Knee Guards For Riders in India

Best Motorcycle Knee Guards For Riders in India | Top Brand’s Product

Best Motorcycle Knee Guards

When we talk about driving a motorcycle safely, we are always talking about helmets. However, heads are not the only area that needs to be protected in a road accident. Joints in our body such as the elbow, knee and shins are often plagued by these difficulties. Well, with these protectors, you can reduce bumps and crash if you take certain precautions. Knee guards are important for all motorcycles as they are an important part of safety.

best motorcycle knee guard in india | Ryderplanet

There are so many knee guards available on the offline and online stores. Now there are lots of tricks and problems every day. That’s why it’s always important to choose a product with the necessary care. Also, with so many options, it is difficult for customers to choose the one that suits their needs. Before that, we need to find out why knee pads are important for riding.

Why do you need knee guards?

There are several reasons to wear a knee Guard when riding a motorcycle. First, the main reason you need to protect your knees and prevent them from being lost. The knees and elbows are usually injured. The use of high quality knee guards can reduce the impact of a collision or accident. Second, the skin on the knees is not too hard. That is why it is necessary to wear your knees guards today. Even if the future is uncertain, you can minimize the harmful effects of unexpected events.

In addition, we spent a lot of money on healing the knee and broken muscles. You can also avoid these costs if you ride with safety features and proper maintenance. In addition, the seams are vulnerable, and when there are serious injuries, at worst, they are forced to stay on the bike for a few days, weeks or months. Motorcycle fans can not take any risks, which is one of the reasons why riders often wear knee pads while riding. In addition, on the road knee guards provide comfort for vehicle owners.

Why do you need knee guards? 

Today, people are increasingly aware of their protection and safety. It is up to you and you to decide whether you ride safely or smoothly. The latest knee models are offered to give the rider a good look and match the motorcycle clothing.

Best Motorcycle Knee Guards For Riders:

If you have made your mind about purchasing a brand new pair of knee guards, then you are not going to walk down any store as we bring you a list of the best knee guards in India. Without further ado, let’s read about them. Only then you’ll be ready to make a choice about this.


Brand: Scoyco

Product Code: SCOYCO K12

Colour available: white, black, green, yellow

Best Motorcycle Knee Guards For Indian Riders | Ryderplanet

SCOYCO K12 motorcycle knee protector has been lab tested for its longevity, resistance and durability. During the lab test, the protector flexibility, elasticity and comfort level are evaluated thoroughly. Each protector has to pass the lab test. So, users can trust SCOYO products.


  • Type: Apparel
  • PE + EVA + Diving cloth is used to manufacture the product
  • Certified from European CE
  • Adjustable Velcro closures to find perfect fitting
  • Foam padding to find comfort and ventilation
  • High quality plastic shell to offer the best protection to both knee and elbow


2 x Knee protectors


  • High impact resistant plastic shell to move and tilt your bike confidently
  • High Density foam padding to find super finishing and comfortable
  • Removable padding to clean easily and maintain hygiene
  • Adjustable elastic straps Velcro Close for secure fitting
  • Total movement protection system to move and bend knees comfortably
  • Enough flexibility


For adult-standard

ASPIDA Bionic External Knee Guards

Brand –  aspida 

Colour available – black

Genuine CE EN1621-1 rated external knee guards from Aspida

ASPIDA Bionic External Knee Guards


  • Three Stage Impact Protection. 
  • LEXAN® construction to disperse point impact, reduce frangibility and provide abrasion protection.
  • Memory foam for superior impact absorption.
  • PE foam layer for additional protection and rider comfort.  
  • Three point Spandex® fastening system for secure fit. 
  • Removable and washable comfort liner.


Brand – rynox 

Modal – bastion

Colour available – black, blue, green



  • CE Certified Impact Protection: Entire knee guard CE certified to standard EN1621-1:2012 (knee and shin)
  • Superior Coverage: Comprehensive coverage for knee-cap, sides and shin
  • Hard Shell Slider: Polypropylene shell with a smooth friction-free finish, designed to assist in slides

Bionic Design

  • Dual Axis Knee Cap: Anatomically correct, two-axis pivoting design. Syncs with the natural movement of the knee.
  • Asymmetric Design: Asymmetric left and right sides; developed to conform perfectly


  • Versatile Applications: Developed for use over or under riding pants. Can be worn with tall ADV or motocross boots.
  • Easy On. Easy Off.: Super easy to wear and remove on the go. Set-it-and-forget-it girth adjustment.


  • 3D Molded HD Foam Backing: Provides ventilation. Facilitates secure and personalised fit. Further assists in impact protection.
  • Sweat Wicking: Contact liner designed to absorb sweat away from the body.
  • Easy to Wash: HD foam backing semi-detaches from the shell. Makes it super easy to rinse and dry.


Brand – scoyoc

Colour – black

Size – one size

Scyoco Riding Knee Guard (K11, Black)


  • PP anti-collision shell to improve riding safety
  • Adjustable magic buckle for easy wear
  • The stitching between the inner lining and the shell uses a more fitting technique

The Scoyco K11 has been on the lips of some of the best motorcycles in India since its launch in 2014. They come as a stand between knees and elbow It works differently because you can use them on all trips as well as travel. These knee pads are very important on the road. Plus, they like to wear and stay. It’s time to put together the Velcro closure for a better gaming experience. Carefully measure the weight so that the driver feels comfortable while carrying it. The inside of the guard is made of fome, which allows air to pass through and stimulates the ability to breathe.


Brand – Mototech

Colour available – Black

MotoTech Bulwark Bionic Knee Armour

The Mototech Bulwark Bionic Knee Arm is a regular watch that provides coverage of the knees, shin, and lower thigh. This product has a highly visible design that brings about a dramatic change in performance. the use of high-strength materials ensures that the knees are comfortable during long day walks.


  • – Complete protector covering the knee, shin & lower thigh.
  • – Lightweight knee guard that provides exceptional impact protection.
  • – Strategic protection points ensures that the knee protector meets CE standard 1621-1 Type B (k+l)
  • – Constructed with three impact resistant overlapped shells of semi-rigid and partially perforated, polymeric material and grey PE foam padding
  • – Foam padding is removable with metal buttons attached to the polymeric layer
  • – Kneecup features large lateral extensions for maximum protection coverage.
  • – Protector is backed with grey PE foam to keep you comfortable
  • – Elastic, slim and easy to adjust straps with pin lock fastening system ensure a precise fit
  • – Sold as a pair
  • – One size fits mos


Brand – Leatt 

Colour available – Black/Red, Lime/Blue, White/Black


The Leatt Dual Axis knee pad is CE certified and scored 25 points on the Leatt protection system. Fully rotatable protective knee and shin legs with double shaft provide the best protection for Leatt knee pads. They are thin, allow you to fit snugly in the trunk, are lightweight, comfortable, and have excellent ventilation.


  • 3 dimensionally designed for optimal fit
  • Impact tested  and CE certified to EN 1621-1, Level 1
  • Abrasion tested and CE certified to EN 13595-2, Level 2
  • Anatomically correct dual pivot points
  • Light at only 1.9 pounds (850grams) per pair
  • Slim design for use over or under riding pants fits well with boots
  • 9 large vents help keep you cool
  • Made from High-Density Poly Ethylene, HDPE, and washable Leatt foam
  • The strap system resists binding


Brand – Alpinestars

Colour available – Black/Red

alpinestars sx knee guard

Alpinestars SX-1 V2 Knee Pad aims to reduce the risk and severity of knee injuries by preventing knee strain in the event of an accident. This lightweight but extremely robust kneepad has a multi-centre hinge system that allows natural knee movement. Made from a semi-rigid high-performance polymer for excellent protection and flexibility. The highly ventilated cladding provides excellent cooling. Dual Strap System provides secure protection in all riding positions.


  • Extremely lightweight knee protection with a large protective area offers riders the most breathable and lightweight protective solution for all riding styles
  • Upper extended frame for increased thigh protection without compromising mobility
  • Perforated knee protector offers high levels of ventilation
  • The knee protector is backed by soft padding for an adaptive fit with breathable air mesh
  • Frames are asymmetrical and feature a slim, ergonomic design for comfort 
  • Hook and loop dual strap closure system with silicon pull tabs for easy in and out and a secure fit
  • Sold in pairs
  • CE Level 1