Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits You Should Immediately Change

Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits

When it comes to riding your motorbike, bad Motorcycle Riding Habits might raise your risk of physical damage and danger to yourself and others. These habits may appear benign at first, but they may quickly escalate and become excessive. So here in this article, we discuss Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits, which you should immediately change.

Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits

1. Speed Breaker Riding Habit

When we ride a motorcycle in a town or city, we will experience many speed breakers or bad roads, and then we will all slow our bike to pass these speed breakers or holes, which is a good thing. However, many individuals will slow their bikes to give speed breakers without reducing the bike gear, which will be a big mistake.

People try to accelerate their bikes with high gears after passing the speed-breakers, which raises the strain and stress on their bike engine, decreasing its life. The engine and clutch on your motorcycle may be damaged as well. While passing the speed breaker or route hole, you should slow your bike by lowering the bike gear.

2. Gear Change Habit

Many individuals change their motorbike gear by pushing the half clutch while riding, which creates pressure on the bike gear teeth inside the gearbox. If you want to change the gear on your motorcycle, push the full clutch instead of the half clutch.

3. Tailgating

It is a bad motorcycle riding habit that many bikers have. Indian highways are known for traffic jams and a general lack of understanding about driving or riding safely. It automatically causes motorcyclists to stay close to the traffic in front of them.

Many bikers ended up doing the same thing on the highway, which is quite deadly. Tailgating a vehicle in front of you will obstruct your view and shorten your following distance in an emergency. Riders will have to make every effort to break these bad habits.

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4. Right Gear as Per Engine CC & Speed

Motorbike riding is a riding skill people learn, but they don’t always know when to shift gears. After hearing the engine roar, people frequently switch their bike gear, which is the most basic mistake. As a result, always change the gear according to the CC of your bike engine while maintaining the appropriate speed.

5. Idling With Pressed Clutch

We had to stop numerous times when riding the bike for only a minute. Many individuals brake their bikes without changing the gear while at a traffic light or store. They leave the bike motor running by shifting gears or pushing the clutch.

If you do this frequently, the strain and stress on the bike engine will rise, potentially damaging the engine and the clutch plate. At the traffic light, it is recommended that you all turn off your motorcycle engines. You may also stay with your bike while running, but remain neutral and let go of the clutch.

6. Why Front and Rear Brake Pressing While Riding

Many individuals ride their motorbikes with their brakes half-pressed. If you ride your motorbike while softly pressing the front and foot brakes, your brake pads will wear out quickly, reducing your bike’s mileage. As a result, don’t ride your bike by pressing the brakes.

7. Start with High Gears

Many individuals begin riding their bikes with high gears, which is a big mistake. Because each gear has its unique speed gear ratio, generally start your motorbike in the neutral or lowest gear.

If you try to accelerate your motorbike after starting in high gear, it will directly impact your motorcycle’s engine or clutch life. So instead, start your motorbike in neutral or the lowest gear possible. Follow these motorcycle riding tips for smooth bike riding.

8. Basic Maintenance

So this one is less about riding and more about maintaining your motorcycle. Many riders leave their bikes to a service center or a local repair shop, typically unaware of motorcycle maintenance. As a result, if a part goes out, they frequently ride on without replacing it.

Brake pads, chain and sprockets, and tire pressure are just a few of the things that motorcyclists should be aware of. When necessary, service or replace the relevant item, and these minor modifications will go a long way toward maintaining a smooth ride.


Motorcycle accidents happen, no matter how careful you are, and injuries may be painful. Avoiding these bad motorcycle riding habits will help you stay safe and protected when riding.