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The 12 Best Motorcycle Backpacks for Riders

Riding a Motorcycle is a different thrill than others. Even though the car is more fun, safe and reliable, this bike feels like a breeze on your face, a breath of fresh air as it moves through the streets and cities. However, the bike is left behind when you carry your luggage. Of course, you can install a saddlebag or a soft luggage bag. But nothing can match motorcycle backpacks if you want to travel light and still have everything you need.

Whether you’re riding your motorcycle to work or across the country, you’ll need a nice backpack to carry all of your personal belongings safely and comfortably. Motorcycle backpacks are intended to keep minor personal things accessible while protecting necessary riding devices.

The 12 Best Motorcycle Backpacks for Riders

Apart from the color and size of the bag, there are many more factors to be considered for motorcycle backpacks if you wish to rope in the best motorcycle backpacks. If you are wondering what these factors are, this guide will give you a clear idea of ​​the same.

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Why We Need A Motorcycle Backpack?

Backpacks for motorcycles are quite expensive compared to other backpacks. This is due to the features it includes. You may be wondering why you should tie an expensive motorcycle backpack when you can get a regular backpack that costs half the same as a motorcycle backpack and is still useful.

motocross backpacks are designed to meet the rider’s needs and perform jobs effectively. The backpack offers the most comfort when riding a motorcycle and is engineered to withstand extreme conditions. This does not apply to a regular bag. Conventional backpacks may not be water-resistant. So you will have to constantly change the bag if you use it every day.

Apart from the comfort factor, the shape and size also depend on the big problem. You don’t need a shabby bag, just lie on your back. If you are often a motorcyclist, you should carry a backpack of a high-end brand known for this high-quality backpack.

Choosing the best motorbike backpack, on the other hand, is a difficult task. So, when selecting the best motorbike backpack, there are several things to consider. Then, we’ll show you how to pick the best motorcycle backpack for you, one that complements your riding style and satisfies your needs. So, please continue to read our blog about the 15 best motorcycle backpacks.

List of 12 Best Motorcycle Backpacks (2021)

1.Klim Nac Pak Hydrapak Backpack
2.OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack
3.Point 65 – Boblbee GTX Backpack
4.Alpinestars Marauder Backpack
5.Dainese D-Mach Compact Backpack
6.Alpinestars Rover Overland Backpack
7.Biltwell EXFIL Backpack
8.Merlin Ashby Waxed Cotton Rucksack
9.Dainese D-Elements Backpack
10.Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack
11.BMW Large Backpack
12.Nelson Rigg Hurricane Waterproof Backpack 

1. Klim Nac Pak Hydrapak Backpack

Klim Nac Pak Hydrapak Backpack
Klim Nac Pak Hydrapak Backpack

Colour: Black | Capacity: 25L

The Klim Nac Pak Hydrapak Shape-Shift Bag is a medium-sized bag that is perfect for day trips that can be done at night. Many Nac backpack bring your small laptop to the medium and the widgets. In addition, a 3-liter Hydrapak Shape-Shift Bladder keeps you hydrated. The bladder is reversible so you do not have to worry about gun and gun development in Hydrapak.

The Shape-Shift top opens wide, making it easy to print. Then slip your lips down on it and slide the clip over it to prevent water from getting out. The Klim Hydrapak Shape-Shift can also be frozen, so you can get a cool drink at hot temperatures. Do you need something warmer these cold days? Shape-Shift can withstand liquids up to 140 ° F.

Features of Klim Krew Pak:-

  • A waterproof tool kit that can be removed
  • Exterior shovel and research storage
  • Pretty big for small/medium-sized laptops
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective material
  • Bracelets inspired by competition fit into the sternum and side straps (without hip belt)
  • The back is molded and ventilated
  • Unique glove-friendly zippers
  • Glass mass molded into glasses
  • Compression belts
  • Emergency whistle
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Internal control panel with keyring
  • Horizontal attachment for tool bag
  • Hydrapak 3 liter bladder included
  • YKK heavy zippers

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2. OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack - biker backpack
OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

Colour: Stealth Black, Reflective Silver, Night Camo, Special Ops

Capacity: 22L

Ogio Mach 5 motorcycle backpacks – the most modern aerodynamic backpack from Ogio. This backpack has features such as a shoebox, helmet strap, and an electronic case covered with fleece, which is in good shape to withstand bearing down. The Ogio no drag Mach 5 backpack can be easily extended with a u-shaped zipper. This motocross backpack features an Aerodynamic molded exterior design for the unmatched “airflow” to reduce driving drag. This backpack comes in the “hardshell motorcycle backpack” list.

Features of OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack:-

  • Weather-resistant molded exterior shell with molded graphic design
  • iPad tablet protective compartment
  • Fleece-lined smartphone and personal electronics protective pockets
  • Helmet visor padded protective compartment
  • Shoe storage dedicated compartment
  • Expansion zippered gusset to increase main compartment capacity
  • Ergonomic and deluxe padded back panel for ultimate comfort
  • Body conforming shoulder gasket for increased comfort and fit
  • Reflective safety piping and logo for 360-degree visibility
  • Concealed aerodynamic carry handle

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3. Point 65 – Boblbee GTX 20L Backpack

Colour: Phantom, Cobalt, Diablo, Lava, Spitfire

Capacity: 20L

The Boblbee 20L point 65 shells and harness are designed to minimize the force applied to the user’s back area and transfer energy from the center of the back. By distributing the force from the point of impact over the maximum possible area, the hard shell motorcycle backpack creates a damping zone in response to the body’s influence over a long distance. Energy – extra travel time helps reduce shock waves.

The Boblbee Point 65 package not only protects the back but is also safe for equipment and electronics. Laptops, tablets, cameras, and other valuables are safe in your Point 65 Backpack. This pack can survive the worst bumps, and your worst malfunction cycles, and can even withstand the hit of a small car, making the likelihood that your laptop will stay intact much greater than any other backpack.

Features of Point 65 – Boblbee GTX 20L Backpack:-

  • Ultimate protector for spine and pack contents
  • CE Level 2 back protection
  • High impact ABS shell
  • Ergonomic ventilated foam back panel
  • Aerodynamic dome top cover
  • Waist belt attachment 
  • Stabilizing hip padding
  • Detachable phone pocket
  • Water-resistant

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4. Alpinestars Marauder Backpack

Alpinestars Marauder Backpack - alpinestars backpack

Colour: Black/Green | Capacity: 25L

The Alpinestars marauder backpack is perfect for holding your prey from recent muggings and robberies. The 25 liter capacity with many outer pockets makes it easy to store sheepskin, spices, and various gemstones. Its full space houses a 15-inch laptop with fleece protection, so it’s easy to sell pirated prey on eBay when you return to port.

The integrated helmet carrying case and rain protection are motorcycle-specific features that pirates may not use, but the ergonomic back cover with ventilation provides comfort for everyone. Multi-material outer shell for lightweight 420d nylon / 420d ripstop nylon to reinforce the bottom part.

Features of Alpinestars Marauder Backpack:-

  • Computer compartment with full-length zip featuring 15″ laptop protective fleece sleeve
  • A rain cover is stored in its pocket in the main compartment
  • YKK semi auto-locking zippers for a secure closure
  • Helmet carrying system: built-in helmet carrier

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5. Dainese D-Mach Compact Backpack

Dainese D-Mach Compact Backpack - waterproof motorcycle backpack
Dainese D-Mach Compact Backpack

Colour: Black | Capacity: 39L

The Dainese d-mach compact backpack is the best choice for road trips or for outdoor activities where you need the comfort of carrying things safely. These Dainese top motorcycle backpacks are designed with a pure body and polyester fabric for outstanding durability and water resistance. The shoulder and chest straps are fully adjustable and the back is made of soft breathable panels.

This includes a long main compartment and a compartment with special pads for a 13-inch laptop. You can easily get items thanks to the zipper. These motorcycle backpacks have a 360-degree reflection for greater road safety. This is a hardshell motorcycle backpack.

Features of Dainese D-Mach Compact Backpack:-

  • 360-degree retro-reflective safety piping and logo
  • EVA molded front panels for a more aerodynamic profile
  • Fully adjustable shoulder harness and sternum strap for a great fit
  • Large main compartment
  • Padded airflow back panel
  • The padded laptop compartment fits most 13” laptops
  • Zipper fasteners eliminate chatter and provide added security

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6. Alpinestars Rover Overland Backpack

Alpinestars Rover Overland Backpack - motorcycle helmet backpack

Colour: Black, Red | Capacity: 39L

With a total capacity of 39 liters, the Alpinestars rover overland backpack is completely ready for all adventures. The rover overland has a 25-liter main compartment with a removable waterproof lining and roll cover. The rest of the storage bag is waterproof with a closed zipper for a perfect match. The hydraulic system can be installed in two different places – or used both for maximum water resistance.

A powerful restraint system keeps large loads safe and comfortable for riders. Fasteners and mounting points are plentiful so you can pack or add accessories to the exterior of the overland rover. 25 liters of the waterproof lining can even be attached on the outside and gives an extra 25 liters for extra gear.

Features of Alpinestars Rover Overland Backpack:-

  • Waterproofing: roll top 25-liter main compartment with a removable waterproof liner
  • Adjustable harness system for improved fit and load stability
  • 2 hydration bladder pockets, intern and external via mesh pocket, both with hose routing options
  • 14-liter compressible front compartment
  • Compact profile when empty
  • Laptop pocket and organizer in the front compartment 
  • Straps finished with easy pull ends and tie-down loops

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7. Biltwell EXFIL 48 Backpack

Biltwell EXFIL 48 is best Backpack long tour riders - motocross backpack
Biltwell EXFIL 48 Backpack

Colour: Black | Capacity: 34L

This backpack is designed by the riders for the riders, this bag is packed with a range of movements including 2 large external pockets with special tools, hardware, and extra storage space. It also has two deep pockets that are perfect for storing items such as fuel or water bottles, With two outer zippers, these are accessed separately, while the main compartment is a full zippered one.

At the back of the main compartment is a soft movable box with elastic brackets. The middle compression strap is pressed down and the strap can rotate and climb together around the back of the bag to attach it to the sissy bar. Additional outer straps help secure the bag to your machine and can be used to add a bedroll or riding jacket to the back of the bag.

Features of Biltwell EXFIL 48 Backpack:-

  • UV Treated 1680 ballistic polyester
  • PVC backed for increased water resistance
  • Hi-Viz orange interior liner
  • Rows of MOLLE webbing for modular customization
  • SBS zippers
  • Holds up to forty-eight 12oz cans

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8. Merlin Ashby Waxed Cotton Rucksack

top 5 Motorcycle backpack - Merlin Ashby Waxed Cotton Rucksack
Merlin Ashby Waxed Cotton Rucksack

Colour: Black | Capacity: 30L

The medium-sized merlin Ashby package has a main compartment with buckles and many smaller outer pockets for attaching more. The chassis is mainly made of strong Scottish wax cotton, but the bottom and back are made of ballistic nylon for extra durability. Top bovine leather straps and antique copper fittings deliver a timeless style while serving to stand the test of time. Detachable waist strap with adjustment with discreet storage pocket. Marton mills tartan lining for the underside of the pocket flap.

Features of Merlin Ashby Waxed Cotton Rucksack:-

  • Ballistic nylon reinforced back and base panels
  • Padded back section with cross-stitch detailing
  • Padded shoulder straps offering excellent comfort and fit
  • Drawcord main pocket fastening. Three webbed grab/clip-on handles
  • Adjustable/removable sternum strap
  • Antique brass closure buckles, Cushioned base
  • Marton Mills tartan lining to the underside of the pocket flap
  • Marton Mills tartan lining panels
  • Laptop sleeve, slip pocket, and mesh pockets

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9. Dainese D-Throttle Backpack

. Dainese D-Throttle Backpack

Colour: Stealth Black | Capacity: 28L

With just 28 liters, the Dainese D-Throttle backpack is the ideal size for most travelers and trainers who are looking for essential everyday items with a vengeance. Necessities such as access to the outside of the padded laptop case, waterproof umbrella, and bags in different sizes provide quality and protection for electronic and practical use. The sternum strap has two ways that make the Dainese D-Throttle backpack comfortable to ride in an upright or upright position.

A reliable bag for everyday use, the Dainese D-Throttle has many pockets for small items and electronics. The design provides access to the exterior and upholstery, which is suspended above. The bed has been made waterproof.

Features of Dainese D-Throttle Backpack:

External access hanging padded computer sleeve with water-resistant rain hood
2 external side pockets for a beverage or small items
2-way adjustable sternum strap
1 large front pocket
1 fleece-lined electronics pocket
2 internal organization pockets

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10. Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack

small riding bag Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack - hard shell motorcycle backpack

Colour: Black | Capacity: 26L

The Alpinestars Tech Aero backpack is designed from the ground up and meets the specific needs of motorcyclists and features a Bio Armor back pocket, a hidden helmet compartment, a short sternum storage compartment, an integrated blanket, and has Expandable if you need a little more space. The Tech Aero bag, perfect for weekend trips and warriors, offers wearers simple, convenient, and comfortable everyday wear. Fully expanded from 16 liters to 26 liters.

Features of Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack:-

  • Waterproofing: includes rain cover
  • Fully expandable from 16L to 26L
  • Water-resistant fleece-lined audio pocket with headphone exit port
  • Heavy-duty reinforcements. Internal organizer pockets
  • Sternum Map panel holder. Built-in rain cover
  • Internal laptop sleeve which fits most 15” laptop computers
  • Internal sleeve for Bio Armor Back Insert application
  • Helmet carrying system: hidden helmet carrier

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11. Kriega Trail18 Adventure Backpack

Kriega Trail18 Adventure Backpacks
Kriega Trail18 Adventure Backpacks

Colour: Black/Orange/Lime| Capacity: 18L

The Kriega Trail18 Adventure backpack is designed for ADV riders who need equipment and maintenance. Plenty of storage space allows you to use your tools, dry, and balance so you can keep drilling from track to track.

The main unit uses the ventilator space to ensure that the contents remain intact no matter what the wind passes through. The 7-liter rear compartment has a long handle for easy access to what you need. Use this section to take a 3.75L water bottle to quench your thirst on the go. There’s also a small pocket inside with no water for your wallet or cell phone zipper section, you don’t have to worry about the top of the roll to get that. needs. With a 12 -liter waterproof container, your precious box remains. The outer mesh of the Hypalon carries moisture so you can dry it quickly.

Features of Kriega Trail18 Adventure Backpack:-

  • Ultra-durable 420D Cordura Lite Plus and Hypalon construction
  • Air-mesh back panel for rider comfort
  • YKK heavy-duty zippers throughout
  • 100% waterproof 11-liter main pack body
  • 7-liter heavy-duty zip access compartment
  • 100% waterproof 1-liter internal pocket
  • Internal zip pocket with key clip
  • External Hypalon net with elastic cord adds useful extra storage
  • Removable waist strap for extra pack stability when riding
  • Reflective panels on the harness give added visibility
  • Harness pocket compatible
  • Semi-rigid carry handle

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12. Nelson Rigg Hurricane Waterproof Backpack 

Nelson Rigg 40L Hurricane Waterproof riding Backpack  -backpack for motorcycle riders

Colour: Black/Grey | Capacity: 40L

During short trips backpack mode. Do you go on the weekend? Throw the hurricane in the back of the bike with the strap and go. The Hurricane SE-3040 bundled waterproof bag is ready for both missions.

Nelson Rigg’s Stone Storm looks a bit more complicated than a regular backpack. This is because. This roll pocket comes with a full MOLLE fabric and multiple attachment points for attaching to the back of your bike. The bag has an air filter valve so you don’t have to keep air trapped when creating waterproof backing or using compression belts. A pair of leather bags (sold separately) for 1L fuel, water, or Brawndo fuel tanks. Wrap the storm around your back and tie it with a belt and harness, or tie it to the back of your bike and go for a walk.

Features of Nelson Rigg Hurricane Waterproof Backpack:-

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% waterproof, all seams are electronically heat welded
  • Made from durable UV Coated 24oz Tarpaulin PVC
  • The watertight roll closure with quick-release buckles
  • Extra-large buckle ensures the roll stays closed in all environments
  • One-way waterproof purge valve makes for compression easy
  • Reflective webbing and external bungee storage system
  • Inner sleeve to hold most folders, notebooks, tablets, and up to 15″ laptops
  • Backpack straps are 3-way adjustable and padded for comfort
  • Padded back panel with airflow system
  • Includes 2 pairs of centrally buckling straps for tail bag use

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A decent motorcycle backpack provides ventilation and weather protection while riding, making it a pleasurable experience. They have the same hefty appearance as ordinary backpacks, but they include an organized panel that makes packing a breeze. You can wear it on your shoulders and ride at high speeds since it has no drag, unlike everyday backpacks. Because motorcycle backpacks are made to distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, back, and hips, you won’t feel the strain in one place.