Motorcycle Gear for Summer Riding

Motorcycle Gear for Summer Riding|Cooling and Comfort Features

We can all anticipate bright, sunny days for the upcoming few months now that summer is here. Summer is often regarded as the best season to ride two wheels and the ideal time to visit the beach. It’s crucial to keep cool while riding a motorcycle in the summer for various reasons. Comfort, safety, and health are a few of these. Dehydration, tiredness, as well as attention deficit disorder are all prevented.

Having said all of that, the heat is not an excuse for us not wearing safety equipment. No matter what kind of weather you’re riding in, safety should always come first for motorcyclists. Thankfully, almost every gear maker has items made expressly for hotter areas. Let’s examine more closely the ideal motorcycle gear for summer riding.


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What’s the Best Riding Gear for Summer?

1. Lightweight, well-ventilated helmet

We’ll start with your helmet. In all sorts of weather, a protective, approved helmet is necessary, but in the summer, it’s better to be ready with a lightweight helmet with numerous vents. First and foremost, it eases pressure on your neck and head, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Second, the ventilation system aids in air circulation and prevents the accumulation of heat and sweat within the helmet, which can be uncomfortable and impair vision. Longer periods of comfort can be attained with the help of a stylish, lightweight helmet. It is one of the best motorcycle gear for summer riding.

2. Mesh jacket

It might be too easy to skip a motorbike jacket, particularly considering the current heat wave. Fortunately, there are several mesh jackets available. In order to keep you cool while you move, these are made to channel air through the fabric.

They often consist of premium abrasion-resistant materials, adding an important defense layer against the asphalt. These jackets, of course, come with all the essential authorized protectors for the shoulders, elbows, back, and chest for more expensive variants.

3. Breathable gloves

There are riding gloves that prioritize comfort and breathability without compromising protection and safety, similar to how there are riding jackets. Large mesh panels promoting airflow are a common feature of these thin gloves, typically made for usage on roads.

Typically, these materials are abrasion-resistant tactical textiles. A slider on the palm and protection in the metacarpals, phalanges, and knuckles are also common features of high-end gloves.

 4. Ventilated riding pants

Spending money on a high-quality pair of riding pants is usually a good idea if you take your motorcycle on longer trips, particularly if you go off-road or frequently use the highways. Almost all clothing companies provide a variety of riding pants that resemble conventional jeans or cargo pants but are constructed from high-quality tactical materials, similar to the jackets and gloves we previously described. In addition, more expensive kinds of riding pants come with hip protectors in addition to knee and shin protectors.

 5. Textile motorcycle boots

 For several reasons, it’s crucial to wear breathable motorcycle boots. In order to prevent heat and sweat from building up within the boots, which can be uncomfortable and lead to blisters during long rides, it first helps to regulate the temperature inside the boots.

Textile motorcycle shoes are far more modest than leather motorcycle boots, approximating streetwear rather than clunky moto boots. Naturally, these boots are also furnished with all essential safeguards to protect your feet in the event of an accident or drop. In order to promote comfort and safety, they have dual-density in-soles, reinforced soles, and ankle protection.

 6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential motorcycle gear for summer riding. They serve two important purposes: they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and improve your visibility on the road. When choosing sunglasses for riding, there are several factors to consider. First, look for sunglasses that have polarized lenses. Polarized lenses reduce glare and improve visibility, which can be crucial when riding in bright sunlight or on reflective surfaces like water or pavement.

Additionally, polarized lenses can help reduce eye strain and fatigue, improving your overall comfort and focus while riding.

Another important factor to consider when choosing sunglasses for riding is UV protection. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can damage your eyes over time. Look for sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection to ensure your eyes are well-protected while riding.


Equipping yourself with the proper motorcycle gear for summer riding is crucial so that you can be comfortable even after spending hours burning in the sun.

No matter how hot it gets, you should avoid riding your bike with shorts and flip-flops, even for short distances. Accidents can occur suddenly, and you don’t want to scuff the pavement in just a pair of shorts.

Before riding in the direct sun, always make sure your bike is in good mechanical condition. You don’t want your bike to break down on a hot afternoon, making riding in the heat much more difficult.


What type of helmet should I wear for summer riding?

It’s essential to wear a DOT-certified helmet that fits properly. For summer riding, look for lightweight helmets with good ventilation. Full-face helmets with multiple vents are excellent choices for summer riding.

What should I look for in a summer riding jacket?

When choosing a jacket for summer riding, look for lightweight materials and good ventilation. Mesh or perforated leather jackets are excellent choices. It’s also important to consider jackets with armor inserts in the shoulders, elbows, and back for added protection.

 What type of gloves should I wear for summer riding?

Gloves protect your hands from injuries and improve your grip on the handlebars. Look for gloves made of lightweight materials and have perforations for ventilation. Leather gloves with mesh panels are excellent choices for summer riding.

What kind of riding pants should I wear for summer riding?

Riding pants protect your lower body in case of an accident. Look for pants that are made of breathable materials and have good ventilation. Mesh pants with armor inserts in the knees and hips are excellent choices for summer riding