Riding Suits to Consider in 2024

Top 3 Riding Suits to Consider in 2024

Looking for a riding suit is important for the protection of riders from falls or accidents. A rider can’t compromise the quality of the riding suit. This will offer them a high level of protection from every crash, accident, and fall. Today we are writing a detailed review of the top 10 riding suits to buy in 2024.

We are writing this because there are many riding suits available in the market. But we do not know which one to buy. Here, we make it simple for you by combining the top 10 riding suits from the industry. Now you only have 3 options to choose one as per your budget.

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All of these suits are designed for riding, capable of handling crashes, and sustainable for the longer term.

Our Methodology for Choosing Riding Suits

We follow a simple checklist to filter the best riding suits. A suit needs to qualify all the things to add to this list. We regularly upgrade this list with the latest riding suits. 

  • We ensure the suit is comfortable and fits in different weather conditions. They should be good at ventilation systems, size adjustability, and size availability.
  • The material quality at different places including joints, hands, thighs, and others. They should protect a rider from every crash. 
  • The style and Aesthetics is also an important point to consider. They should be available in different designs, offer great visual appeal, and be customizable.
  • We also check reviews of other users other users about the product. What good do they find out in the suit and what is wrong here?
  • We also check its CE certificate to make sure of its safety standards. CE protection certificate helps to meet the EU’s rigorous safety standards.

Types of Motorcycle Riding Suits

There are mainly two types of motorcycle riding suits available including one-piece and two-piece. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

One-piece Riding Suits:

The one-piece riding suit is full-body armor for motorcyclists. This is the most preferred option for racing bikers because of its protection and aerodynamic features. These suits cover the entire body in a single piece without giving the chance of any damage to your body.

Casual riders can also wear this suit. But this suit comes with a big problem which is difficulty to wear and take off. This suit offers you a better riding high-speed riding experience.

Two-piece Riding Suits

This is the most common and comfortable suit for every rider. They are offering a bit more flexibility to riders who appreciate versatility. Here, you have to wear jackets and pants separately.

They offer the approximately same level of protection as one-piece suits but allow for individual customization. This flexibility is especially useful for street riding.

No matter which riding suit you are choosing, the most important to ensure flexibility, protection, and convenience.

Top Motorcycle Suit to Consider in 2024

Here, we are discussing only a few of the suits that we found best.

Klim Badlands Pro A3

The 2023 version of Klim Badlands Pro A3 is one of the best suits that come with all the features you require. I found this riding suit for one of my riding friends, he has been using this for the last 8 or 9 months.

Klim Badlands Pro A3 riding suits

We are mountain riders and this suit offers features including easy to wear, CE level 2 protection, flexibility, proper ventilation, etc. The suit material is GORE-TEX textile which received a CE AAA rating certified to EN17092-2.

Klim has been a renowned motorcycle gear manufacturing company for the last few decades.

The pros

  • Exceptional durability against abrasion (CE AAA-rated) 
  • Excellent impact protection and shock absorber
  • Guaranteed crash damage replacement
  • Waterproof, dustproof, & Versatile
  • Plenty of storage (16 pockets)
  • Roomy, adjustable fit
  • Very comfortable

The Cons

  • Too-Expensive
  • Heavier

The suit is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Alpinester Fusion 1-piece Lather suit

The other riding suit is from Alpinester with the highest rating in protection, comfort, and durability. This Fusion Leather Suit is Tech-Air® 5 ready to offer an extreme level of comfort, superior freedom of movement, and a high level of ventilation.

Alpinester Fusion 1-piece Lather riding suits
Alpinester Fusion 1-piece riding suits

So, you’ve got these robust MATRYX panels flanking the zipper on both sides. And, you know that comfy RIDEKNIT material? Well, it’s the one linking that zipper to the leather that doesn’t stretch. We can say this is a perfect combo of toughness and flexibility.


  • Exceptional comfort & breathability.
  • Comfortable and Ventilation
  • Quick break-in for immediate comfort.
  • Excellent protection at impact points
  • Compatible with Nucleon Back Protector
  • Knitted collar to prevent chafing


  • Not ideal for walking around
  • Excessive airflow on cool days
  • Limited compatibility with Tech-Air 10
  • Higher price point

Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Estiva Professional

This Dainese motorcycle suit is another best riding suits ever. You will find this suit comes with great comfort, durability, and versatility on the track or road. The Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Estiva offers high-end protection and is certified to CE – Cat. II – 89/686/EEC Directive. There is CE level 1 protection at joints and hips.

Dainese has been an Italian motorcycle gear product provider since 1972. Over the years, the company has spearheaded various safety innovations in the motorcycle industry.

Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Estiva
Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Estiva

The pros and cons I found in this suit


  • Durable Material
  • Excellent airflow throughout the jacket
  • Professional-level protections on key areas.
  • Floating sport design in shoulders.
  • Fully removable, washable inner suit.
  • Predisposition for hydration kit.


  • Limited pricing information.
  • Specific focus on track suitability.
  • Potential lack of all-weather adaptability.

You can find this jacket at RevZilla for only $1599.


There are many more riding suits available to consider. Here, I list down only 3 of the riding suits from different brands. These suits offer greater flexibility, the best comfort, improved ventilation, and durability. Personally, Kilm’s suit is one of my favorite suits with all the features I want. This is just a little bit more expensive than others.


is temperature control important to look at?

Yes, temperature control is crucial when choosing a motorcycle suit. The climate and the duration of your rides play a significant role. In hot weather, prioritize suits with effective vents for breathability. Your suit should have proper ventilation, zips, and pockets. Understanding your riding environment is important to keep you comfortable across diverse temperature ranges.

Which brand do I have to choose for riding gear?

Choosing a riding gear brand depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Several reputable brands are known for producing high-quality motorcycle gear. Some riding gear brands include Dainese, Alpinestars, REV’IT, Klim, AGV, Rukka, etc.

Which material is best for riding suits?

The material choice for riding suits depends on your riding style and climate. High-quality leather materials are one of the best riding materials for excellent abrasion resistance and durability. Some textile materials like Cordura or Gore-Tex are another option to consider. The combination of both materials is a great choice for riders.