12 Best Motorcycle Saddlebags in 2022 

Do you frequently travel by Motorcycle and find that the main challenge you have on the road is a lack of storage space? After that, you’ll need to purchase more luggage, such as a saddlebag. Yes, a dedicated motorcycle backpack will suffice in most instances, sufficient for a short journey. Going on a long, multi-day trip, on the other hand, need some more storage capacity. Try this Best Motorcycle Saddlebags for easy manage your clothes, tools, gadgets and all.

On a motorbike, you have a few alternatives for storing your belongings. A tank bag and a tail bag may be mounted. However, these are small-capacity motorcycle baggage options. They’re ideal for tool kits and light electronics, but not so much for food and clothing. Wearing a large-capacity backpack is another option. The largest motorbike backpacks can hold up to 40 liters of gear, but they are pretty heavy and uncomfortable to wear. As a result, it is advised that you utilize motorcycle saddlebags.

In this blog, I’ll go over the Top 12 best motorcycle saddlebags in 2022 that you can buy. In addition, I’ll go over all of the different varieties of motorcycle saddlebags and the key reasons why these bags might be an excellent investment for you.

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List of Top Best Motorcycle Saddlebags

  1. Sedici 20L Dry Bag Saddlebags
  2. DrySpec D20 Drybag Saddle Bags
  3. Oxford P50R Saddlebags
  4. Giant Loop Mototrekk Saddlebags
  5. SW-MOTECH Legend Saddlebags
  6. Tour Master Nylon Cruiser 4.0 Slant Saddlebags
  7. Kuryakyn Momentum Outrider Saddlebags
  8. Givi GRT718 Gravel-T Waterproof 15L Side Bags
  9. AltRider Hemisphere Soft Panniers
  10. Nelson Rigg Road Trip Saddlebags
  11. Biltwell Exfil-18 Saddlebags
  12. Biltwell Exfil-36 Saddlebags

1. Sedici 20L Dry Bag Saddlebags

Sedici Best Motorcycle Saddlebags
Sedici 20L Dry Bag Saddlebags

The first Sedici Dry Bag fits a variety of styles and is packed with a rider-focused look! The high volume reels and double tapaulin 500D with Sonic HF coating keep your engine dry. Light gray interior for better visibility at the bottom of the bag and air valve allows three times fast application making packing easier. The MOLLE outer loop, D-ring pocket and pouch and built-in extension strap allow you to handle a variety of options.


  • Double waterproof tarpaulin keeps teeth dry with high-frequency welded soundproof seams
  • Three-cylinder valve with quick-release air valve for easy closing and quick buckles on all sides
  • Two-level military specification for the MOLLE fabric system, permanently attached to the front to protect the 5 or 10 liter accessory kit
  • Double adjustable nylon strap for fastening under the seat
  • Light gray furniture for better visibility at the bottom of the bag
  • Nylon handle with easy to carry bike
  • Lots of heavy D-rings and rounded ends for the G-hook system
  • Accessories include a strap
  • Reflective pattern on all three corners for good visibility even in low light conditions
  • Removable inner support ring to preserve the shape of the bag
  • Capacity: 40 liters (20 liters per side)
  • Dimensions: 17 “wide x 11” high x 6 “deep

2. DrySpec D20 Drybag Saddle Bags

DrySpec D20 Drybag Saddle Bags
DrySpec Saddle Bags

Unlike all other saddlebag, interchangeable enter strap is an important innovation on the D20 that allows the bag to be versatile. The bag attaches directly to the bike with or without a side frame and can be attached directly to another dry bag. Use the VELCRO® straps for comfort, nylon cord straps for heavy mud, or twist the straps in the middle to attach the bag directly to the D28 or D38 dry bag.

It is ideal to attach the D20 case to the D28 or D38 case for drivers who need extra storage but cannot connect a standard case due to high air pressure. Thats why we put this bag in ‘Best Motorcycle Saddlebags’ Article


  • Waterproof: dry roll top bag with waterproof material and welded seams
  • D28 and D38 modular packaging partners
  • Global slippery slope
  • VELCRO® brand flexible lock or solid nylon cord
  • Installation with or without side plug
  • Capacity 40 liters (20 liters each)
  • 100% waterproof radio frequency welding seam
  • 17″ H x 6″ W x 12″ Taa
  • 22 vinyl of vinyl and Cordura lining

3. Oxford P50R Saddlebags

 Oxford Saddlebags for motorcycle

Twenty-five liters is the size of a school backpack, and this suitcase doubles that capacity. The P50R Series has a triangular shape to match today’s motorsport and travel style, and features top and side zippers for easy access to your belongings.


  • Waterproofing: has a waterproof cover
  • Total capacity 38L (total capacity 50L), 19-25L per bag
  • Tightly connect the card to the device in your pocket
  • Extended mesh for extra storage above the bag
  • Large open top and 360 degree zipper for easy access to detail
  • Mesh front pocket
  • Shoulder strap
  • Heat resistant base (protects the bag in case of short-term contact with air)
  • A rubberized bottom panel allows the bags to scratch the body.
  • 7-point fastening system (used in seat, seat belt and 4 shoulder straps)
  • Removable waterproof linings

4. Giant Loop Mototrekk Saddlebags

Giant Loop Mototrekk Saddlebags
Giant Loop Saddle bags

MotoTrekk Panniers is 100% waterproof with plastic bags attached to outdoor shelves. In total, the boxes weigh more than 6kg, so they are ideal for those looking for an accident where excessive weight is the main cause of damage. The top cover has long mounting straps, while the upper and lower body mounting straps adjust to the load distribution. Once placed, it’s easy to put the bag in a bag for a day’s walk.


  • Watering: roll up with a dry bag and a wet cloth sewn by welding
  • 500D PVC PVC tarpaulin
  • RF welding 100% waterproof housing
  • Capacity: 21 liters each, three complete rolls covered
  • Weight: less than 6 kg per pair
  • Dimensions: 12″ top x 9″ bottom x 15″ high x 7″ deep
  • Comes with Durflex aluminum hooks – no accessories or tools required
  • Includes 2 shoulder straps for carrying a cycling backpack
  • The front and back markings on the Pu’u can be made from other materials
  • Top wheel cover with side seal
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

5. SW-MOTECH Legend Saddlebags

SW-MOTECH Legend Gear LC1 / LC2 Saddlebags
SW-MOTECH Legend Saddle bags

Add unobtrusive style and the ability to use SW-MOTECH Legend Saddlebags to bring your old fashioned. This bag fits snugly in a small trash can designed for special bikes. The fleece absorbs water and dirt and protects from UV damage. Water -resistant interior protects your mirror from the wind. The 9.8-liter large LC1 is ~ 3.5 mk shorter than the 13.5-liter large LC2 for use on motorcycles and half-builds.


  • Water: including non-wet pipe
  • Order via Tala SLC Sidecarrier (sold separately)
  • Quick release system for easy boat installation
  • MOLLE type support bracket for Legend Gear LA1 / LA2 aksesori accessory bag
  • Material: brown leather Napalon synthetic leather / yeast black water tarpaulin covered with water

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6. Tour Master Nylon Cruiser 4.0 Slant Saddlebags

Tour Master Nylon Cruiser 4.0 Slant Saddlebags
Tour Master Saddlebags

The Slant Tour Master Nylon Cruiser 4.0 side bag can be easily installed. The adjustable mounting bracket can be permanently attached to the seat of most motorcycles and a. The only anchor has a Duraflex quick release buckle so it is easy to put on and take off while the zipper is on the saddle, making it easy to remove the bag without removing the entire system . The Pannier Slant Cruiser Nylon 4.0 is made with a nylon construction that is weatherproof 840D and 1680D and has a rain and dust cover to protect the elements.


  • Waterproof: Includes rain cover
  • 840D and 1680D weatherproof nylon construction
  • The adjustable support frame can be permanently installed under the seat of most motorcycles
  • The zipper allows you to easily remove the bags without removing the entire system
  • Four attachment straps with Duraflex quick release buckles for easy lifting and removal of bags
  • Removable neoprene inserts inside each bag help protect the bike and bag from wear and tear
  • The hinged lid allows for easy wheel access to the main compartment
  • Mesh compartments inside the lid and on the sidewall of the bags provide additional space for smaller items
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Tour Master reflective tubes and reflective triangle for better night vision
  • Internal support panels hold the shape of the bag when full or empty
  • Includes rain and dust protection to protect it from the elements

7. Kuryakyn Momentum Outrider Saddlebags

Kuryakyn Saddlebags
Kuryakyn Saddlebags

The Momentum Outrider bag is designed for travelers and provides extra safety when you need it and has nothing to do with it when you are not doing it. The flexible mounting bracket makes it easy to assemble for easy installation without the need for hardware or support. Stainless steel, extremely useful and full of storage space for any bike trip.


  • Waterproofing: includes rain covers
  • Liters: 26 per bag (32 liters)
  • 1200 denier UV weather resistant jacket and removable raincoat
  • The chair does not need support or reinforcement
  • The steering wheel is flexible enough to fit almost any motorcycle
  • Unique brands accept different clean inserts on the market
  • Get up or take the front or back passenger seat
  • Back cover and floor are not hot
  • Includes clean app for added protection
  • Ideal bag for storing small items or bottles
  • 2 panels The panel extension can also be used to use a half cap
  • Share flexibility for organization

8. Givi GRT718 Gravel-T Waterproof 15L Side Bags

Givi GRT718 Gravel-T Waterproof 15L Side Bags
Givi GRT718 Side Bags

The Givi GRT718 case features waterproof welding to ensure good construction, as well as IPX5 waterproof certification. Lots of whips keep luggage in the bike so it doesn’t slip on the road. Two cases made of 840D TPU nylon will remain durable for years to come.


  • Waterproofing: welded seamless waterproof fabric with zipper.
  • IPX5 waterproof certificate for main compartment
  • 840D nylon used with two layers of TPU
  • High frequency closed seams
  • Including mounting straps
  • Capacity 15 liters per bag, total of 30 liters

9. AltRider Hemisphere Soft Panniers

AltRider Hemisphere Soft Panniers
AltRider Soft Panniers

The best feature of the hemisphere system is the modules. These five storage locations are easy to move. Transfer equipment from bike to camp by simply breaking up the four separate side dry bags and removing the top center dry bag. The Hemisphere Soft Saddlebag Frame stays attached to the frame. You can later turn your bed into a fire extinguisher by filling in the empty spaces. If your goal is to stay on your bike for the long haul, start with a basic pack like the AltRider Hemisphere Soft saddlebag.


  • Waterproof: A roll of dry bags made of waterproof fabric with welded seams.
  • Capacity 125 liters
  • Easy compartment access
  • Detachable high security element with specially designed cam lock strap
  • The following article creates control by keeping your weight low.
  • 1050D ballistic nylon made from vinyl coated polyester
  • Hard plastic ribs in the base coat provide a stable platform to protect your teeth.
  • The dry bag is made from army yarn, full webbing and a 1.5″ Delrin buckle.
  • The reflective high visibility logo enhances safety in low light conditions and when driving at night.

10. Nelson Rigg Road Trip Saddlebags

Nelson Rigg Road Trip Saddlebags
Nelson Rigg Saddlebags

The Nelson Rigg Road Trip saddlebags have a padded luggage selection for various American and meter V-Twin machines and cruisers. The 9.5 liter bags are fastened with a streamlined fastening system supported by the rear of the car. The bags contain a waterproof umbrella, lockable zippers and MOLLE panels for unlimited packing options. Inside the main compartment is a gray contrast lining and mesh pocket with a zipper to store small items. The outer pockets have elastic bands to organize things. The rigid structure keeps its shape both empty and loaded.


  • UltraMax connector developer
  • Higher UV protection against falls
  • Includes special support braces for dams
  • V-Twin and Cruiser accessories safety installation is different
  • umbrella holder
  • yoke that can be removed
  • Rig design with light gray on both sides
  • MOLLE rod for connecting app to bag
  • The outer bag has an inner strap that can be adjusted for the perfect fit
  • zipper can be locked for protected content
  • Plumbing is thinking about increasing visibility

11. Biltwell Exfil-18 Saddlebags

Biltwell Exfil-18 Saddlebags
Biltwell Exfil-18 Saddlebag
Biltwell Saddlebags

If you think EXFIL-18 saddlebags look like a supersized version of Biltwell’s EXFIL-7 bag, you’re right. Fast movers and light packers have been strapping that original motorcycle utility bag to the fender struts on Dynas, Sportsters, and FXRs for years. EXFIL-18 handles business with the same smart design and rugged construction found on every bag in Biltwell’s moto luggage arsenal. As the name implies, each EXFIL-18 saddlebag holds three six-packs of 12-ounce cans. EXFIL-18 saddlebags are a universal fit system that hangs under the seat and over the rear fender on an easy-to-install yoke with Velcro adjustment.


  • 1680 denier UV-treated ballistic nylon outer shell resists falling water
  • Durable and flexible EVA foam foam in large spaces providing flexibility and durability
  • External MOLLE system enables device deployment
  • One large chamber and the other two sides are sealed with a nylon resistant nylon zipper
  • The large chamber has a closed loop closure with 1.5 inch (36 mm) polyester that reflects the width and quick release of Duraflex.
  • The eye-catching orange peel makes it easy to spot
  • The 10″ x 8″ wallet has a zipper on the phone to access smart cards, smartphones and more.
  • Double sided hook with adjustable velcro panel, durable large nylon fabric for both bags
  • Fits all over the world: Works well with most portable luggage
  • The many D-rings and MOLLE points on the outside of the bag provide options for carabiners, adjustable straps, etc.

12. Biltwell Exfil-36 Saddlebags

Biltwell Exfil-36 Saddlebag
Biltwell Exfil-36 Saddlebags

Biltwell’s EXFIL-36 saddle makes sense in the motorcycle space. Hard materials seem to be in the way of some bikes, they are expensive and not suitable for extra loads like beds and curtain fabrics. The first complete Biltwell bag is the ultimate in power and performance for motorcycle sports. The Biltwell EXFIL-36 bag features handmade belts and ballistic materials, all from durable synthetic polyester nylon and PVC coated to heat resistant canvas, MOLLE nylon straps and quick release print buckles. The main compartment of each bag holds 36 12-ounce cans. Like all body parts in the Biltwell EXFIL line, the EXFIL-36 saddle is designed for easy installation and universal fit on a wide range of motorcycles.


  • 1680 denier UV-treated ballistic nylon on the outside that is resistant to falling water
  • EVA foam pads are durable and flexible in large rooms that improve design and durability
  • Waterproof PVC waterproof cover on the upper chamber closes with 1.5 inch wide polyester and Duraflex quick release.
  • 15 ogologo x long x 7 sara nnukwu wide large PVC virtual door with double markers with one paracord attracted to for quick use.
  • The External MOLLE system offers the possibility to integrate applications with other applications
  • two-sided lifting yoke with velcro panel can be attached to the two bags with heavy nylon zippers.
  • Heat-resistant backpacks and reinforced bedding
  • The main body has three adjustable straps and a straight bag with velcro closure
  • Flexible velcro straps in a large room to store composite clothing, fuel bottles or other equipment.
  • Universal Fit: Works well with most different saddlebags
  • The luggage compartment has two zippers in a waterproof tab
  • The nutrients in orange make it easy to find its contents