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Top Rated Dirt Bike Helmets For Motocross And Off-road Riding

Everyone Who Rides a Mountain Bike Knows That They Should Wear a Helmet. but Which One? How Much Should You Spend? Do You Need a Full-Face Off-Roading Helmet? We Hope to Clear Up Some of the Confusion, Explain the Most Important Things to Look For, Give You a Solid Breakdown of Some of the Best Motocross Bike Helmets on the Market, and Help You Choose the Best Mountain Bike Helmet for You!
Everyone Who Rides a Mountain Bike Knows That They Should Wear a Helmet. but Which One? How Much Should You Spend? Do You Need a Full-Face Off-Roading Helmet? We Hope to Clear Up Some of the Confusion, Explain the Most Important Things to Look For, Give You a Solid Breakdown of Some of the Best Motocross Bike Helmets on the Market, and Help You Choose the Best Mountain Bike Helmet for You!

Dirt Bike Helmets Could Also Be A Important Piece Of Riding Gear Where You Shouldn’t Compromise On Quality For Money. Dirt Bike Helmets Aren’t An Exception! Because, If You’re Doing Off-road Riding, Then Protecting Yourself From Severe Injuries Is The Foremost Significant Thing You Would Like To Think About First. So, To Urge Complete Protection While Riding On Motocross Tracks, Nothing Gives You Extreme Protection Better Than Dirt Bike Helmets. These Off-road Helmets Are Specifically Designed To Protect You From An Enormous Hit During A Crash.

You’ve Even Noticed The Unique Design Of Trail Bike Helmets, Which Look Quite Different Than A Street Helmet Thanks To Its Extended Chin, More Ventilation, And Shell Design. A Recent Statistic Has Shown That Motorcycles Are Responsible For 60% Of All Road Crash Deaths. The Most Explanation For Death Is Head Damage And Brain Injuries. These Protective Gears Are 37% Effective Within The Prevention Of Motorbike Deaths. Motocross Is One Of The Toughest Races on the Planet With The Absolute Best Degree Of Fitness And Life-threatening Accidents. It’s Difficult To Predict A Crash Occurrence, A Helmet Comes In Hand To Reduce Any Kind Of Impact From Rotational Forces. For the best off-road helmets you can check the below list

Best Dirt Bike & Motocross Helmet

1. Arai Vx-pro 4 Helmet – Spike

Arai Vx-pro 4 Helmet – Spike

Let’s Ignore Appearance And Fancy Designs And Specialize In The Rich Features Of A Helmet. If Your Buying Guide Has Targeted Helmets With Protruding Edges And Related Artwork, You Would Possibly Miss Out On Better Deals Just Like The Vx-pro 4.

To Start, This helmet is The Best Dirt Bike Helmets With a Visor. You Would Possibly Argue That Each Other Helmet Comes With A Visor, Right?

Let Me Explain Why Vx-pro4 Is Unique…

Unlike Most Gears, This Product Features A Longer And Wider Visor For Unparalleled Protection Against The Scorching Sun Rays And Head-on Impacts. On Its Underside, You’ll Notice A Black Sticker For Reducing Glare. Besides, The Visor Has Large Vents For Facilitating Air Circulation.

Inside The Shell, Ventilation Is Attained By The Venting Pieces Located At The Highest And Buttocks Of The Helmet. Thanks To The Stiffness Of The Shell, There Are Minimal Vent Holes.

Everything With Vx-pro4 Is About Comfort. Its Shell Is Formed Of Costly Super Fiber, Whose Lastingness Is 30% Greater Than Standard Fiberglass. Moreover, The Fabric Is Very Immune To Penetration. This Is Often The Main Reason Why The Merchandise Stands To Be Among The Foremost Expensive Helmets Within The Market.

Arai Company Ensures To Manufacture The Smoothest Shells Basing On The R75 Concept. These Helmets Assume A Round And Smooth Shape. Just In Case Of An Accident, The Rider Will Presumably Roll-On Obstacles Instead Of Hitting Or Snagging Them. Rolling Off Means There’s Minimal Resistance, Hence, Fewer Injuries To The Victim.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long And Wide Visor
  • Supportive Emergency Release Cheek Pads For A Snug And Secure Fit During The Ride
  • Strong Shell With High Tensile Strength
  • Multi-density Foam Liner For Comfort And Protection Against All Forms Of Impact
  • Quiet, Thanks To The Small Relief Zones
  • Washable Liners

2. Hjc Is-5 Star Wars X-wing Fighter Pilot Motorcycle Helmet

Hjc Is-5 Star Wars X-wing Fighter Pilot Motorcycle Helmet

This Dirt Bike Helmets Hjc Is-5 Is Engineered With An Ultra-weight Polycarbonate Composite Shell. This Material Assures You Of Maximum Stability And Enough Head Support.

Forget About The Helmets That Pinch Your Brows And Limit Your Vision. This Product Includes an Amber-tinted sunscreen, Which Is Immune To Scratches. Unlike Other Models, You Get To Enjoy A Wider Field Of View With A Transparent Picture Of What’s Before You. Furthermore, The Eye-ports Are Wide Enough To Contain Oversized Goggles. It’s Little Question The Simplest ¾ Helmet Within The Market.

The Cheek Pads Of HJC Is-5 Fit Snugly On The Rider. Once They’re Dirt, You’ll Easily Remove And Wash Them. Though Foam Liners Are Washable, Dipping Them in the Dryer Will Destroy Their Texture. If You Would Like Them To Last Longer Than The Lifespan Of Your Helmet, Air Drying Them Is The In Thing.

This Helmet Has a Three-button Visor, Which Snaps On/Off Easily. The Visor Acts As A Superb Shield Against The Scorching Sun Or Oncoming Car Lights During The Night. You Rise To 3 Adjustment Options, I.E. Near The Eyes, Mid-way through The Face, Or Flip It Down Completely. Once You Don’t See The Necessity For Riding Around With The Visor, You’ll Unscrew Them.

Summarily, Hjc Is-5 Is Round With A Gorgeous Finish. The Helmet Is Comfortable and features A Wider Vision, True Fit, And Average Weight. Precisely, The Massive Size Is Simply 3.9 Pounds. There’s Absolutely No Need For Venting Ports Since This Is Often A Three-fourth Gear.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polycarbonate Composite Shell Construction
  • Removable Cheek Pads
  • Scratch-resistant Sun-shield With A Wide View
  • 3-button Visor, Which Effortlessly Snaps On/Off
  • Anti-bacterial Fabric For Wicking Away Sweat And Moisture
  • Single-density Eps Foam Liner For Absorbing Mid-speed Impacts
  • Chin Straps With D-ring Technology To Minimize Wobbling

3. Shoei Vfx-w Dirt Bike Helmet Review

Shoei Vfx-w Dirt Bike Helmet Review

This Dirt Bike Helmets Shoei Has Been Manufacturing High-quality Helmets For Many Decades. This Experience And Confidence Have Put Shoei At The Subsequent Level Of Helmet Construction And Style. Therefore The Best Example To Prove This Can Be The “Shoei Vfx-w Off-road/Motocross Helmet.” Yes, We Are Talking About The Simplest Mx Helmet Offering By Shoei. This Off-road Helmet Is Taken Into Account As A Regular For Off-road Motorcycle Helmets. Because Of All The Features And To Perfecting The Vfx-w, Top Pro Riders Like Josh Grant, Dean Wilson, Robby Bell, And Taka Higashino Ride With Maximum Confidence And Luxury.

Shell Design & Protection Level

The Shell Design Matters A Lot In Motocross And Off-road Motorcycle Riding. That’s Why Shoei Used Multi-ply Matrix Aim+ Technology To Make A Lightweight And Durable Shell That Combines Fiberglass With Organic Fibers That Prove To Be So Strong That It Is Very Difficult To Break. It Is Shoei’s Strongest And Lightest Shell, Which Also Comes With A Dual-layer Eps Liner That Has The Ability To Use Various Densities Of Foam For Enhanced Impact Absorption During A Crash. Oh, Yeah! One More Thing. This Helmet’s Incredible Protection Level Is The Reason Shoei Has D.O.T. And Snell M2015 Safety Standards Certification.

Ventilation System

The Ventilation Within The Shoei Vfx-w Helmet Is Astounding. Shoei Already Knows The Importance Of Ventilation Performance In Off-road Riding. So, They Put Everything In Just The Proper Place, Including The tunnel tested Vent Ports With The Proper Size And Shape To Maximise Airflow Inside The Helmet. There Are A Few Of Front Top Vents, One Large Chin Vent, And Three Brow Vents.

First, Let’s Mention The Highest Vents. These Intake Vents Allow Cool Air Inside The Helmet And Therefore The Hot Air Is Exhausted Through The Rear Vents By The Negative Pressure. It Maintains The Airflow And Ventilation On Top Of The Top. That Credit Also Goes To The Dual-layer Eps Liner, Which Is Specifically Designed To Permit Cool Air To Travel Through The Tunnels Created Within The Eps Liner And Also Generates Negative Atmospheric Pressure To Draw Warm Air Through The Rear Vents Of The Helmet. A Huge Rear Collar Exhaust Vent Easily Passes Warm Air From The Helmet.

The Same Goes For The Chin Vent. One Large Chin Vent Is Fully Capable Of Providing Ventilation In Off-road Environments. A Sleek Mouthpiece Comes With This helmet, Which Prevents Dust, rocks, mud, And Dirt From Entering The Helmet. And You’ll Remove And Clean This Liner Any Time You Would Like.

Shoei’s Vfx-w Features A Large Eye Port That Gives An Outsized Field Of Vision. You’ll Also Use Oversized Goggles During Your Off-road Riding.

Interior And Comfort Level

The Shoei Vfx-w Off-road Helmet Features The 3d Max-dry Interior System That’s Fully Washable, Removable, And Changeable. Plus, Multi-layer Cheek Pads And Therefore The 3d Shape Are Available For More Comfort And Helmet Stabilization During The Motorcycle Ride. Overall, I Feel The Comfort Level Of The Shoei Vfx-w Helmet Is Superb Because, You’ve Got The Choices For A Customized Fit, Faster Moisture-wicking Material, And 3d Shape For Stabilization.

4. Ls2 Fast Mx437 Motocross Helmet 

helmet review  of Ls2 Fast Mx437 Motocross best Dirt Bike Helmet

If you’re A Replacement Mx Rider Or Trying To Find A Helmet With Extraordinary Features And Also The Ultimate Protection Level in a Low-price Range, Then The Ls2 Helmet Is For You. Seriously, Even I Used To Be Surprised Once I First Checked Out This Helmet. As Far As I Know, This Is Often The Sole Technically Advanced Helmet At The Simplest Value Available On The Market. I Feel This Trail Bike Helmet Is An Appropriate Choice For All Serious Off-road Riders. So, Let’s Take A Glance At The Ls2 Fast Mx437 Helmet Review And Go Deeper Into The Small Print To Find Out More.

Shell Design & Protection Level

The Ls2 Helmet Comes In 3 Shell Sizes That Are All Ece 22.05 Safety Certified. The Ls2 Fast Mx437 Helmet Shell Is Made Of Ls2’s Technically Advanced Kinetic Polymer Alloy, (Kpa). This Innovative Lightweight Material Comes With The Potential Of Energy Absorbing Flexibility. It Means, By This Lightweight Helmet You’ll Reduce Severe Head Injuries, in the Event Of A Crash, While Riding Off-road.


The Interior Of The Ls2 Helmet Is Great. It Includes The Emergency Release System Cheek Pads With Laser-cut Foam. This Provides A Rider With More Comfort And A Breathable Interior To Ride Many Miles With None Sweat Problem.

The Cheek Pads Within The Ls2 Helmet Are Both Washable And Removable. You’ll Remove Them As Per Your Requirements.

Overall, The Comfort Level Of The Ls2 Fast Mx437 Helmet Is Outstanding And It Will Confirm You’ll Have A Comfy Ride During An Off-road Competition.

Ventilation System

The Ls2 Helmet Features The Dynamic-flow-through Ventilation. It has Fully Adjustable Intake Ports To Manage The Air Intake Within The Helmet Through The Upper, Vents And Undergo To The Vented Eps Liner To Spread Cool Air Inside The Helmet.

The Rear Exhaust Vents Draw The Recent Air From The Helmet To Remain Within The Helmet Cool For An Extended Duration. Chin Vents And Side Vents Also Maintain Airflow Throughout The Helmet. Overall, We’ll Say That The Ventilation Within The Ls2 Helmet Is Way Better Than The Ventilation Of Other Helmets During This Price Range. It’s Excellent And Suitable For Keeping Off-road Riders Cool For An Extended Period Of Some Time.

5. Alpinestars Supertech S-m10

Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 best off road helmet

At This Stage Of The Sport, We’ll Not Discover Alpinestars, A Standard Brand In Motorcycle Equipment With Jackets, Gloves, Racing Suits, Boots, Backpacks, Everything! But We’ll Bet A Dinner That You Simply Simply Don’t Remember A Helmet From Alpinestars. Well, The Truth Is That This Impressive Alpinestars Supertech S-m10 has not been The Primary Helmet Of The Brand Since Slightly Quite a Year Ago, The Company Launched The Alpinestars Novus, A Large-screen Jet Helmet.

But Now, The Brand Has Decided To Leap Into The Pool With This Supertech S-m10 For Off-road Lovers. One Of The Highlights Of The Helmet Is The Planning Of The Visor. Two Different Visors Are Included With The Helmet, One That’s Installed Horizontally And Thus The Opposite One That’s Slightly Raised, That’s Already To The Liking Of Each One And According To The Sun’s Annoyance.

Latest Mips Technology

And It’s Very Important To Tell You That The New Alpinestars Motocross Helmet Has Been Developed Using The Latest Mips Technology, Which Consists Of An Integrated Low-friction Layer Designed To Reduce The Rotational Motion Transmitted To The Brain In The Event Of A Side Impact To The Head.

Prepared For The E-ject System

It Is A System Consisting Of A Small Air Space Between The Head And The Helmet That Expands To Make The Helmet Safer.

The Pads, In Addition To Being Removable And Washable, Adapt Perfectly To Facial Physiognomy, And The Fabrics Are Antibacterial And Absorb Moisture Very Well. We Place Special Emphasis On The Upper Bearing, Which Features Alpinestars’ Patented System Called A-head, Which Allows Us To Adjust The Height Of The Upper Bearing.

Things To Believe When Buying A Dirt Bike Helmet

There Are Many Things That One Must Examine Before He Buys A Helmet For His Protection. Without Taking Everything Into Account, You’ll Not Be Able To Get Yourself The Only Helmet Which Could Cause Injuries. Variety Of The Things You’d Wish To Consider; We Mention Below.

Make Sure It Fits You

The Most Important Thing You’d Wish To See Before Buying A Helmet Is The Right Size For You. It Should Neither Be Too Tight or Too Loose. You’d Sort Of A Helmet That Doesn’t Move Whenever You Shake Your Head. Confirm That You Simply Simply Accurately Measure Your Head Before Getting Yourself A Helmet Which Incorporates Measuring The Hair Also.

What Is Your Budget?

Well, Dirt Bike Helmets Can Get Quite Expensive, And Thus, You’d Wish To Plan Out Your Budget To Buy For The Helmet. Especially If You’d Wish To Take An Edge In Other Things Like Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier. However, You Need To Not Jeopardize Safety Features Many |To Avoid Wasting” To Save Lots Of Lots Of Slightly Little Bit Of Cash That Need To Be Spent On Your Helmet. The Budget Helmet looks Expansive But Has Poor Quality.

There Are High-end Helmets That Cost More And There Are Some Which Can Fall Under Your Budget But Have Fewer Safety Features. Get Yourself A Helmet That Protects You And At The Same Time, Adjust Your Budget, If Necessary. And Actually, You Are The Rider; You Always Know What You’d Like For Your Safety.

Weight & Protection

The Components That It Takes To Make A Helmet Adds Weight Thereto, Thus Making It Slightly Heavier. However, The Heavier The Helmet, The More Protection You’ve. Thus, You’d Wish To Urge A Helmet Which Is Heavy Enough For Your Ultimate Protection. Confine Mind That It Should Neither Be Too Heavy To Affect Your Riding Nor Too Light To Jeopardize Your Safety.

Ventilation & Airflow

Another Important Thing To Believe Is Proper Ventilation. With Good Ventilation, You’ll Ride Better, And It Makes The Helmet Feel Lighter While Providing The Proper Level Of Safety. Furthermore, These Air Vents Will Cool You Off While You’re Riding The Bike. Therefore, This Is Often An Enormous Feature To Look For Before Buying A Helmet Because If You do not Have Good Ventilation, Your Head Gets Swe Too Hot, Which May Reduce Your Stamina And You Possibly Become Confused While You’re Riding.


Buying A Mud Bike Helmet Or Any Kind Of Motorcycle Helmet Could Also Be A Sophisticated Task. There Are Numerous Great Helmets Available to Purchase, but it is often Hard To Pick The Proper One For You. After Reading Our Review, I’m Pretty Sure You Will Be Able To Choose The Right Dirt Bike Helmet Which Can Suit Your Needs And Riding Style. After All, That Is The Rationale Why We’ve Written This Text About The Only Dirt Bike Helmets The Cash Can Buy.

Why are off-road helmets different?

As the name implies, the helmet was designed to get you off the road and on dirt. … It’s in a different style, with a full helmet and a helmet that has a larger visor as well as a chin strap for better airflow.

Can I wear a dirt bike helmet on the street?

Yes, you can because motocross Helmets are road-legal.