Alpinestars Spring Honda

Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection Released

The Spring 2024 Alpinestars Honda Collection will let you embrace the thrilling experience of traveling on open roads. This line features a variety of touring, urban, and racing sports apparel, footwear, and gloves that are inspired by top-flight racing and made to offer Honda enthusiasts comfort, protection, and style no matter the terrain.

The Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection, made with Alpinestars’ usual attention to detail, combines its performance-proven designs with regular functionality and comfort to provide a genuinely upgraded experience. The line offers exceptional levels of safety and performance, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to safeguarding and enhancing the fun of riding, whether on adventurous trails, busy metropolitan streets, or the open road.

Alpinestars Spring Honda

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Alpinestars Spring 2024 Honda Collection Launch


  • Honda Bogotá Pro Drystar® Jacket And Pants: Beat The Elements 

You can wear the all-weather, all-season Honda Bogotá Pro Drystar Jacket and Pants. They provide exceptional breathability and comfort, rain or shine, thanks to Alpinestars’ Drystar membrane. The jacket can be rapidly adjusted to any circumstance thanks to its three-layer “liner to drop” system and extremely protective protection.

The Tech-Air Ready Honda Bogotá Pro features wide ventilation panels on the chest, whole back, arms, and legs to provide efficient climate regulation. It is made from 100% GRS-certified recycled Nylon 6.

  • Honda Stella Andes Drystar Jacket And Pants: The Perfect All-weather Gear

The Honda Stella Andes v3 Drystar Jacket and Pants are comfortable, strong, light, and protective and offer cutting-edge functionality. Even in challenging riding circumstances, the Honda Stella Andes v3 Drystar gear’s 100% waterproofing and high levels of breathability are made possible by Alpinestars’ unique Drystar® design. It is one of the best Honda collections.


  • Honda Chrome Street Hoodie: Designed For The Urban Commute

The Honda Stella Andes v3 Drystar Jacket and Pants are comfortable, strong, light, and protective and offer cutting-edge functionality. Even in challenging riding circumstances, the Honda Stella Andes v3 Drystar gear’s 100% waterproofing and high levels of breathability are made possible by Alpinestars’ unique Drystar design.

  • Honda Luc V2 Air Jacket: Feel The Ventilation

The Honda Luc v2 Air Jacket is a ‘Bomber type’ jacket with several full-body air intakes carefully positioned for excellent cooling performance. The jacket uses a contemporary material combination for outstanding durability and has an expanded back profile that provides coverage and convenience in a more upright stance. The Luc V2 Air Jacket is Tech-Air Ready and has an engineered ergonomic fit. 


  • Honda Gp Force Suit: Optimal Comfort And Performance

The Honda GP Force racing suit, which was created for the racetrack but is equally at home on the road, is made to offer superior impact protection and substantial abrasion resistance to keep riders safe on the road or circuit. The Tech-Air Ready Honda GP Force has significant stretch panels on the abdomen, chest, arms, crotch, and back of legs, along with perforated leather construction in crucial locations for maximum riding comfort.

  • Honda Supertech R: Footwear For Champions

The Honda Supertech R has undergone a rigorous program of modifications to hone its performance attributes even further, taking the boot’s performance to a new class-leading high. It is an evolution of the undisputed racing boot worn by a roster of past and present champions.

A newly redesigned front flex area, a revamped rear bellow, a redesigned top gaitor, a new shifter, a new shin plate, a new shin slider, and feature advancements ensure that the Honda Supertech R delivers higher levels of protection, flexibility, and durability. Professional racers inspired these innovations. A redesigned bio-mechanical inner bootie provides more comfort and cushioning at the heel.

  • Honda Sp-8v3 Leather Gloves: Protected Like A Champion

The Honda SP-8 v3 Leather Gloves use pure racing DNA for ultimate performance. The sophisticated SP dual-density knuckle protection of this glove, which MotoGP inspired, provides exceptional levels of protection. It is made of highly abrasion-resistant full-grain goat leather and synthetic leather.


  • Honda Smx Waterproof Jacket: Designed For The Urban Commute

The Honda SMX Waterproof Jacket has a 3L stretch tech softshell core chassis, a fixed waterproof membrane, and removable thermal lining with 100g body and 80g sleeve insulation. The jacket has CE Level 1-rated Nucleon Flex Plus armor and external DFS Lite shoulder protection.

  • Honda Copper Gloves: The Perfect Gloves For Hot Weather Riding

The Honda Copper Gloves are thin, urban gloves with strong hard knuckle protection and a palm made entirely of synthetic suede for extreme durability. The touchscreen-compatible fingertip and finger cushioning on the Honda Copper Gloves with short cuffs enhance rider comfort. The stretch spandex, permeable mesh fabrics, and fourchettes provide high levels of breathability and flexibility.


The release of the Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection for 2024 shows the strong partnership between Alpinestars and Honda, bringing together their shared passion for excellence, performance, and innovation. The collection offers top-tier protective gear and captures the essence of contemporary style.

Whether on the road or the racetrack, riders can rely on the Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection to provide unmatched comfort, durability, and safety without compromising fashion. With this collaboration, Alpinestars and Honda continue redefining the boundaries of what is possible in motorsports apparel, inspiring riders to chase their passions and conquer new horizons.


What sets the Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection apart from other riding gear collections?

The Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection stands out from other riding gear collections due to its unique combination of style and performance. The collaboration between Alpinestars and Honda combines the expertise of two iconic brands known for their commitment to quality and innovation.

What is the Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection?

The Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection refers to a line of products released by Alpinestars in 2024, in collaboration with Honda

Where can I purchase the Alpinestars Spring Honda Collection?

You can find the collection at authorized Alpinestars dealers, select Honda dealerships, or online retailers that carry Alpinestars products.