Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket

Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket Review

Ashley Watson is from the beautiful Central Hemisphere hills. Ashley is a designer who has been wanting to replace the laminated fabric used in traditional motorcycle gear with a more traditional, sustainable option. He has now succeeded in doing so using waxed cotton.

It is the new Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket MKII, which is, as its name implies, the second version of the jacket that helped establish Ashley Watson as one of the top independent manufacturers of motorcycle jackets. This blog will tell you Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket Review.

Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket Review

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Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket Review – Details

The finest of both worlds have been combined in the Eversholt MKII’s second version by UK designer Ashley Watson. A timeless piece of fashion, the Eversholt jacket is loaded with subtle functional features.

For this revised version, the Ashley Watson team started over from scratch because they wanted the new Eversholt to be one of the few motorcycle jackets in the world to pass the strict AAA CE safety standard.

The new Eversholt was given an 8 oz waxed cotton canvas outer layer with a solid hybrid Dyneema/Aramid abrasion-resistant liner that can endure the abrasive pressures of a 70 mph slide on asphalt in order to pass. It is Europe’s highest safety grade for motorcycle jackets.

Removable D3O armor was put in the elbows, shoulders, and back in order to provide the complete set of protection required. D3O is a cutting-edge non-Newtonian substance that is comfortable to wear and soft to the touch. Its molecules lock together when it is struck to form a protective shell.

Additionally, the Eversholt MKII features a double front zip-guard, a seam-sealed waterproof drop-liner, and adjustable storm baffles at the neck and cuff gauntlets to provide outstanding weather protection for all-season riding.

Two sizable bellows pockets on the front of the jacket are ideal for holding your gloves when you get off the bike and are big enough to fit items you wish to have close at hand while riding.

To keep water out while the pocket is closed, the cloth that forms the pocket and is stitched to the body of the jacket is also stitched up along the closure flap. Each pocket has a smaller pocket inside it with an elastic top, and the bottoms of the pockets may be expanded with snaps to add capacity. 

Additionally, even when they are completely packed with all of your accessories, the smaller inside pocket makes it easier to retrieve key items. Two internal breast pockets with button closures are also present.

Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket

The Eversholt is an excellent three-season jacket, but it can get a little warm on hotter days, even with partially fastened buttons. For most, the break-in period will be during the first few times it is worn.

Beneficial features include the adjustable storm parts at the cuff, compact inside pockets, and adjustable pockets. The jacket looks beautiful without the collar flap, which has proved less useful in the summer heat; the collar can simply be stored in one of the pockets until needed.

The Eversholt MKII is available from Ashley Watson in both dark olive and midnight colors. The jackets are available in sizes ranging from S to XXL, and a sizing guide is provided on the store website to assist you in choosing the correct size the first time.\



Over the years of testing, many motorcycle jackets have gone through our gear cabinet, but the Eversholt sticks out as a particularly unique item. Nothing about the jacket is particularly dislikeable. The piece has a distinctive style with offset buttons and a high collar, and its modern-classic forms were created without compromising safety. 

Over time, the waxed cotton will continue to break in nicely, developing a patina and personality specific to the rider’s experiences. We hope you like our Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket Review.


How Good Is This Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket?

The new Ashley Watson Eversholt motorcycle jacket has a traditional design and was created from the ground up to be a modern protective jacket that would likely appeal to everyone.

What Protection is used in This jacket?

The Eversholt MkII is the world’s most protective waxed cotton motorcycle jacket, which is CE-approved to the highest AAA level.