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Best Dainese Riding Jackets for All Type of Riders

Buying the right bike gear is just as important as buying a good motorcycle. Choosing the right motorcycle jacket for your needs can be a difficult process. It’s no secret that you buy the best security you can afford, but you can choose from many different types and models. How can you ensure that you are investing in the right product? Need a winter or summer motorcycle jacket? Do you want something thinner and roomier, or a handbag with better weather indicators? Best Dainese Riding Jackets

While there is no one-size-fits-all motorcycle jacket, there are plenty of stylish jackets to suit your needs and budget. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best motorcycle jackets we’ve seen, as well as jackets selected for different drivers and driving styles. This is our choice.

Top 10 Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets

List of Top Dainese Riding Jackets

1. Dainese Hekla Pro 20k Jacket
2.Dainese Racing 4 Perforated Jacket
3.Dainese Air Crono 2 Jacket
4.Dainese Energyca Air Jacket
5.Dainese Super Speed 4 Perforated Jacket
6.Dainese Tonale D-Dry Jacket
7.Dainese Carve Master 3 Gore-Tex Jacket

1. Dainese Hekla Pro 20k Jacket

Dainese Hekla Pro 20k Jacket
Dainese Hekla Pro 20k Jacket
Color options Black/Grey, Black/GreenPrice – $899

The Dainese Hekla Pro 20k jacket is a lightweight, 20,000 mm waterproof jacket with breathable skin. It is designed for long trips and on the road. The warmer can be removed and worn with a Polartec windproof jacket. Ventilation in the head and arm, chest, and back areas means the Hekla is suitable for use all year round. This adventure jacket is very comfortable and effective due to the presence of several large waterproof pockets, all of which can be accessed and used with one hand. Hekla guarantees maximum safety and protection with non-cutting edges and abrasion protection and Pro Armor Level 2 protection on the shoulders and elbows.


  • Jacket-pants fastening system
  • The neck, waist, and cuffs are adjustable
  • Vents and sleeves. Wind at your back
  • Nano breathable with silver ion treatment
  • Removable Polartec Power Air thermal lining, which can also be used separately
  • Pro-Armor protectors have EN 1621.1 Level 2 shoulder/knee protection certificate.
  • Pro-Armor 2 chest bag
  • G1 and G2 back protector bag
  • Ripstop fabric
  • ABSOLUTE HELL PRO 20K laminated leather
  • 1 outer pocket Reflective insert
  • Behind the belt to reduce the air gap

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2. Dainese Racing 4 Perforated Jacket

Dainese Racing 3 Perforated Jacket
Dainese most expensive racing jacket

With all the style and protection of Dainese’s most expensive racing jacket, the Racing 3 jacket has everything you need on the road or on the track. The shoulders are pressed together with competitive-quality Tutu cowhide and aluminum insoles, military-placed elastic insoles take protection and performance to the next level and provide a unique look for high-quality racing jackets. The flexible Racing 4 jacket delivers racing results for every trip.

The Dainese Racing 4 jacket is customized to differentiate it from the others. This jacket is made entirely of Tutu cowhide and the shoulders are made of injection-molded aluminum. Comfort and ergonomics are ensured with an ultra-durable cushion in strategic places where more freedom of movement is required while driving. The ventilation holes on the chest and the Nano Feel lining offer this jacket great breathability and comfort.


  • Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard
  • Co-injected shoulder with replaceable aluminum insert
  • Jacket certified to CE Category II – 89/686/EEC Directive
  • Thermoformed shoulder covered with Tutu leather
  • 2 outer pockets, Reflective inserts, Micro-elastic 2.0, Waist adjustment
  • Pocket for double chest protector
  • Pocket for G1 or G2 back protector
  • S1 bi-elastic fabric, Full leather collar
  • Jacket-trousers fastening system, Inserts in elasticated fabric

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3. Dainese Air Crono 2 Jacket

Dainese Air Crono 2 Jacket
Dainese Air Crono 2 Jacket review

Dainese Air Crono 2 Jacket

The Dainese Air Crono 2 jacket is a lightweight winter jacket with a breezy feel for warm rides on cold days. Advanced D-Synth 350 fabric ensures weight loss, and layered fabric panels allow cool air to circulate in hot weather. Adjustable arms and wrists provide complete control, while the long back provides total control, even if you’re carving curves in a racing position. This jacket doesn’t compromise on safety, with CE shoulder and elbow armor and a jacket-to-pants zip.


  • Removable composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard on elbows
  • Pocket for Double Chest protector
  • Pocket for G1 or G2 back protector
  • D-Synth 350 fabric
  • Mesh fabric inserts
  • Neck and sleeves adjustment
  • Waist and hips adjustment
  • Jacket-pants fastening system
  • External fabric with water-resistance treatment
  • Perforated fabric. Reflective inserts

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4. Dainese Energyca Air Jacket

Dainese Energyca Air Jacket
Dainese Energyca Air Jacket

Dainese Energyca Air Jacket

The Dainese Energyca Air Jacket is designed for short and medium-haul travel during the warm season and to offer highly ergonomic freedom of movement. hugging the lines of the body due to its highly resistant to abrasions Cordura Comfort stretch fabric construction. The Energy car jacket offers excellent versatility in terms of temperature management with its removable windproof lining. Remove it to cool the body using the large air mesh panels that are loose-knit on the front and tight-knit on the sides.


  • Removable Pro-Armor protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard on elbows
  • Removable Pro-Armor protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard on shoulders
  • Pocket for optional Pro-Armor Double Chest Protector
  • Pocket for G1 or G2 back protector

Ergonomics and Comfort:

  • Cordura comfort fabric
  • Mesh liner
  • Sport-cut collar
  • Waist and wrist adjustment

Other Features:

  • 2 outer pockets
  • Reflective insert

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5. Dainese Super Speed 4 Perforated Jacket

Dainese Super Speed 4 Perforated Jacket
Dainese Super Speed 4 Perforated Jacket

Dainese Super Speed 4 Perforated Jacket

The Dainese Super Speed ​​​​​​​​4 Perforated Jacket is the ultimate racing suit in terms of shape and structure. CE level 1 protection is standard on the elbows and shoulders, and the addition of aluminum plates improves performance. Crafted from soft D-Skin cowhide on the outside, the Nanofeel lining on the inside is treated with silver ions for anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties.

In other words, you can go hard and not smell when you’re done. And who doesn’t want that? The back of the Super Speed ​​4 Jacket is long, so all your stuff is covered. Pair the Super Speed ​​​​​​​​​​4 with a pair of leather pants for that versatile protection.


  • Replaceable aluminum plate on shoulder
  • Seamless aluminum plates on elbows
  • Thermoformed base shoulders
  • Ergonomics and Comfort:
  • D-skin cowhide leather
  • S1 bi-elastic fabric
  • 3D-Bubble fabric inserts
  • Air vents on the sides
  • Breathable Nanofeel liner with Silver ion treatment
  • Aerodynamic spoiler
  • Bi-axial elasticated inserts
  • Jacket-to-pants fastening system
  • Neck comfort construction
  • New high-performance bottom construction
  • Pocket for optional Double Chest protector
  • Pocket for optional G2 back protector
  • Integrated reflective inserts
  • Replaceable Slider System 2.0 elbow slider

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6. Dainese Tonale D-Dry Jacket

Dainese Tonale D-Dry riding  Jacket
Dainese Riding Jackets

The Dainese Riding Jackets Tonale D-Dry jacket uses waterproof leather covered with hard material to keep you warm and protected. This is the best way to cross the Tonale Pass at the end of the season. The heater removes heat storage material, and can be used as an endpoint, so you can keep warm without having a bulky shell. Climate change in key areas provides freedom of movement. The arms are equipped with CE-marked shoulder equipment, as well as ammo, which can be added at the back (both sold separately). The D-Stone material strengthens the impact area of ​​the knees and shoulders for increased protection. Contact a ventilation and air conditioning system for assistance with travel in hot weather.

The Dainese Tonale D-Dry jacket will keep you dry in the weather and protect you in a pinch. A heat exchanger that acts either as an internal material or as a stand-alone lining to keep you warm as soon as you get to your destination. The airway of the heart passes through the skin which prevents water from directing air to flow directly into the tail during travel in hot weather.


  • D-Dry XT Extend Fabric
  • Elasticated fabric
  • Neck, Waist, and Wrists adjustments
  • 1 cargo pocket on the back
  • 2 in 1 – Removable inner thermal jacket
  • 3 front outer pockets (2 waterproofs)
  • Laminated D-Dry XT Extend Technology
  • Pocket for G1 and G2 back protector
  • Pocket for Pro-armor chest 2 pcs
  • D-Stone™ fabric on high-impact areas
  • 2 direct-to-the-body vent zip on chest
  • Extraction direct-to-the-body vents zip on the back
  • Laminated D-Dry XT Membrane Waterproof 20.000mm
  • Removable thermal liner

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7. Dainese Carve Master 3 Gore-Tex Jacket

Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex Jacket
Dainese Riding Jackets

Performance, storage bags, and Dainese Carve Master 2 models have been taken to a new level. Dainese Carve Master 2 offers complete control over all weather conditions, as well as breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex leather, plenty of space and accessories, as well as anti-scratch and heating sound. The 3D-Stone insert offers excellent abrasion resistance in all necessary conditions, while Mugello material combines excellent comfort and unlimited driving ability. This allows you to keep your instincts open when the open door hits.

David Michaelangelos, a 40-year-old marble obstacle, asked other artists before taking a picture of a sculptor to do justice. The Italian Dainese games should create the perfect winter weather game from the Gore-Tex 3 season and be successful in cold weather conditions, without restrictions. The Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex jacket retains its sporty quality, and the performance should look like a Dainese spirit, but I do it well in winter, while you are intimidated. Best Dainese Riding Jackets always give you the best protection in all weather


  • 3D-Stone fabric, Mugello fabric
  • 3D-Stone fabric inserts on elbows
  • Drawstring adjustable jacket bottom
  • Jacket-trousers fastening system
  • Waist adjustment, Sleeves adjustment, Wrists adjustment
  • Air vents on chest and back, Air vents on sleeves
  • Breathable waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
  • External fabric with water-resistant treatment
  • Front Idraflap fastener, Removable thermal collar
  • Removable thermal liner, Reflective inserts
  • 1 cargo pocket on the back
  • 1 pocket on the thermal liner, 2 inner pockets
  • 2 waterproof front outer pockets, 4 outer pockets
  • Pocket for optional Double Chest protector
  • Pocket for optional G1 or G2 back protector

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