Revit Spitfire Racing Suit

Revit Spitfire Race Suit Review

Revit Spitfire Racing Suit

Revit Spitfire Racing Suit

Revit Spitfire Race Suit comes with a unique style and feels to make it stand out on the track. The embossed Monaco cowhide panels contrast beautifully with the matte Monaco performance cowhide, giving the suit a new look. The MotoGP-developed twin comp sliders are built into the shoulders, elbows, and knees, and CE-rated limb protection, including SeeSmart hip protection, is common.

In addition, adjustable shoulder and knee protection let every rider customize the fit to their physique, comfort, and position on the bike. Finally, when speeds increase, the partially perforated outer shell, removable mesh interior lining, and aero cool 3D mesh at the back work together to keep the rider cool.

Revit Spitfire Race Suit Details

There isn’t a more fitting moniker for REVIT’s next race-suit sensation! – If you haven’t already done so, zoom in on the image. It does not create abrasion-resistant Anacondas (too difficult to catch)—it’s a unique leather embossing method developed by REVIT To create a trademark finish for their Monaco cowhide.

The embossed Monaco panels contrast wonderfully with the matte-finish panels, providing a unique look that will turn heads in the paddock during your next race day. The leather finish isn’t the only feature of the REVIT On the other hand, the Spitfire Race Suit is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

For example, developed the ergonomics and positioning of the PWR Kevlar stretch panels of the Spitfire in collaboration with Moto-GP riders to provide the most flexibility for appropriate body alignment. 

In addition, the Spitfire isn’t scared to take a hit, with Betac CE elbow and adjustable Betac CE knee armor behind aluminum-capped dual comp honeycomb sliders, as well as SeeSmart soft padding at the hips and preparation for a back protector insert.

Even if you’re hot-dogging it and grabbing all the attention from the paddock girls (and everyone else for that matter), you’ll stay excellent thanks to the detachable mesh internal lining and Aero Cool 3D Mesh in the back. 

Once you begin going, light holes in the torso help the cause by keeping you cool during the heat of competition. Suppose you’re searching for a high-quality race suit with a bit of extra juju to give you an advantage over the competition, the REV’IT! Then, the Revit Spitfire Jacket is both show and go.

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Revit Spitfire Race Suit Features

Protection Features:

  • Outer Shell: Monaco performance cowhide, PWR | Kevlar stretch, neoprene, Lorica
  • Composition:
    • outer shell 1: 100% leather
    • outer shell 2: 76% nylon, 16% aramid, 8% pu spandex
    • lining: 100% polyester
  • Protection:
    • dual-comp protectors at shoulders, elbows, and knees, dual-comp knee slider type A, Betac CE protection at elbows, adjustable Betac CE protection at shoulders and knees, SeeSmart CE-level 1 type B hip protector insert (RV30), safety stitching
  • back protector
  • Seesoft Back Protector

Ergonomic Features:

  • Fit: race fit, tight
  • Ventilation: partly perforated outer shell at t upper body parts and waist front and back, VCS | speed hump
  • Features: calf zipper, comfort cuffs, stretch lips at the back, elbows and knees, stretch panels at front, sleeves, crotch and legs, VCS | speed hump, removable lining, aero cool 3D mesh at back
  • Pockets: inner pocket

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REVIT Spitfire Race Suit Pros and Cons

  • Monaco Performance Cowhide Outer Shell
  • Detachable Thermal Bodywarmer with Insulation
  • Protection Dual-comp Protector
  • 100 percent leather material


With The Revit, you can take your passion for speed to the streets! Jacket with a Spitfire. This REVIT Spitfire Race Suit has the look and feel of a race suit with cleverly integrated street features. The leather panels’ unique embossing technique, like the Dual Comp Motogp-developed shoulder and elbow protectors, comes straight from our REVIT Spitfire One-Piece Leather Suit.

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FAQ’S About REVIT Spitfire Race Suit

Where is REV’IT Company Based?

Motorcycle Gear & Clothing. REVIT! It is a premium European brand based in Holland positioned for the Sport, Touring, and Adventure Rider’s needs.

Is REVIT Spitfire Race Suit good?

Revit is a well-known motorcycle gear brand recorded for creating high-quality safety equipment. This reputation results from decades of research and development of their jackets, pants, and full suits.

What Protection is used in REV’IT! Spitfire Race Suit?

Dual-comp protectors at shoulders, elbows, and knees, dual-comp knee slider type A with Betac CE protection at elbows.