Kriega US-40 Rackpack Review

Kriega US-40 Rackpack Review

Almost all bikes, whether or not they have a tail rack, can fit the US-40 Rackpack. It has a fully waterproof design, a capacity range of 28 to 40 liters, a double roll-top closure entry, a separate tunnel for a tent pole, a detachable inbuilt white liner with taped seams, and the option to be carried as a shoulder bag off the bike with the detachable shoulder strap that is included. So, without wasting time, let us dive into Kriega US-40 Rackpack Review. 

Kriega  tailbag Review

Kriega US-40 Rackpack Details 

For those searching for a high-end, modular waterproof solution, particularly for sportbikes with few mounting options, Kriega’s US line-up of motorcycle bags is a go-to.

One of their essential qualities is that they can be mounted directly to the bike’s subframe underneath the pillion seat. Since the bags are modular, the capacity can be increased by connecting the smaller bags to the larger ones.

As its name suggests, the new US-40 has a maximum capacity of 40 liters, up from the previous US range’s 5, 10, 20, and 30-liter variants. The capacity can be further reduced to 28 liters with a lower load by rolling up the ends.

This bag, however, differs in a few ways from the rest of the lineup. First, given how large it becomes when packed, it is the only one with roll-top openings on both ends. Additionally, it is quite wide, spanning just over two feet, which raises the second problem. That is likely why Kriega refers to it as the Rack Pack, and the advertising images feature huge ADV bikes with luggage racks.


The exterior of the US-40 is made of incredibly durable 420D Cordura Light material, and the inner features a detachable, waterproof liner in the color white. The product is of the finest quality, and like Kriega’s other offerings, the company is confident enough to offer a 10-year warranty and charge the fees it does.

There are no exterior pockets anywhere, in contrast to compact American bags. The main drawback, in our opinion, is that when the bag is taken off the bike, there is nowhere to keep the straps safely. You don’t want to lose one of these straps midway through because they were made explicitly for the bag.

Various mounting options exist, depending on what your motorcycle can handle. In total, you receive eight mounting straps: four with an eyelet sewn into them and four with an aluminum hook that attaches to the eyelet and, via snap-fit buckles on the other end, interacts with the bag. The bag has various anchor points and can fit a tent pole with a removable shoulder strap.

These anchor points can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances. For instance, they assisted in safely securing a folded-up car mat to the bag’s bottom. It helped lift it off the back seat by a few inches, keeping it safe from the blast of hot gasses coming from the high-mounted exhaust of the motorcycle. 

Kriega US-40 tailbag Review


  • Tough Hypalon + 420D Cordura Lite construction
  • Double-ended waterproof roll-top closure main compartment
  • Universal fit to almost any type of motorcycles
  • Mountable across the seat or rear rack
  • Heavy duty roll top shields
  • Hypalon reinforced strap mounts
  • Separate tent pole tunnel (fits up to 50cm)
  • Removable internal white liner w/ taped seams
  • Carry off the bike with included removable shoulder strap
  • 10-year warranty 


Once again, Kriega raises the bar for dependable backpack design. This time, the functionality of rollbags for the motorbike rear rack was entirely revamped. We always appreciate when elegance and utility are combined. We hope you like our Kriega US-40 Rackpack Review. 

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How good is the Kriega US-40 Rackpack?

The US-40 is the newest model in the widely adaptable US-Drypack line. It has a double entry, versatile storage, all the same highly durable features, and much more. 

Is this Kriega US-40 Rackpack waterproof?

Kriega is known for using materials that are waterproof and incredibly durable. The outside layer is waterproof, as is customary for their other products, and the white interior bag is also removable. 

What materials were used in this Kriega US-40 Rackpack?

Hypalon and 420D Cordura® Lite are the sturdy materials used to construct the entire thing. The bag is resistant to weather, oils, and liquids, as well as abrasion.