Motorcycle Routes in Alabama

Most Favorite Motorcycle Routes in Alabama

As a rider, we always love to explore new routes for riding. Today we are exploring some of the most favorite motorcycle routes in Alabama. Alabama is a perfect place with clean roads, surrounded by nature, and silence. 

During riding, you can see silent turns, rolling hills, forests, and scenic roads with sound delectable devices. There are many starting points available to start your riding journey. 

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1. Talladega Forest Loop

When a rider is on the road, it is important to pick a route that makes your journey thrilling and adventurous.  This route will provide a fantastic motorcycle ride in Alabama that’s great all year round. You can ride your bike as fast as you can, it will take you through the beautiful Talladega National Forest. 

On the route, you will explore various small towns, farms, meadows, and the beautiful mountains of Cheaha and Appalachian. If you want a more adventurous route, you can take the Talladega forest loop of 52 miles in one hour.

2. Alabama Dragon (Route 25)

Route 25 is a state highway that offers you a ride of 257 miles. But there is another short, beautiful, and clean route of 20 miles also available named Alabama Dragon. This route is surrounded by the full of breathtaking scenery, cool rock formations, canyon views, and mountains. 

The smooth and well-kept highway is off-limits to big trucks and gives you a clear long path of 257 miles. The second one is not open for commercial vehicles so you can ride your bike without hesitation. You have to be ready for some twists and turns when you ride the bike on Coosa Mountain and Thomson Gap. 

3. Little River Canyon Parkway 

If you want a relaxing ride but high speed then you must look for the Little River Canyon Parkway route. This route is a beautiful and calming route that can make your day brighter. The Little River Canyon Parkway route has a distance of 16 miles and begins at the Overlook Trail. 

Here, you can enjoy the smooth paved highway with lots of twists and turns. On the route, you will find several spots to stop and offer you the canyon views and waterfalls. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and nature lover then this route will give you a delightful experience, a silent road, and a flow of water. 

4. Montgomery to Talladega loop 

This route can be your longest route with 262 miles and the ride will not take more than 6 to 10 hours. This can be your most memorable ride with the most achievable speed. This trip will become even more awesome when you cross the Talladega National Forest and Cheaha State Park. 

Take a break from riding, grab your camera, and explore the parks on foot using their hiking trails. There are lots of places you can find to stay and also you can think about camping. 

5. Natchez Trace 

A must-try motorcycle trip in Alabama is The Natchez Trace. This Natchez trace is near about 33 miles that starting in Tennessee and finishing in Mississippi. This route is known for its rich history, natural beauty, and lack of commercial development. Previously, it was used by Native Americans, explorers, and traders, but now the Natchez Trace offers a serene and peaceful journey with modern roads.

During the ride, you will go through the De Soto National Forest, relax turns, and best experience. It will offer a break from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


So, if we conclude there are many routes available in Alabama to explore nature, experience adventure rides, and go on long routes. There are more routes available to explore Alabama state including Guntersville Lake, Paint Rock to the Tennessee State Line, Daleville to Geneva, etc. These above-listed routes are too beautiful, explore nature’s environment, short turn, ride as fast as, and explore anything. 


Where is the best place to ride a motorcycle in Alabama?

The best motorcycle rides in Alabama can be found on the Tail of the Dragon, Little River Canyon Parkway, and the Natchez Trace. These routes offer stunning scenery, diverse landscapes, and a mix of challenging and leisurely rides.

What state has the best motorcycle riding?

Each state offers unique riding experiences, but states like California, Colorado, and North Carolina are often praised for their diverse landscapes, scenic highways, and motorcycle-friendly roads.

What is the curviest road in Alabama?

The curviest road in Alabama is often considered to be the Tail of the Dragon. This route is a section of US 129 that extends into the state. This route is famous for its challenging twists and turns that provide an exhilarating ride for motorcycle enthusiasts.

What is the safest route to ride a motorcycle?

Safety is a priority when riding. Choose well-maintained roads with good visibility, adhere to speed limits, wear proper protective gear, and be aware of traffic. Avoid congested areas, and consider scenic byway routes for a safer riding experience.

What is the famous highway in Alabama?

One of the famous highways in Alabama is the Natchez Trace Parkway. This historic route spans multiple states including a scenic section in Alabama. This route will offer motorcyclists a picturesque journey through nature with well-maintained roads and historical significance.