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AGV Helmets: A Name You Can Trust

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AGV was founded in 1946 by Gino Amisano and his two partners as a manufacturer of saddle covers and lightweight helmets for racing cyclists. During its first year, the new company shifted its target market from bicycles to scooters, making saddles and backrest pads for Vespas and Lambrettas.

Soon thereafter Gino left his partners to follow his own path and doing the work of three increased sales from 20 saddle covers per week to 700, with only one employee.

During this point, he met Luciana Morando, whom he married in 1947. She was immediately brought into the corporate and later became a drive behind AGV.

The first AGV motorcycle helmet:

Was created in 1947. Amisano had seen that motorcycle racers, who were somewhat better equipped within the early street races of the post-war recovery, protected their heads with leather berets. The luckier ones had Cromwell “pudding basin” helmets made in England.

Amisano immediately saw expansion opportunities for his fledgling company and he quickly moved into the motorcycle helmet market.

These helmets were completely handmade, with production initially being limited to 5 per week. The first AGV motorcycle helmet was made from leather, formed over a wooden mold, then removed and oven-dried for an hour at 122° F and painted once firmed up.

Misano was a true pioneer in helmet design and had the luxury of experimenting with many materials since tests and standards were still unprecedented in those years.

As Italy worked tenaciously to rebuild its economy after the war, so also did Gino and Luciana to create AGV. They practically lived within the factory, arriving at seven in the morning and sometimes staying there until after midnight. Innovations flowed over the subsequent few years – both in technology and marketing.

Present Day

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AGV’s history may be a story of racers, enthusiasts, and fervor. After having been owned by a Belgian investment fund for a few years, the corporate is back in Italian hands – those of Lino Dainese, President of Dainese S.P. A. who bought AGV on July 30th of 2007. ‘The combined companies present a challenge which carries many responsibilities, but it also creates infinite opportunities for AGV and Dainese together.

Who is AGV, and what do they do?

Founded within the town of Valenza in Italy in 1947 by Gino Amisano, the AGV brand takes its name from the initials of the founder and therefore the Italian town where they were born. The corporate started life within the motorcycle sector by manufacturing a variety of leather seats and saddles for various makes and models including Lambretta and Vespa, before getting into motorcycle helmets a year later.

almost a decade of experience and development behind them, AGV helmets really began to come to prominence in 1954 once they started making a variety of innovative fiberglass motorcycle helmets, a move which saw them ditch the event of seats and saddles to specialize in providing top quality, lightweight, comfortable and supportive motorcycle helmets for riders and racers around the world

Where are AGV helmets made?

AGV helmets are still made in Italy at the brand’s headquarters in Colceresa, a small town in the Veneto region.

Open and full-face AGV helmets:

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In the early years, like most manufacturers, AGV stuck to the tried and tested range of open face helmets that had served them so well. Open face helmets were now stronger and safer than ever before, even without the complete protection that we now have today with full-face helmets.

To this day AGV leads the way in terms of their range of open face helmets with models like the AGV K5 Jet and AGV Orbyt open face helmets meet high standards in terms of comfort and protection, with the Orbyt especially designed for riders who wear glasses.

AGV was the first company to provide a full-face helmet worn at the Italian Grand Prix at Imola in 1969. From that point onwards they have been revolutionizing the industry with a variety of fashionable, practical, and protective full-face motorcycle helmets to be used on the road and out on the track. Over the years, technologies are passed down from racing to the road.

Models just like the AGV K3 motorcycle helmet were originally developed for entry-level helmets. But over the years have evolved into feature-rich road helmets with a variety of replicas from professional racers who made their own unique designs, like Valentino Rossi’s AGV K3 Rossi Tartaruga replica helmet.

In more recent times models just like the AGV Corsa-R motorcycle helmet as seen above and therefore the AGV Pista GP-R motorcycle helmet has proven to be particularly popular.

The racing-inspired helmets are transformed into full replica helmets so everyday riders and amateur racers can wear similar lids as their idols.

Which racers wear AGV helmets?

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The reputation for quality and years of experience have helped AGV to become one of the leading names within the ongoing development of motorbike helmets.

Using the newest innovations and materials to create them lighter and easier than ever. AGV began sponsoring riders back within the early 1970s when their list of riders included the likes of Barry Sheene, Randy Mamola, Kenny Roberts, and Angel Nieto.

Perhaps the best rider of all time, Valentino Rossi, wears an AGV helmet – and is actually the honorary president of the AGV company such has been his involvement in developing the present range of motorbike helmets. Other present AGV-sponsored riders include Jack Miller, Franco Morbidelli, Pol Esparagaro, and current Moto3 Champion Jorge Martin.

There also are a variety of road racers and now retired racers who wear/have worn AGV helmets in their careers, including Guy Martin, James Hillier, Ivan Lintin, Troy Corser Marco Lucchinelli, Franco Uncini, Johnny Cecotto, and also the great 15-time World Champion Giacomo Agostini.

Here are the Top Helmets of AGV:


As you can see, AGV has a wide range of motorcycle helmets. Plenty to choose from according to your needs, but all have the sports spirit in common. AGV helmets, in a way, represent a living history of motorcycling.

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