Alpinestars Sp-8 V3 Gloves Honest

Alpinestars Sp-8 V3 Gloves Honest Review

As a rider, I recently added new Alpinestars SP-8 V3 Hand Gloves to my riding kit. These Alpinestars gloves offer me a better grip, comfort, and confidence while driving my motorcycle. I find these gloves are well-designed and worthful to buy. 

These gloves offer CE Level 1 protection with comfortability. This has some notable upgrades over the previous model. Let’s discuss in detail about these gloves.

Alpinestars Sp-8 V3 Gloves
Alpinestars Sp-8 V3 Gloves black

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Alpinestars SP-8 V3 Gloves Specification

Before explaining in detail about the gloves, understand the quick specifications first. 

  • Manufacturer: Alpinestars
  • Material: Leather
  • Price (When Tested): $104.95
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Alternative models & colors: Black/Red Fluo, Black/Black.  Black/White/Bright Red, Black/White/Red Fluo
  • Suggested Users: Unisex
  • Sizes: S to 4XL

Build Quality and Materials

The build quality is decent to protect hands from falls or crashes. These gloves give me a premium feeling of synthetic and full-grain goat leather. The material looks quite comfortable from the inside also. 

On my knuckles, a premium plastic-coated protection is available to protect my hands. The company Alpinestars has stood out in providing quality riding gear for the last six decades.

You can also find a placement of microfiber and PU grip between the palm and thumb. The Arshield reinforcement on the palm slider adds an extra layer of protection. 

The ALPINESTARS SP-8 V3 Gloves prioritize a secure and personalized fit with a hook and loop cuff, wrist closure, and elasticized wrist design. 

On my fingers, the material is touchscreen-compatible which helps to operate your smartphone during riding. 

The company regularly upgrades its quality, comfort, material, and protection on every new launch. 

Comfort and fit

Because i ordered them online, I just purchased the size of my previous gloves. But what I found is that these gloves are a little bit tight from my previous gloves. 

I am not saying, they are not comfortable. I find that it is larger than my little finger. I wore them the first time when I went for a ride of 300 kilometers in Washington. Now, they feel a bit more comfortable in my hand and ready to go for the next ride. 

From the inside, the material is quite comfortable to move my finger. The pre-shaped, anatomical finger design and half inner/half outer external provide a natural and exceptional feel.

The hand gloves are also breathable and waterproof to ensure comfortability in different weather conditions.


Now, we have to look at its protection which is better than my previous gloves. These gloves offer a CE level 1 rating protection and comply with EN 13594:2015 safety standards. The company tested these gloves on six of the parameters.

This fusion guarantees to deliver exceptional durability and outstanding abrasion resistance for riders who demand the best.

We can also find an SP dual-density knuckle protector from any fall. The Arshield reinforcement on the palm slider adds an extra layer of protection. Another safety standard with the third and fourth finger bridge to protect finger separation in the event of a slide. 

The wrist closure can also fit based on the size of the hand. You can tighten it as you want.

The palm slider on these gloves is crafted from the Alpinestars’ ‘Arshield’ material which is a mix of high abrasion-resistant aramidic fiber and polyamide. Because during the slide, our palm is the first to put on the ground.


If I summarize Alpinestars SP-8 V3 Gloves review these gloves are decent in material and worthwhile at this price point. You can ensure good protection during your next ride. These gloves offer a CE Level 1 EN 13594:2015 or Level 1 KP safety standards. The small details of protection you can find on the gloves include material quality, abrasion resistance, knuckle protector, touchscreen compatibility, etc. It does not fit in my little fingers. These gloves are available in different colors that you can choose during purchase.


What are the cons of Alpinestar SP-8 V3 gloves?

There are a few negative points of these gloves like they do not properly fit in my fingers, the quality of the leather is just decent, and perforation could be better for summer riding. In a few countries, the price might be an issue.

Why did I choose Alpinester company?

The Alpinestars has been a trusted brand for the last six decades in the motorcycle industry. They continuously research and work hard to make their product top-notch. They are known for making top-notch riding wear. 

How do you stretch Alpinestars gloves?

This is really simple, you just have to soak the gloves in hot water for at least 10 minutes. You can wear them until they are completely dry. Also, when you regularly wear the gloves, they will automatically stretch as per your hand.

How can I buy these gloves?

There are many online platforms available online that offer these gloves at an affordable price. The most trusted website to buy like Revzilla.