Best Motorcycle Gloves

7 Best Motorcycle Gloves (Review 2024)

It is a different kind of high while riding a motorcycle. motorcycle gloves come with the protection you need all the time. You need to make sure that professional riders have the right safety gear when looking at anywhere and the terrain. However, often among them do not take safety equipment. It’s important to be on top of your game when it comes to driving on the road in terms of safety and security. Accidents are unpredictable, but there is a risk of serious collisions and traffic accidents if left untreated.

Best Motorcycle Gloves (Review)

With advanced technology, motorcycle gloves are equipped with advanced features such as touch sensors that allow you to connect a smartphone or tablet while riding. The modern design is attractive and provides a better grip. At the moment, gloves are a pleasure to walk on, keep your hands safe and in bad weather. It will be one of the best and most effective motorcycle gloves for riders in 2020. if you want to know about the best riding jackets that can look stylish with your gloves please read our jacket review blog

7 Best Motorcycle Gloves:

1. TORNADO PRO 3 Motorcycle GLOVES

Brand – Rynox

size available – S, M, L, XL, 2XL

colours available Green, Red, Bule.


The go-to gloves for the go-anywhere explorer, now come with CE certification!

Complete CE Certified Protection

Not just the protectors, the entire Tornado Pro 3 glove is CE certified to standard EN13594:2015. This CE certification includes 15 different tests and the gloves are verified to have:

  • Impact resistance: Residual force < 9kN (Kilonewtons)
  • Abrasion resistance: Slide time ≥ 4s (Seconds)
  • Cut resistance: On palm ≥ 1.2N (Newtons)
  • Tear strength: On palm ≥ 25N and back hand ≥ 18N (Newtons)
  • Seam strength: Main seams ≥ 6N/mm (Newtons per Millimeters)

Impact Protection

  • Scaphoid Bone: KNOX® patented Sport SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) includes two specially developed sliders attached to the palm to enable the gloves to slide smoothly on contact with the ground, instead of gripping the impact surface and subsequently reducing hyper-extension of the wrist and potential scaphoid injuries.
  • Knuckle: Impact-On (South Korea) HERATROM polyurethane knuckle protectors with HD foam backing
  • Fingertips: HD foam inserts
  • Finger Joints: TPU tabs

Abrasion Protection

  • Heavy Duty Durable Chassis: made from premium soft full-grain leather
  • Reinforced Protection: leather panels at abrasion zones
  • SureGrip Palm: High-grip contoured Amara panel with silicon detailing, for complete ride control


  • Fit: Cuff length, comfort fit
  • Zero Wear In Required: Pre-curved fingers
  • Fit Modulation: Girth adjusters on wrist
  • Ventilation: Lightweight and sturdy 3D mesh panels on fingers and wrist 

More Features

  • Ease of Access: Touch screen friendly TapFingertips™ on the index fingers

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Brand – knox

size available – M, L, XL.

colours availableBlack

KNOX TECHSTYLE Motorcycle  GLOVES review by Ryderplanet

Techstyle winter motorcycle gloves feature Knox’s patented scaphoid protection system (SPS) to prevent the grip effect that occurs when the palm of your skin comes into contact with the road, reducing the risk of overload. The ultra-durable Cordura fabric combined with goatskin palms increases strength and durability.

It is designed with a soft neoprene strap that can hold the glove under the jacket cover. 3M is reflective for vision in night riding. Silicone insertion at the brake/clutch ends for a good grip.

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3. DOMINATOR GTX Motorcycle Gloves

Brand – REV’IT!

size available = S – XYL

colours available – Sand Grey, Light Grey

DOMINATOR GTX Motorcycle Gloves 
review by Ryderplanet

Ready for your next adventure. Ready for all weather.

Dominator GTKS gloves are designed to drive around the world. They are ready for any weather condition you may encounter, thanks to GORE-TEKS® gloves with Gore grip technology, which ensure your hands stay warm when it’s cold and drier when you sweat. The outer lining is made of different types of leather and is chosen according to the levels of safety and comfort they provide. In addition to the rigid protectors on the thumb, fingers, and palm, these gloves are equipped with double protectors that are perforated to allow air to enter the gloves, keeping your hands cool and comfortable.

seafty features DOMINATOR GTX Motorcycle Gloves

wrist and cuff adjustment system

This adjustment system allows for a perfect tailored fit making sure the gloves stay in place and fits like a second skin. The adjustment strap starts at the pinky side of the glove and goes all the way around the backhand and the wrist.

outside stitching

The PWR | yarn stitching is positioned on the outside of the glove, eliminating any potential pressure points at the seams, and giving these gloves the ultimate sensitivity every racer demands.


  • PU injected finger knuckles
  • PWR|yarn
  • TPU hard-shell palm slider
  • TPU hard-shell thumb protector
  • ventilated dual comp protector

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4. BBG Full gauntlet Motorcycle gloves

Brand – Biking botherhood(bbg)

size available = S – 2XL

colours availableBlack, Red

bbg Full gauntlet Motorcycle  gloves

The full Gauntlet glove is made of high-quality leather, very resistant to scratches, and protects against infection. These Race Spec gloves offer a high level of protection, mobility, and comfort. With a pre-installed fingerprint and double velcro covers, this glove offers a high level of protection so it can move and roll at high speed.


  • Upgraded Version to latest International Quality standards
  • Premium grade leather construction is durable and offers excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Carbolex protector on the palm.
  • Carbon knuckle protectors.
  • Carbon protection on fingers.
  • Ergonomically positioned Silicone reinforcement on Palms for extra protection & gripping.
  • Inner playboy lining
  • Double Velcro cuff closure with shock-absorbing Carbon padding in the wrist area.
  • Extra grippy protection on palm and little finger
  • Pre-shaped, anatomical finger design and internal seams for comfort and exceptional feel.
  • Dedicated Carbon protection on Wrist areas Impact zones for complete safety offering Race Specs.

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5. ROCKER VINTAGE Motorcycle Gloves

Brand – Royal Enfield

size available = S – XL

colours availableMossgreen, Vintage Black

royal enfield gloves review


  • Construction: Made from highly abrasion-resistant genuine leather
  • Fit: Cuff length, Street fit.
  • Impact Protection: High-density foam protectors at knuckles
  • Palm Protection: High-density foam inserts on palms to protect the crucial scaphoid bone, and on the dorsal side (back of the hand).


  • Ease of Access: Elasticated entry port. 
  • Pre-curved fingers for a better fit. 
  • Adjustable velcro tab at cuff for a secure fit. 


  • Clean the gloves using a damp cloth and do not use hot water. 
  • Remove difficult stains by using neutral soap or a special leather or textile cleaner.
  • Store gloves in a dry and well-ventilated place.
  • 1 unit includes a pair.

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6. Airpack Full Gauntlet Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Brand – Macna

size available = S – XL

colours available White & Fluorescent yellow

macna Airpack Full Gauntlet Leather motorcycle  Gloves review

The Lord of Streets, customized for the warriors on Street.


  • Premium full-grain leather. Soft and supple yet durable.
  • Pre-curved motorcycle-riding specific design.
  • R.I.S.C Carbon-fibre finished knuckle protector & Palm Protector for additional protection.
  • TPR Finger Protection for additional protection.
  • Double layer on joints for lasting durability.
  • Three-way straps for secure and firm fastening and fit.
  • ERGO Thumb and Touch Tip for using mobile even when gloved.
  • C.E Certified Gloves

* Not designed for use in the rain.

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Brand – Zeus

size available = S – 2XL

colours available Green

zeus gloves review by ryderplanet

You can see why Zeus X-Tremo is better than the rest when it comes to body armor. The Zeus X-Tremo combines the best and simplest setup with a notch high resolution. The safety of the grenades in your hand is secure and face-to-face and is designed to rebel against aggression. High features of integration. 


  • Full-grain Hi-Fit  cowhide leather 0.8 mm thick
  • Areas in perforated leather
  • Cowhide palm with Clarino reinforcements
  • Reinforced lining for maximum abrasion and heat resistance
  • Double reinforced stitching
  • The double stitching on key areas
  • Reinforcements on the side and over pinkie finger
  • Carbon fiber type TPU shields on the knuckles. Solid large TPU molded protection panel on the wrist 
  • Special construction on the shield area for better fitting and higher protection
  • Knuckle protector with Dumper silicone shock absorber insert
  • Shock-absorbing padding
  • VELCRO® brand closures strap for closure on the wrist
  • Double VELCRO® brand closures on the forearm
  • Adjustable wrist strap

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Final Verdict

Overall, a good grip is very important when riding a bike, especially in summer, when your hands are sweaty, or in winter when you are drowning in the cold. Quality gloves always provide a great grip for riding your bike and for your safety.

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Motorcycle gloves have many benefits, so it is important to use them. The main reason we recommend riders to use these gloves is because they protect the unpleasant part of their hands from injuries and accidents. Areas such as bruises and palms can be severely damaged in a traffic accident, so wearing gloves is safe. Gloves also help maintain moisture, making the rolling process easier.