Essential Upgrades In Adventure Bike

Top 6 Essential Upgrades In Adventure Bike

Adventure Bike are the most loved bikes in the current market. These types of motorcycles are the most loved by people because of their speed, style, look, thrill, and adventure. They are the best fit for every type of riding including long rides, off-rides, high-speed, adventure, and other activities. 

Every time these bike companies try to provide a better riding experience, better comfort, and better safety. They always upgrade and come with new features in every new bike. But there are the top 6 essential upgrades that you can do in new adventure bikes.

Upgrades In Adventure Bike

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Exploring 6 new Upgrades

These upgrades help to improve your riding experience. Let’s find out

1. More Storage with Luggage

The adventure bikes now come with more storage capacity that helps to keep all your necessary gear, clothing, and tools during riding. We can add this luggage accessory to the back of your bike. When the luggage is properly installed on your bike, it helps to facilitate weight distribution, maintain bike stability, and control over challenging landscapes. 

You can attach and dispatch them easily from your bike. They are leakage-proof, strong, and convenient for all types of riding. 

2. GPS and Navigation

If you go to an unknown long destination, you require proper navigation equipment like GPS devices or phone mounts with chargers. This navigation tool provides route guidance, real-time updates on traffic, destination, time to reach, weather updates, and safety. This navigation tool helps riders to make informed decisions, improve confidence, avoid long routes, and stay connected. 

3. Suspension Enhancement

A rider can face many problems due to improper bike suspension including causing discomfort, compromised handling, and safety concerns on rough trails. A proper bike suspension can be completely adjustable by riders as per their comfort, weight, and roads. 

New adventure motorbikes come with adjustable bike suspension to absorb the complete shock during the bike. As a rider, you can also install it on your bike.

4. Better Lighting

Riders ride their bike on every type of route. Many times they ride in nights, tunnels, and low visibility places. The new upgraded lights provide wide-angle visibility on roads. The proper lighting on bikes helps to prevent possible accidents like on trails where the lights are very low. These modifications in lights need to follow all governing rules and regulations. You need to ensure the complete protection of other roadside people.

5. Upgrade in Tires 

The tires play a most important role in all your riding journey. Both tires should be installed on your bike properly as per your riding style. They provide many benefits like proper grip on roads, control of the bike, higher speed, limited fuel consumption, and more. 

It is always recommended to go with a premium tire to get higher performance, durability, safety, and stability. This also improves the confidence of the rider during riding. 

6. Stronger Brakes 

A strong brake provides more safety and control over the bike. You can make upgrades like advanced brake pads and steel-braided lines in your bike. Premium brake pads always offer higher stopping power, durability, reliability, longevity, and better performance. 

The implementation of steel-braided brake lines offers an immediate improvement in fluid transfer. Choose a higher quality brake to ensure reliability, better confidence, more safety, less stopping distance, and others.


These are a few upgrades that you do in your adventure bike. These features help to improve your riding experience. They ensure more comfort and safety during riding. With the luggage option, you can keep all important gear, clothes, and other items with you. Always keep in mind, that you should go with premium upgrades. They are more durable, stable, safe, and long-term. You can modify your bike, but keep in mind to follow all traffic rules and regulations. 


Can I install these upgrades myself, or do I need professional help?

In many cases, you need to hire a professional for proper installation. Some upgrades like phone mounts are relatively straightforward to install. But other upgrades like luggage, suspension, lights, and brakes required technical expertise. It is advisable to consult with a professional before adding any feature. 

Do these upgrades affect the bike’s warranty?

Some upgrades might impact the manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to check your warranty terms and consult with your dealer before making significant modifications to your adventure bike.

Are there any maintenance considerations for these upgraded components?

There are some upgraded components like suspension systems and brakes that require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. But other things required replacement after a certain period. It is a good idea to understand the maintenance requirements and intervals for each upgrade. 

How to confirm compliance with local regulations when upgrading lights and other components?

To avoid legal issues, you need to follow all traffic rules and regulations when upgrading lights. You can consult local authorities to know about legal compliance.