best 5 Helmets in 2023

Top Best 5 Helmets in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

We have reviewed the top motorcycle helmets currently available for your convenience. In our buying guide, know about Bell Helmets, our top selections for the different types of helmets, the benefits of each helmet model, and more.

A helmet is one of the most significant investments a motorcycle rider will make. High-quality motorcycle helmets can keep you cool, increase aerodynamics, and safeguard your head in case of an accident or a fall. Most helmet manufacturers create helmets to fit all head sizes and shapes, providing many options. 

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Best Motorcycle helmets in 2024

1 Best Full Face: Shoei RF-1400 

The Shoei RF-1400 is no exception to the brand’s reputation for having cutting-edge aerodynamics, one of the hallmarks of Shoei helmets. The RF-1400, which Shoei tested in its famed wind tunnels, offers a six-percent lift reduction and a four-percent drag reduction over the RF-1200.

The Vortex Generators on the RF-1400’s face shield sides lessen wind turbulence and produce a wind- and waterproof-tight seal while letting in important, illuminating road sounds. The RF-1400 can take in a lot of air through its forehead vent, which is placed in the center for the best cooling. Its larger exhaust exit vent uses negative pressure to remove hot air quickly.

The Emergency Quick Release System may evacuate the helmet from the rider if necessary, and the Dual-Layer Multi-Density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) liner and Multi-Ply Matrix Aim+ shell offer vital protection in an emergency.

2. Best Modular: Shoei Neotec II

The Shoei Neotec II from Shoei offers excellent quality while providing the convenience of a two-in-one design. Its integrated sun shield and Pinlock® Evo fog-resistant system increase visibility, and its extensive three-position upper ventilation system encourages dynamic cooling.

The Neotec II boasts a revolutionary top-air outlet design that combines its deflecting chin bar to reduce wind noise and its streamlined shape and shell-integrated spoiler.

This modular helmet has an open-face design that can be flipped up while still providing the same level of protection as a full-face helmet. 

3. Best Bluetooth: ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet

The battery life of the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet allows eight hours of talk time and 110.0 hours of standby. The intercom technology on this full-face motorcycle helmet allows for a maximum separation of 1,680.0 feet between two riders.

The one-touch buttons on the helmet will allow riders to accept or decline incoming phone calls and listen to FM radio, music, or GPS navigation instructions.

Thanks to noise suppression technology, riders can hear clear audio even when traveling at fast speeds. Multi-density, replaceable, and washable EPS liners ensure a rider’s safety and comfort. Due to the integrated Bluetooth® module, it should be noted that this helmet runs tiny.

 4. Best Open Face: Bell Mag-9

The Bell Mag-9 includes an adjustable front that can be worn in seven different settings, just like most open-face helmets. Therefore, It can be worn with or without a face shield or visor that blocks the rider’s view. The Mag-9’s Velocity Flow ventilation system, which cools the rider to lessen perspiration, is unaffected by the visor.

For a custom fit, this helmet boasts an inside made of EPS foam that drains away moisture and a polycarbonate shell. The Mag-9 can be combined with a Sena or Card Bluetooth communication system for individuals who like to listen to music or make calls while they are riding.

 5. Best Half Helmet: ScorpionExo Covert X

The newest model in ScorpionExo‘s acclaimed Covert range of motorcycle helmets is the Covert X. It is similar to the Covert in that it has a half-helmet profile and a polycarbonate shell to protect your head.

This helmet features intakes for forehead vents subtly incorporated to improve airflow and keep you cool on hot days. The highest level of protection is offered by the thermodynamic composite technology (TCT) shell, which blends fiberglass, aramid, and poly-resin fibers.

Full mode, 3/4 mode, and 1/2 mode are this motorcycle helmet’s three distinct riding positions. It should be mentioned that the chin bar and front mask are both detachable.


All of the motorcycle helmets mentioned above stood out in our review in one way or another. However, there are a plethora of motorcycle helmets available. We highlight some of the top Helmets available today that missed making our list of the top five below. We hope you now know about Bell Helmets.


Why does my motorcycle helmet hurt my head?

Initially uncomfortable, motorcycle helmets eventually adjust to the shape of the rider’s head for a secure fit after around 20 hours of use. After 20 hours, if your new helmet is still hurting you, it might be too tight.

Can I put stickers on my motorcycle helmet?

Most helmets have a UV-protective clear covering that is resistant to glue and hence suitable for stickers.