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History of Ls2 Helmets – Best Off-Road Helmets

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LS2 saw its beginnings in the 1990s when Arthur Liao produced a home-based company making helmets. As time passes, the small company began to gain popularity. and need increasing rapidly. In 1992, Arthur started a brand new plant to boost production and hired over 100 employees. At that moment, the first brand name was known as FENGXING.


With a brand new development group, the achievement of LS2 helmets continued to rise. In 1997, FENGXING became a pioneer in the helmet sector and embraced the”MHR” new seeking to operate globally. A brief time following this industry opening and exponential expansion sustained by new manufacturing technologies, Arthur hunted his brother’s aid for future growth. That’s if MHR became an actual family enterprise.


In 2000, obtaining ISO 9000 certificate, MHR possessed and commanded all-new designs and technologies for both helmet security and manufacturing. MHR’s popularity continued to rise so much, by 2005,” they manufacturing 2 million helmets annually!

Excelling at OEM and ODM services and products, MHR desired to sell directly to consumers under their name. And that’s the way LS2 is made. The very first LS2 helmet was introduced in 2007, at the EICMA display in Milan, Italy.


Development has been always is your primary principle. For LS2,” purchasing R&D is similar to stepping onto the gas. It empowers us to reach two different aims: go faster compared to your contest and also do have followers; dividing ground to turn into benchmark” Designers, architects, and technicians at the R&D center are all of the two-wheeler enthusiasts.

They utilize their wisdom and passion for building up each new version to make more brand new helmets predicated chiefly on functionality and safety. They spend several hours analyzing every facet of their cubes and linings and structural strength, relaxation, aerodynamics, and venting systems.

At every measure, the objective is to build up something accommodated to every possible consumer who anticipates the best amount of quality, comfort, and personality from their helmet. Regardless of LS2 asserts, international patents are linked to unique molding substances and technical solutions.

The most fabulous signature at the evolution procedure is based on all the designers that, from interpreting probably the very widely used style and styles of their afternoon, offer many different images and colors to suit a vast array of users, men, women, youth, and adults.

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Even the current collection comprises 25 models for its trail riders, road tourists, suburbanites, downtown commuter and metropolitan gadabout, all-terrain biker, and also the micro van user.

These helmets provide exceptional features concerning technicality, and simple, elegant, and complex images, alternating with particular impacts on the layouts and colors, an outstanding composition representing”fashion and fashion” in some industry.

Drawing inspiration out of its achievement, LS2 will carry on to compose its success narrative, riding the tide into the near future by offering more advanced and superb high-quality helmets, making the most of this know-how and the latest technologies.   A total commitment to safety, comfort, and elegance is the distinctive sign of well-deserved success!  

Even the increased attention into this newest anyplace on the planet, the potent increase in the past couple of years that helped LS2 helmets become bestsellers in most nations, should provide you a lineup increasingly receptive to those users in an extremely tough marketplace.

 The desire to continue growing by creating exemplary all-around service for several existing and possible clients will inspire the staff to reach worldwide consolidation of their LS2 brand. 


Sees LS2 Helmets continuing expansion and development together with the purchase of the 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse at Chicago, Illinois, USA. And then establish a fresh workforce to choose LS2 helmets into this Canadian and American users.

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To guarantee decent security that the helmet has to fit your mind to-perfection, special attention needs to be paid into the casing contour design and substances to decrease the outcomes of a potential effects. It’s critical to get an ideal fit for the face from outside inside, in addition to the casing, the configuración of this EPS lining, that ought to fit closely the individual mind form.