Motorcycle Routes in Washington

Most Favorite Motorcycle Routes in Washington

Riding on Washington roads is one of the favorite rides for most people including me. Washington is a great place with nature, beauty, valleys, lakes, and mountains. These motorcycle routes in Washington offer you a stunning view of beautiful nature. Some beautiful mountains include the Pacific Coast, Mount Adams, Old Rag Mountain, Mount Rainier, and Sugarloaf Mountain. 

But there are many roads available to reach your destination Washington. Check out these motorcycle routes that we found most interesting. 

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1. Spirit Lake Highway

Spirit Lake Highway

Spirit Lake Highway is a 53-mile road in Washington and riding on it is like going on a really cool adventure. You get to see the aftermath of a big volcano explosion in 1980. This road journey will take you through green forests, Spirit Lake, and the big volcano. 

This is the journey where you will see how nature bounces back after something tough. There are lots of twists and turns you can see that offer you a thrilling experience and beautiful nature around you. 

2. Shelton to Miller Peninsula 

This ride from Shelton to Miller Peninsula covers near about 80 miles that discover the beauty of Washington. You will go from quiet Oakland Bay to the green Sherwood Creek Road. On Highway 101, you will see amazing views of Hood Canal Bridge, thick forests, and peeks of the Olympic Mountains. Finally, reach Miller Peninsula for a peaceful escape. 

This short ride of 1.5 hours gives you a mix of water scenes, forest charm, and the wonderful nature of the Pacific Northwest. 

3. North Cascades Highway

North cascades highway

The Cascade Highway in Washington offers a distance of about 172 miles. This Washington bike trails offers you a majestic view of mountains, lush forests, glaciers, and charming small towns. This riding journey will take you into North Cascades National Park, treating you to emerald lakes and snow-capped peaks. This ride is perfect for people who enjoy the freedom of the open road and breathtaking nature.  

4. Rattlesnake Pass

This rattlesnake pass is nearly 41 miles and offers an exhilarating motorcycle ride in Washington. This rattlesnake highway is free from heavy traffic and follows the Snake River through dry and hilly landscapes. This route offers an amazing view of the Grande Ronde River Canyon and numerous tight curves along steep valley walls. This pass promises riders not just a road but a memorable adventure through the natural beauty of Washington.

5. Vancouver to Maryhill

Riding from Vancouver to Maryhill on Highway 14 is a must for anyone who wants to explore southern Washington. This road starts from north of Portland, OR, and follows the Columbia River. The road journey is unique as you see the scenery change from lush forests to a desert-like basalt canyon.

The road is a mix of smooth stretches and winding curves. You can stop at Cape Horn for stunning views of the Columbia River. 

6. Yakima to Naches Peak  

Take a beautiful ride from Yakima to Naches Peak that covers about 64 miles of stunning scenery. Your motorcycle adventure starts from Yakima, the route will take you through charming landscapes, a scenic tunnel under Seymour Peak, and dense mountain forests. 

You get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and have a great time cruising through the mountains of Washington. Naches Peak is particularly captivating for its alpine meadows and the iconic Pacific Crest Trail. 

7. Randle to Spirit Lake 

Randle to Spirit Lake 

Get ready for an exciting adventure on this motorcycle route from Randle to Spirit Lake in Washington which offers approx 33 miles of distance.  This route is an alternative way to reach Mt St. Helens Volcanic Monument. Starting in Randle, WA near Route 12, this motorcycle journey takes you to the Windy Ridge Viewpoint.

This route will offer you stunning views while riding through winding roads at high altitudes


Washington is a great area with a diverse range of natural beauty. You can explore this beauty, stunning views, and natural environment from these Motorcycle Routes in Washington. These all routes are well-maintained and offer you a great riding experience. No matter which route you are choosing, they all offer you a unique experience. 


Are these motorcycle routes suitable for all skill levels?

These motorcycle routes cater to a variety of skill levels that offer both smooth stretches for beginners and challenging curves for more experienced riders. It’s advisable for riders to assess their own skill levels and choose routes that align with their comfort and expertise.

Are there any amenities or rest stops along these routes?

Along these routes, you’ll find convenient amenities such as gas stations, eateries, and rest stops to ensure a comfortable journey. While planning your ride, be mindful of these points for necessary breaks and refreshments.

What is the best time of the year to ride these routes?

The best time to embark on these rides is during the late spring to early fall when weather conditions are generally favorable. However, it is recommended to check local weather forecasts and road conditions to avoid any seasonal changes on the route.

Do I need any permits or passes to ride through national parks or specific areas?

Depending on the route, you may need permits or passes when you are passing through national parks or specific areas. Make sure to check your document early to make your journey smooth and compliant with regulations.

What are some alternative attractions or side trips along these routes?

You can consider exploring alternative attractions and side trips along with the ride. There are additional points of interest, viewpoints, and cultural sites that provide a more comprehensive experience during your motorcycle adventure.