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Assembling a camera is simple. The best quality components and attention to detail are essential to make a quality action camera.
Assembling a camera is simple. The best quality components and attention to detail are essential to make a quality action camera.

Life is movement, Capture Everything With SJCAM.


SJCAM is the market leader in performance cameras because SJCAM caters to the market demand. Assembling a camera is straightforward. the simplest quality components and attention to detail are essential to forming a top-quality action camera.

SJCAM stays full committed to after-sales support. SJCAM also releases new firmware upgrading SJCAM features.

As an increasing number of adventurers, travelers, and motorcyclists are out there making some amazing footage, we at SJCAM India thought of producing information on the most effective way to use your new SJCAM.

Let’s start with a fast review of the fundamentals of action camera management.


SJCAM  action camera

Being able to take videos or photos from different angles can create or damage your visual structure.

It’s always an honest idea to possess a few places on your bike where you’ll safely mount your camera, additionally to your helmet. Popular options are the handlebars (centered, also on the side), on your tank, to the side of your bike, etc.

You’ll turn the camera 360 degrees for experimenting with different views also. confirm that once you mount your camera, it doesn’t vibrate an excessive amount as you ride, which just in case of a fall, it’s always protected.

The best angles for your camera are probably your helmet, then your chest. this can be for 2 reasons – these two positions come closest to your own field of vision, and also, they’re the most stable. Once you head out to capture some film, confirm you come with at least some different angles of video.

Data Management:

Data Management: sjcam

As you start to use your camera more often, you’ll quickly realize how soon a knowledge card gets spent. Always carry a spare data card along. a good better idea for long rides is to transfer the info to a different personal device regularly, freeing up your data card.

once you transfer, confirm to label files and folders by dates and locations, so you’ll find the footage you would like faster.

Weather Protection:

Weather Protection: sjcam

Your camera alongside its housing, by itself, could also be all weather-proof, but is that the remainder of your equipment? Think chargers, battery banks, etc. The key to a long-lasting relationship together with your camera is to be ready to maintain it even while in use. Extreme driving conditions are common – heat, dust, snow, ice, and rain can damage your site. it’s best to be prepared.

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Battery Management:

Battery Management: sjcam

In addition to carrying a power bank and a spare charger, accept ways during which you’ll conserve battery power. for instance, don’t replay your videos on the camera screen after every shot, and keep your battery warm and guarded.

In cold climates, you’ll even use self-heating products like Warmee to heat up your battery.


Accessories: sjcam camera accriosss

While a regular bike mount comes with the SJCAM you buy from www.sjcam.com, you must consider purchasing a minimum of another mount, for variety. Also, accessories don’t just mean mounts. you should a minimum of have the subsequent – A battery bank, a spare charger, a spare data card, and a carry-all (or case) for all of your equipment.

The very fact that each one of these SJCAM accessories is available at affordable rates in India makes your decision of getting equipped that much simpler to implement.

You can buy some other best accessories for your action camera

Enhancing videos:

Some simple tricks can really enhance the general quality of the ultimate video you create. for example, you’ll include your own self within the video.

It gives the viewer a focus and a frame of regard to those amazing panoramic views. you’ll also speak to the viewer, explaining the environment, adding effects with sound, etc (yells, panting, whoops). And most importantly, before you began to edit your final footage, brush abreast of the editing basics – splicing, cutting frames, or adding music.

Timelapse and hyperlapse videos also are easy to form and can offer you an enchanting overall composition.

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