Top 12 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags

Top 12 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags

Last week we reviewed The 12 Best Motorcycle Backpacks for Riders, we thought we’d continue looking at luggage options for your motorcycle so we reviewed dozens of motorcycle tail bags to identify the best bags for you.

Motorcycle tail bags are a convenient way to add extra storage space for a bike and can be a convenient storage space for a helmet if you stop during the journey.

Finding the best motorcycle tail bags means reading reviews, exploring product features, and immersing yourself in all the available styling and configuration details. With the right motorcycle riding bag, carrying belongings and belongings can be a quick and overwhelming task.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Tail Bags - Secure Storage Option

While they may seem simple enough, the tail bags can help in case you have extra luggage to carry around. In addition, they can be used as a good replacement for a backpack. This way, you will be more comfortable driving because you won’t get back fatigued.

In addition, this bag is designed so as not to interfere with your riding activities on a motorbike. As the name suggests, the bag is affixed to the back of the motorcycle. This ensures an even distribution of weight so that the motorcycle remains stable throughout the ride.

Benefits of Motorcycle Tail Bags in Rides

The best backpacks for motorcycles give you more storage space when you need them. Instead of carrying an ugly backpack or leaving things at home because they can’t be carried anywhere, you can simply put your belongings in an adventure motorcycle tail bags in the back seat. The best motorcycle tail pockets are designed to fit a wide variety of bikes. They have mounting systems that are compatible with a wide variety of designs and products, giving you a wide variety to choose from. Many are also easy to install and remove.

Unlike most saddlebags,  motorcycle tail bags are usually wide open. You can make it small and compact or make it bigger if you need more space. Many high-quality bags are also waterproof or finished in the rain and have extra features like a card bag. If you go to work every day or want to go out at night, a seat bag or backpack is a good storage solution. They are designed to hold everything that matters.

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List of Top 12 Best Motorcycle Tail Bags

1Dainese D-Tail Motorcycle Tail Bag
2Saddlemen BR3400EX Combination Sissy Bar Bag
3Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag
4Giant Loop Klamath Tail Rack Pack
5Kriega Overlander-S OS-6 Drypack
6Nelson Rigg Commuter Lite Tail Bag
7Kuryakyn Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag
8Oxford T30R Tail Bag
9SW-MOTECH Pro Cargobag Tail Bag
10Sedici T2 Piccolo Tank Bag
11Fly Racing Street Medium Tail Bag
12Biltwell EXFIL 80 Sissy Bar Bag

1. Dainese D-Tail Motorcycle Tail Bag

motorcycle tail bag backpack - Dainese D-Tail Motorcycle Tail Bag
motorcycle tail bag backpack - Dainese D-Tail Motorcycle Tail Bag

Dainese D-Tail Motorcycle Tail Bag

In this review, we present the Dainese D-Tail Bag – Stealth tail bag. As part of our review of Dainese’s D-Tail Bags, we looked at several factors, including quality, price, and existing customer opinions. Once we’ve given you a good overview of how this stands against competitors’ products, we’ll provide a summary so you can understand if you’ve found a tail bag that fits your needs.  

Whether you are searching for new tail bags and motorcycle kits in the market or any other biker store, we have written our reviews to help you get the most out of your budget. Today we review the Dainese d-tail bag to provide you with the basic information and information needed to determine if it is right for you.

We started this review of the Dainese d-tail bag with quick product analysis and comparison between the Dainese or other handbags.

Capacity: 20.9 LColour: Stealth Black


– Large main compartment
– Slimline, aerodynamic design
– Non-slip cushion made of textured neoprene protects your paintwork against scratches
– Intelligent, aerodynamic design for optimized airflow
– Dual-formed side pockets for accessories
– Integrated, concealed rain cover
– Universal web mounting system for secure fastening
– Reinforced carrying handle
Waterproof rain cover
Extra size main compartment with 240 cubic inches of extra storage
Slim streamlined airflow surface design
Top organizer pocket
Double side pocket for accessories
Integrated hidden rain hood
Reinforced textured neoprene non-slip pad for paint protection
Easy grab reinforced handle
Capacity: 20.9L

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2. Saddlemen BR3400EX Combination Sissy Bar Bag

best motorcycle seat bag - Saddlemen BR3400EX Combination Sissy Bar Bag
best motorcycle seat bag - Saddlemen BR3400EX Combination Sissy Bar Bag

Saddlemen Sissy Bar Bag

Capacity: 55 LColour: Black

The “Saddlemen” motorcycle tail bag is designed to be at home on the widest range of machines and provides perfect views for road travel. Style is not the only problem – the most important element in the design of any product. The perfect combination of durable materials makes this bag very durable, weatherproof, and durable. Our unique combination of features makes these bags stand out from the rest.


Two fastening systems are included – a seat belt or an adjustable side strap system
The backrest can be adjusted to increase the comfort of the passenger or rider
Includes a removable backpack strap for the convenience of a portable bike
Includes a large upper compartment with an upper charger
Five pockets outside
Inside are five mesh pockets
Two mesh pockets on the outside
Cover the rain with a strap that protects the bag from impact
The hood can be adjusted to wear a jacket
A small padlock with an extra padlock helps keep things in your pocket
Made of antique leather vinyl, weather-resistant.

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3. Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

motorcycle tail bag backpack - Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag
motorcycle tail bag backpack - Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag

Capacity: 24 LColour: Black

The Cortech Super 2.0 backpack is great if you want to carry things but don’t want to put them in your tank bag. Made with 1680D durable ballistic polyester and jacquard next to the bag, woven jacquard fabric, and 1800 denim fabric, the tail bag has two layers. The main opening is easily accessible from the large openings and has a pocket inside the lid of these small parts. A rain cover is included for when you want to ride in all types of weather.

The Cortech bag can be attached to the cushion end option with four straps and staples, or attached directly to the seat, as we did. It takes a bit of fuss to get the product in order and interferes with the length of the strap, even if they are fastened. He did not move. The elastic material with four clamps that hold the bike strap in place will be a great accessory for when you want to travel without a bag. Both sides of the tail bag extend by 2 inches, which gives 6 liters of storage space and can store items longer. There is no water-resistant bag, but each bag with a zipper on the front has a rain cover that fits both and longer. And your card is always visible thanks to the transparent window of the tank lid.


– Waterproof: including rain blanket
– Removable neoprene base
– Black and red soft fetuses
– Quick fix system and secure bag for cables when not in use
– Easy access to the main compartment with top loads
– Extended main compartment, lightning protection (only 24 l)
– Single-sided locks on the main compartment and car locks for hiding
– Bag handle inside the upper valve
– Phoslite reflective striping and logo
– Molded rubber base
– Sewing of the jacquard cerebral cortex

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4. Giant Loop Klamath Tail Rack Pack

top motorcycle tail bag - Giant Loop Klamath Tail Rack Pack
top motorcycle tail bag - Giant Loop Klamath Tail Rack Pack

Giant Loop Klamath Tail Rack Pack

Capacity: 4 LColour: Black/Brown

Like the tank bag on the back of the motorcycle, the simple Klamath Tail Rack bag keeps the equipment organized, easily accessible, and attaches to the tail support of almost any motorcycle. This fluffy 4-liter suitcase has a zippered design, inspired by the classic motorcycle rally package. Includes waterproof inner lining.

The Klamath tail bag can also be used with the MoJavi Giant Loop Saddle bag, which attaches to the seat of the saddlebag removable tool bag. Many manufacturers produce tail packs of different sizes. I love the Giant Loop approach to the tailgate. First, I like the foresight in the design and ergonomics of the backpack; Easily accessible with waterproof, durable, low, and motorized gloves.


– Zipper-less clamshell design. Opens easily with gloves on
– Fully lined with high visibility yellow. Gear lash cord
– Reflective accents for visibility. Key clip
– Zippered mesh pocket under the lid. Exterior mesh pocket
– Mil-spec materials and hardware. Limited Lifetime Warranty
– Volume: 4 liters.
– Adjustable fender hooks. Ballistic webbing
– Includes dry pod waterproof inner liner

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5. Kriega Overlander-S OS-6 Drypack

sportbike tail bag - Kriega Overlander-S OS-6 Drypack
sportbike tail bag - Kriega Overlander-S OS-6 Drypack

Kriega Overlander-S OS-6 Drypack

Capacity: 6 LColour: Black

The Overlander-S line of 100% waterproof folding bags features semi-rigid walls for easy stacking and retention. The OS-32 pouch is a saddle pocket that easily accepts smaller pockets in the series as modular anchors for extra storage. All OS-PACKs are made of 100% waterproof and super wear-resistant 100% Hypalon nylon and Cordura 1000D nylon, ready for the toughest adventures.


– Waterproofing: roll top with a waterproof liner
– 100% waterproof design
– Semi-rigid wall panels retain their shape when empty
– Super wear-resistant Hypalon belt
– Cordura 1000D nylon body structure
– Capacity 6 liters
– 32 cm x width 20 cm x 9 cm m (12.5 “x 7.9” w x 3.5 “m)

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6. Nelson Rigg Commuter Lite Tail Bag

nelson rigg commuter sport tail bag
nelson rigg commuter sport tail bag

Nelson Rigg Commuter Lite Tail Bag

Capacity: 11.71 LColour: Stealth Black

The commuter lite is specially designed for smaller sports bikes, or if you just need to carry everything you need. Upgrading this bag includes a quick release system that can also be attached around the seat for a clean look, molded EVA covered with carbon accents, and an inside strap for securing items. Made with exclusive ultramax® material for a high level of UV resistance. Other features still include a reflective grip on the flat suspension, a mesh pocket under the lid, a zipper that slides easily, a non-slip base, a waterproof rain blanket, and a lifetime warranty.


– Made with leading UltraMax® fabrics
– Maximum UV protection against color.
– Easily attaches to most zippers on tails and seats
– 100% waterproof rain blanket included
– Molded EVA “carbon” panels keep the bag in good shape
– Reflective tubes and light gray cabinets
– It can be extended to increase storage and there is a mesh pocket under the lid
– Reverse spool lockable zipper and high-density rubber zipper
– The inner straps are self-locking to secure the contents
– Flat-reflective handle and protective base material
– Adjustable shoulder strap/backpack strap
– Lifetime warranty

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7. Kuryakyn Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag

motorcycle tail pack - Kuryakyn Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag
motorcycle tail pack - Kuryakyn Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag

Kuryakyn Trunk Rack Bag

Capacity: 32 LColour: Stealth Black

The Kuryakyn Momentum Lift is one of the most popular bag makers in this industry. Flexible hose clamps and hooks ensure air safety in almost any log. This version of the Deluxe Convertible Container has a wider slot for easy access, metal sheets, and MOLLE materials for precise and external replacement procedures.


– Waterproof rain cover
– Size – 23 “L x 14” L x 9 “H
– Made of 1200 denier UV weather-resistant textile fabric
– The driver/traveler bag has a MOLLE option
– Open and easily access required memory
– Safe storage system for bedding, bed linen, or other items
– The straps are made of hooks for quick and easy installation
– There is an umbrella attached to the wallet for security
– Keep its shape if it’s empty and perfectly fits in your pocket or purse when not in use

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8. Oxford T30R Tail Bag

waterproof tail bag - xford T30R Tail Bag
waterproof tail bag - xford T30R Tail Bag

Oxford T30R Tail Bag

Capacity: 21.3 LColour: Black, Red, Blue

Large capacity with small size. The Oxford T30R tail bag is the perfect choice for situations where the speed of the property is over millions or the back of the bike can be very limited, but you still need plenty of storage space. Its shape is optimized for most sports bike bags, and it has 30L of safe and slim storage.


– 21.3 liters capacity (30 liters expansion)
– Key bag
– Elastic mesh for storing several items on top of the bag
– The bag can be detached from the bottom for quick removal
– 5-point mounting system: seat belt and 4 belts
– 15.4 “L x 12.6” W x 9.8 “H (13.8” W extended)

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9. SW-MOTECH Pro Cargobag Tail Bag

tail bag motorbike -  SW-MOTECH EVO Cargobag Tail Bag
tail bag motorbike - SW-MOTECH EVO Cargobag Tail Bag

SW-MOTECH EVO Cargobag Tail Bag

Capacity: 50 LColour: Black/Grey

The SW-MOTECH EVO Cargobag looks great on a motorcycle. But this soft bag also provides attachment points for extra luggage, such as a tent bag, making it a versatile solution to accommodate any passenger seat.

All back pockets in this series are made of unbreakable 1680 D ballistic nylon, originally designed for military use. They will also entice you with high-quality craftsmanship and sophisticated features like an outer pocket for quick access and reflective details.


– Universal suitable for almost all types of motorcycles
– Reliably tighten on the 4-point strap
– 4 solid cams, 2 D metal rings, and screw connections for cable ties
– 2 outdoor pockets
– 2 outer elastic
– Helmets preservation
– The door lock is on the lid
– Preserving in the garden for wrapping molds
– Zipped zippers
– Made of sturdy 1680 D ballistic nylon
– Displays information for better display

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10. Saddlemen TR3300DE Tactical Deluxe Rack Bag

Saddlemen TR3300DE Tactical Deluxe Rack Bag
Saddlemen TR3300DE Tactical Deluxe Rack Bag  review

Saddlemen TR3300DE Tactical Deluxe Rack Bag

Color: BlackColour: Black

The Saddlemen TR3300DE Deluxe Rack Bag is a 3300 cubic inch bag that can expand to fit almost any rack, stand-alone or stand-alone. The perfect combination of materials makes this a strong, cost-effective, and durable suitcase. A unique combination of features and unique features set this bag apart from all the others.


– The versatile mounting system fits virtually all trunk-mounted or stand-alone racks
– Universal strap mounting system designed for easy attachment to the trunk or separately mounted luggage racks
– Fully rigid construction makes the bag look great even when empty
– Big, easy-open top for quick packing
– Four exterior zippered pockets
– Top carry handle plus shoulder straps included for ease of carrying
– Integrated MOLLE modular attachment points for storage customization
– Constructed of UV-, water- and weather-resistant 1200-denier SaddleTuff and leather-like vinyl panels

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11. Fly Racing Street Medium Tail Bag

adventure motorcycle tail bag - Fly Racing Street Tail Bag
adventure motorcycle tail bag - Fly Racing Street Tail Bag

Fly Racing Street Medium Tail Bag

Capacity: 11 LColour: Black

A Fly Racing Street Medium Tail Bag can be expanded to take you home more than you have with you. The interior is red so you can find what you need, and there are enough sockets to store things you have instant access to. Mirror cables are visible when lit at night.


– A total capacity of 11 liters and an additional capacity of 20 liters
– Can be expanded for larger storage capacity
– The interior with red lines makes it easy to find objects
– Includes a rain blanket to keep everything dry
– Detachable belt holder
– Integrated with Fly Saddlebags
– Scratch-resistant mounting surface
– Questions for interior design organization
– Views and reflective logos
– Comfortable carrying handle
– Includes shoulder straps
– Internal locking clip
– 15 “W x 9” W x 8.5 “H

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12. Biltwell EXFIL 80 Sissy Bar Bag

Biltwell EXFIL 80 Sissy Bar Bag
Best Biltwell tail Bag

Biltwell EXFIL 80 Sissy Bar Bag

Capacity: 55 LColour: Black, OD Green

EXFIL is the military term for “expulsion”, which means “Get the hell out of there as quickly and quickly as possible”. The EXFIL 80 will easily swallow all your necessities while traveling and camping on your motorbike for the last few days, still allowing you to quickly and easily find the things you need. In addition to functionality, a large external app is installed on the outside so you can treat it like a backrest. This section is easy to place on your fingers and small items without removing your bag on your bike. The EXFIL-80 is UV-resistant and water-resistant, but if you want 100% waterproofing, simply unzip under the application area and remove the waterproof sleeve, slide the entire package, and seal on the side.


Waterproofing: includes rain cover
– 15” wide x 12” deep x 18” tall when closed
– 55-liter capacity
– UV Treated 1680 ballistic polyester
– PVC backed for increased water resistance
– Roll-top closure with VELCRO® brand fastener and side-release Duraflex buckles
– Hi-Viz orange interior liner
– Three removable, 1 1/2” mounting straps with reflective stitching
– Waterproof cover in a zippered compartment at the base of the bag
– Four rows of MOLLE webbing for modular customization
– SBS zippers
– Shoulder strap included
– Holds up to eighty 12oz cans

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I’ve always opted for a tail bag, but a tank bag for several reasons. On the one hand, they look better. Two, I think, will give the driver more comfort in the field and at the gas station. Finally, they have become more versatile, adding additional luggage options for different types of travel.


When deciding which motorcycle tail bag size is best for you, first determine the expected load so you can choose the bag that best fits your motorcycle’s needs and carrying capacity. When fully loaded, a seat bag that is too large for your motorcycle can make it difficult to use or handle – especially if the bag is too large in a trunk or on motorcycles.


It’s easy to add, remove and carry.
They make it easy to access products.
The bag gets out of your way and does not prevent you from driving.
Bag for metal cover or metal chain.
The weight of the equipment is hung from the bike.
Different luggage bags are available to suit your needs.
Various tricks that suit your motorcycle are.


Bad people can easily be removed.
It’s easier for the wrong person to find your things.
Big pockets prevent interfering with your bike’s handling.
Overweight bags can crack luggage or a wheelbase.


It provides the features and conveniences you need.
It’s sized right.
You can add and separate them quickly and easily.
It does not interfere with you or your motorcycle.
Look Good for your motorbikes.