gopro hero 9 new action camera
gopro hero 9 new action camera

All GoPro Cameras Review and Comparison | World’s Best Action Camera

The Hero 9 Black is the first GoPro cameras with a front screen. If you want to create a selfie or vlog, this is the best GoPro action camera. The build quality is also very strong. The Hero 9 Black comes with a built-in mount setup. This is very attractive because you do not need to remove the camera to replace the battery or memory card.

gopro hero 9 is best camera ever

Why Action Cameras get Popular

This First action camera was designed for athletes, but with the introduction of these GoPro models, the ACTION camera has received a lot of attention from all users, from the general public to professionals. Several other brands have jumped into action cameras, but GoPro cameras are at the front of the line. GoPros was used in many great films, such as Captain Phillips, directed by Tom Hanks. It is even used in the operating room to perform operations.

If you’re interested in getting an action camera for yourself or as a gift, GoPro is probably at the top of the list or close to it. We hope that with this GoPro guide, we will show you all the GoPros programs currently available, compare them, explain what accessories are needed for different tasks, and allow you to make clear decisions.

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GoPro hero 9 action camera
GoPro Hero 9
best action camera of gopro company
GoPro Hero 8
gopro is best bike camera
GoPro Hero 7
hero 6 is best camera for battery life
GoPro Hero 6
hero 5 is ture action camera
GoPro Hero 5
 hero 4 is best old modal camera
GoPro Hero 4

Video Resolution Comparison of All GoPro Camera

The main point is that GoPro records the most exciting time of your life. Now, don’t expect to capture interesting videos if your camera isn’t turned off. So, video resolution is probably the most important part of any GoPro.

We compared frames per second (fps) for the main video formats of each GoPro. These are (from the lowest quality to best quality): 720p, 960p, 1080p, 2.7K, 4K, and up to 5K. Obviously, the higher the frame rate, the better the video quality.

Model5K (fps)4K (fps)2.7K (fps)1440p (fps)1080p (fps)960p (fps)720p (fps)
Hero 9 Black3060120120240NANA
Hero 8 BlackNA60120120240NANA
Hero 7 BlackNA60120120240240240
Hero 7 SilverNA30NA6060NANA
Hero 6 BlackNA60120NA240NA60
Hero 5 BlackNA3060NA120120240
Hero 5 SessionNA3048NA90100120
Hero 4 BlackNA3060NA120120240
Hero 4 SilverNA1530NA60100120
Hero 4 SessionNANANANA6060100
Hero 3+ BlackNA1560NA60NA120
Hero 3+ SilverNANANANA60100120
Hero 3 WhiteNANANANA303060

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Capturing Quality in Megapixels

While many people focus only on video, with the GoPro you can actually take some great stills photos. The table below shows the megapixel camera on each model.

Hero 9 Black20
Hero 8 Black12
Hero 7 Black12
Hero 7 Silver10
Hero 6 Black12
Hero 5 Black12
Hero 5 Session10
Hero 4 Black12
Hero 4 Silver12
Hero 4 Session8
Hero 3+ Black12
Hero 3+ Silver11
Hero 3 White5
Hero+ LCD8

Battery Power Capacity of GoPro Cameras

It is difficult to give accurate figures about battery life, as it depends on the uses of GoPro, temperature, and battery life. However, some approximate numbers are shown below. This is for 1080p continuous video recording without activating other functions.

ModelApproximate Battery Life (hours)
Hero 9 Black2.5
Hero 8 Black2
Hero 7 Black1.5
Hero 7 Silver2
Hero 6 Black2
Hero 5 Black2
Hero 5 Session2
Hero 4 Black1.5
Hero 4 Silver1.5
Hero 4 Session2
Hero 3+ Black1.5
Hero 3+ Silver1.5
Hero 3 White1.5
Hero+ LCD1.3

Note that enabling features such as Wifi, Bluetooth, and voice control can visibly shorten battery life. If you stop and restart GoPro several times, it will consume a lot of power.

GoPro Touch Screen Size

Touch screens are useful because they soften the work. Of course, people are used to it and everyone on the phone and tablet knows that it can be frustrating if there is none. It adds that when it moves it does not want to break with the wrong button. Hero + LCD, 4 silver hero, 5 black hero, 6 black hero, 7 silver hero, 7 black hero and 8 hero black hero contain this feature.

Voice Control of GoPro Cameras

This is an excellent pack that you can use during extreme sports or other challenging programs. Voice control lets you enter GoPro commands manually. Models that have this feature are only hero 5 session, hero 5 black, hero 6 black, hero 7 silver, hero 7 black, hero 8 black, and hero 9 black.


This price will change without notice, so you will have to check it yourself. Note that this price is just a new model only.

Check All Products Price on

ModelApproximate Price
Hero 9 Black$449
Hero 8 Black$399
Hero 7 Black$329
Hero 7 Silver$199
Hero 6 Black$247
Hero 5 Black$179
Hero 5 Session$200
Hero 4 Black$280
Hero 4 Silver$210
Hero 4 Session$150
Hero 3+ Black$120
Hero 3+ Silver$125
Hero 3 White$250
Hero+ LCD$170


Obviously, the hero Black 6 is the strongest. You can record the best videos (which is the essence of GoPro), so we can only set them. It includes many other convenient features such as a touch screen and volume control. Of course, the highest price. Heroes 9 Black is great for vlogging and maybe the best option if you have a budget of $ 449.

Why GoPro is very expensive?

Part of the GoPro price is equity; pay branding and associated costs covering the application system as well as product line development.

Which GoPro is the best value for money?

if we see the overall quality and features, I think the GoPro Hero 9 is the best option in 2021