Gloves Are Important for Riding

5 Reasons Why Gloves Are Important for Riding

Riding a motorcycle without wearing gloves is very important for your safety. Riding a motorcycle on an open road is a pure adventure but has some risks. Gloves are small things but they are important while riding. A hand glove does not just protect you from damage but also helps in various weather conditions.

From safety to style, they are important for your riding. But it is more important what type of motorcycle gloves you are choosing. In this blog, we will understand 6 solid reasons why wearing gloves during riding is important. What if you do not wear these gloves? 

Better grip during riding

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1. Safety of your hands and fingers

If I ask you can you ride a bike without our fingers? Your answer will be absolutely big no. Without proper protection, even a minor accident can lead to painful injuries. Motorcycle gloves act as your shield of hands against abrasions, cuts, weather conditions, and impact. 

They also provide you higher grip on your handlebar to control your bike safely. For better control and better safety, it is necessary to have some sort of protection for your hands.

2. Protection from Sun, Wind & Cold

It is important to have a clear understanding of the weather before going for a long adventure ride. The rain can make your grip slippery, the cold can freeze your hand, and the hot wind can make your riding uncomfortable. If the speed of your bike is more, you will face more air pressure. 

These motorcycle gloves provide full protection to your hand and fingers in all types of weather conditions including hot, wind, dust, rain, and cold.

3. Better grip during riding

The grip on the handlebar is important to control your bike more safely. The better your grip on the handlebar is, the better you control your bike. Many time our hand is wet or release sweat, which makes the grips more uncomfortable.

Choose a good-quality pair of gloves for a long ride that can absorb all of your sweat. Your gloves should be breathable to avoid sweat in a long ride. Comfortable gloves also help you to hold your bike handlebar for a long time. 

4. Reduces Numbness During Long Rides

When a motorcycle rider goes for a long ride then it can be cause of higher numbness in your hand. The numbness happens due to the vibration coming from the bike. If the vibration is coming for a long time it can cause of numbness. During short riding, You may not feel higher numbness in your hands. 

Hand gloves can reduce the effect of numbness during the ride. But it is important to choose gloves that are breathable, comfortable, and safer.

5. Comfortable and looks good

All the small things make big differences. When you wear gloves during riding, it increases the level of comfort and confidence in riders. The better your gloves are comfortable, the long you can ride. They also provide a good look in your hands. Your riding gloves should be made with good material and provides all types of support. 


Motorcycle gloves are essential gear while riding a bike for a long tour. Gloves help to make your riding journey more comfortable, and more enjoyable with proper safety. They help to protect your hands and finger from different weather conditions. It also provides better grip and more control over your bike. 

You can go with high-quality gloves that are made with good-quality material like lather. They should be breathable, comfortable, and secure. 


Can I wear any type of gloves and should I choose specialized motorcycle gloves?

I recommend you choose only riding gloves that are specially made for riding. Any type of gloves does not provide enough safety during riding. Specialized motorcycle gloves are designed with features like reinforced knuckles, durable materials, proper ventilation, and comfortable during riding. 

What should I consider when buying motorcycle gloves?

As a rider, safety is an essential thing to consider while riding. Your gloves should be made with high-quality material. They should be comfortable in wearing, provide proper ventilation, and have adequate padding. They are designed for the type of riding you do including cruising, sport, and adventure.

Are gloves really necessary for short rides?

Gloves are necessary if you ride your bike at high speed. As we know, safety is most important to make a ride. For short rides, they might feel less convenient and not be useful. It is essential to wear them even for brief trips.

Do gloves helps to improve the riding experience?

Yes, gloves contribute to a safer and more enjoyable ride. When your hands are well-protected and comfortable, it provides more confidence during riding. Comfortable gloves lead to a more relaxed and satisfying ride.