Best Motorcycle Racing Suits

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Racing Suits Review

Top and best Motorcycle Racing Suits help you protect yourself from the effects, of wind, weather, and everything else you encounter while driving. In this review of motorcycle riding suits, we learn how to choose the right suit, and with the help of research experts, we choose the best products from our portfolio for your needs.

Each suitable safety suit has internal protection in at least three positions – shoulder, elbow/forearm, and knee/shin. Some Motorcycle Racing Suits have pockets for extra protection for the back, hips, and legs. The more expensive leather suits may have an outer protective coating, which may be made of hard plastic or even titanium, which is likely to be found in the same place as the inner armor, further, It provides shock protection and allows the suit to slide smoothly on the runway.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Racing Suits Review

All Motorcycle Racing Suits on this list have some basic level of ventilation thanks to skin holes, and the more expensive ones have a removable, washable mesh lining that holds them. They are always new.

However, choosing one can be a bit difficult as there are so many types on the market. We have reviewed the best Motorcycle Racing Suits and have included some information that can help you choose them.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Racing Suits

1.Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Perforated Race Suit
2.Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit
3.REV’IT! Quantum Race Suit
4.Ducati Corse C5
5.Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Perforated Race Suit

1. Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Perforated Race Suit

Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Perforated Race Suit

Colour – Black/White, Black/Red, Blue/Red | Price – $1499

Technical improvements to road signage. Stiff cowhide stands with a bit of coolness. Aerodynamic cable and pockets for hydraulic balloons to choose from. Microelestic 2.0 and Triaxial technology for quick adaptability and ease. The latest generation of MotoGP protection with improved aluminum shoulders and RSS 2.0 elbow pads. Add Level 1 protection at all times.

Other Features:

  • Aerodynamic spoiler, Collar with elasticated insert
  • Inserts in elasticated fabric, Micro-elastic 2.0
  • Tri-axial elasticated insert on the back
  • 3D-Bubble fabric inserts
  • Localized perforation
  • NanoFeel removable liner
  • Interchangeable elbow sliders, knee sliders
  • Oversight provided
  • Protection & Cleaning Kit

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2. Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit

motorcycle track suit - Spidi Track Wind Pro Race Suit

Colour – Black/White, Red/Black, Black/Gold | Price – $1,189

Spidi’s racing experience with World Superbike and MotoGP riders creates the perfect combination of performance and design: Track Wind Pro racing outfit. Most of the innovations that Mark Melandri and Colin Edwards tested during the 2011 season, this training suit is made of 1.2 mm-1.3 mm thick cowhide with advanced compliance technology thanks to stretch shrinkage, neoprene inserts, and Forcetechs Multitech / Biomechanical/protection.

Other Features:

  • Full-grain Italian cowhide leather (1.2-1.3mm)
  • Racing hump will accommodate optional Hydropack
  • Removable, washable mesh inner liner with leather-covered Multitech hip protectors
  • Adjustable height position Multitech knee protectors
  • CE Force Tech protectors on elbows
  • CE Biomechanic protectors on shoulders

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3. REV’IT! Quantum 2 Race Suit

road racing leathers - REV'IT! Quantum Race Suit

Colour – Anthracite/Neon Red, White/Neon Red, White/Blue | Price – $$1,249

Set yourself from the pack on the track with the Revit Quantum match kit. Cowhide in Monaco is embossed with honeycomb-like shiny snakeskin. Scary aesthetic and functional features make you jealous of the toughness. Strategically stretched stretching zones provide comfort and freedom of movement. Rev’it Signature dual sliders for knees, elbows, and shoulders add strength to the suit in key points.

CE level 1 armor supports dual skidding to distribute impact energy. The strap gives you a choice of independent back and chest protection or uses a bag designed for the Revit chest and back (both sold separately). Closed skin openings keep you at the ideal temperature. VCS | Fast hydration of bladder edema keeps you from drying out during the racing. Monaco performance cowhide | artificial leather | PWR|shell stretch | neoprene | perforated leather

Other Features:

  • Outer Shell: leather Performance leather, Monaco leather, 
  • Protection: dual-comp elbow and knee sliders, dual-comp protective parts at shoulders
  • Pocket for optional Divided Chest Protector
  • Visibility: reflective parts at shoulders
  • Ventilation: perforated, VCS|speed hump hydration bladder pocket

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4. Ducati Corse C5

sportbike race suit - Ducati Corse C5

Colour – Black/White/Red | Price – €1,399

Excellent performance and safety with a jumpsuit designed by Aldo Drudi specially made for Ducati and designed for use in both racing and sports without losing your style. The asymmetrical design and use of the logo as the main graphic element give it a bold and symbolic look, perfect for any Ducatista. Attractive fit thanks to the spacious S1 elastic, the patented Tri-Axial elastic on the back, and the elastic on the wrist, groin, calf, and collar. This detail fits performed elbows and knees with interchangeable slides and a thinner bottom at the wrists and legs, providing rider riding comfort and sensitivity. The inner lining is also well constructed; Soluble and washable, made with Nanofeel® and 3D sphere to ensure stable temperature.

Other Features:

  • Leather suit bag included Localised perforation
  • Inside: Detachable Nano Feel® lining with 3D-Bubble inserts
  • Outside: D-Skin cowhide 2.0 S1 fabric
  • Soft protectors, certified according to EN 1621.1
  • Steel plates on knees, shoulders, and elbows.
  • Fits back guard, Aerodynamic hump, 1 inside pocket

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5. Dainese Laguna Seca 5 Perforated Race Suit

torcycle Racing Suits Dainese Suit

Color – Black/White, Black/Red, Black/White/Red, White/Blue/Red | Price – $1,349

The technical update of a racing movie is like being at home on the road. Hard tutu cow leather with the perforated cooling area. Aerodynamic crown with the optional hydraulic ball cavity. Microelastic 2.0 and Triaxial technologies provide flexibility and convenience for fast response. Protect the latest generation from MotoGP with smooth aluminum shoulders and RSS 2.0 elbow pads. Plus, of course, level 2 defenses are everywhere. MotoGP is developed for life on the road.

Other Features:

  • elbows protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Level 2 
  • knees protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Level 2  
  • S1 bi-elastic fabric, Tutu cowhide leather
  • Aerodynamic spoiler, Collar with elasticated insert
  • Elasticated inserts, Inserts in elasticated fabric
  • An integrated suit-to-boots fastening system
  • Lycra inserts on the inner lining enhance movements

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Are motorcycle racing suits comfortable to wear?

Comfort is a subjective aspect, but most motorcycle racing suits are designed with comfort in mind and made from breathable materials that help reduce heat and sweating.

Are motorcycle racing suits suitable for all types of riders?

Motorcycle racing suits are designed specifically for high-speed racing events and are not suitable for casual riders. It is important to choose the right type of racing suit based on the type of racing event and the rider’s level of experience.

How do I measure myself for a motorcycle racing suit?

To measure yourself for a motorcycle racing suit, you will need to take several measurements, including your chest, waist, inseam, and sleeve length. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s size chart to ensure a proper fit.

How do I clean and maintain my motorcycle racing suit?

To clean a motorcycle racing suit, use a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid exposing the suit to direct sunlight or high temperatures, and store it in a cool and dry place when not in use.